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Professor Irene Kim has always accustomed herself to desk work, university lectures, or being in front of a computer analyzing data from crime scenes. After all, that basically is the gist of a criminal psychologist's job. But a serial killer with a queer modus operandi is still roaming the streets, and it seems that only Irene could capture the killer with the 'help' of her new partner, Lieutenant Copernicus Menard of the local police station.
Xin Zal was 21 year's independent and famous Korean pop Idol along with his band mates. But that one dream he's getting since kindergarten was unsolved mystery. Until, he meets the same girl who was in his dream but, he didn't expect her to be his best friend's sister who's Five years younger than him. What would happen as we go further in this novel? Let's find it out.
Sci-fi ~ Mystery ~ Action ~ Romance. The year is 2083. Irma Zimmermann, young daughter to a wealthy businessman, is sent on a collective business trip to the famous island of Delta Metropolis, the capital of the modern world. Consisting of a massive interconnected network of glass-built malls known as Uptown, Delta Metropolis is home to androids, cognitive plants, and the feeling that nothing is quite as it seems. There, she meets Elias, an insufferable thief who later becomes her ally in the battle for good. A story about two colliding individuals and worlds in a future sci-fi setting packed with mystery, action, and romance. Inspired by Detroit: Become Human and Altered Carbon.
"You ever seen Groundhog Day? That's what this is like, every day." In which Oscar wakes up in every year except 2020, seemingly following a mysterious, yet handsome stranger throughout time.
She can see numbers; She can tell your demise. It was her secret and she was going to take it to her grave; But then, she met HIM. The boy without numbers! And everything changed.
A little boy exiled from his homeland, a young lord in need of guidance, a knight who covets is brother's wife, a Kingdom that is bereft of a King, a young girl hunted by a dark cult... A diverse cast of characters struggle for survival and supremacy in the great Kingdom of Aedirn as the wheels of destiny are moved by lords, knights and bankers. As the great game unfolds in the light, in the shadows a satanic cult spreads its tendrils throughout the kingdom and awaits the rebirth of the devil of the earth
In the slums of Naples, Italy. Follow the story of Sebastiano, an 18-year-old boy who was forced by circumstances to work under the Mafia boss [Giovanni,] in order to raise money for his mother’s treatment.
"What felt like love wasn't love, and now nothing feels like love anymore." Every year on her birthday, Laura receives letters from a mysterious man. As she tries to find the identity of the man, she is brought face to face with her past. Will the only true form of love she has ever known be shattered forever?
Maggie never thought that there could be another person living inside her body. She read books about parallel worlds, but she didn’t expect even in her wildest dream that the human from another universe could actually be inside her own body. Or, perhaps inside her mind? Until one day, Dustin, the dashing psychology student, approached her and asked questions about the consecutive odd changes in her personality—changes that Maggie didn’t expect to be dangerous.
Tsa is a starving writer. Though the publishing industry is not fair for some writers, she could not simply give up her passion. She worked as a part-timer in her friend's coffee shop to support herself aside from writing. Then she met Av and Jo, two writers who share the same struggles with her. One midnight, she found a mysterious book without the author's name on the cover. The story was about three handsome, magical knights named Raiden, Aidan, and Zaiden, who were tasked to save Princess Amethyst from the hands of an evil wizard. Tsa was frustrated when she found out that the middle part of the book was missing, leaving the rest of the pages empty! Since there was no author's name on it, she could not find another copy of the book. Out of desperation, Tsa decided to write the continuation of the book from her own ideas. Little did she know that the book was magical. Raiden, Aidan, and Zaiden had now come to life just as how she wrote it!
Follow random characters as they suffer through unexplained horrors that await them. But don't get to attached. In the end, nothing they do or say will matter
“What a life! This is the reason why I’m afraid to fall in love again. Today you are good, tomorrow you’ll fight. One day, he’ll wake up and will tell you he doesn’t love you anymore. In fact, I’m not sure if that man and I had a relationship before. Maybe, that’s just a mutual understanding. We didn’t have exact date to celebrate our anniversary and what so ever, we just know to ourselves that we are happy together,” I told herself and reminisced my past relationship. What will happen if a female detective of the province meets the male detective of the city who will change her perspective in love and relationship? With that, please read the book from the beginning up to its end.
Contemporary Romance Eli Trace and Hollis Rowan have been best friends in the small town of Barrows since childhood. Their lives are changed forever when Stede Marrow rides in on his big, shiny motorcycle. After Stede saves Eli from drowning in the creek, he meets Hollis. One look is all it takes for Stede and Hollis to fall in love. Now Eli realizes he just crushed his own dreams of happiness. Stede wonders why he didn't just keep riding down that road to nowhere and Hollis wonders how one can love two men? Stede's on the run from the law. Telling his new best friends the truth will put their lives in jeopardy, and that's the last thing he wants. Danger has come to the town of Barrows and then twists and turns like a viper. Not everyone makes it out alive. Note: This is not a ménage
Liam Davis is visiting his home town after three years where he has an encounter with Mr. Tom Morris, the most infamous man in the town. Despite multiple warnings from family and his own forebodings Liam finds himself immersed in Tom Morris’s life. His curiosity and desire to know more about Tom draws him towards dangerous paths. He does everything in his power to find out about Tom’s sketchy past, but he ends up discovering answers to questions in his own life. In a journey where he tries to find himself, he crosses the thresholds as he comes face to face with his past. But it’s not just his past that is at stake. Everything he holds dear is at risk as he tries to free those who are shackled by their own past. Will this measly encounter be enough to give Liam the courage he needs to tear down his old ways? Is Tom Morris the man everyone claims to be or is there a deeper secret at play? Will this be enough to mend Liam’s torn heart or will it be the very thing that tears it in two?
WARNING: MATURE CONTENT Kiersey had her life going great for her, in fact, it was supposed to have been getting better. After two unsuccessful artificial inseminations, she and her high-handed husband were finally going to have a baby. But then a mix-up at the clinic pulls the plug out of her marital life, sending everything spiralling down the drain, when they discover she had been given the wrong sperm. Her husband's rejection and consequent divorce was the first of out of Pandora's box, fearing for her baby's life and amidst the series of heartbreaks, she has to find the anonymous sperm donor and have him tested for Triple A Syndrome, of which she was a non-affected carrier. When she runs into Aithan Reeves, one of Springfield's rising young millionaires, on one of her clue huntings and then starts to fall for him, she discovers there's always a second chance at love. But she wouldn't stop looking for her baby daddy, she had to be emotionally prepared. Will Kiersey let go of her second chance for her
WARNING [R-18]: STORY WITH MATURE CONTENT: The heart may already know what the mind cannot determine. And that's what happened to Tim. When he woke up in the hospital without remembering, a beautiful face greeted him. He later learns that she is the sister of her late girlfriend, none other than Ysabella. Ysabella had previously pretended to be Ara before his accident. And now that Ara is gone, will Ysabella be enough to replace the love of his life? Is he willing to make new memories and leave his painful past behind?
Sandra Dennis is a small town girl who discovers her vacation to Europe was nothing less than memorable. After finding the man of her dreams, she discovers his past is out to get even with him, even to the point of using her to do it. Murder, intrigue and passion begin to build her a new life she now embraces as her own, but will she survive long enough to discover who is behind the nightmare that has her new husband wanting to return her to Kansas for her own protection? Creighton Ashford has loved Sandra Dennis for two long years; now she belongs to him, but life seems to want a different ending to their storybook romance. With a murder mystery surrounding the home he hoped to share with his young wife, he finds himself helpless as his past begins nipping at his heels. All his power and all his money can’t seem to put an end to the fear that threatens their love. Is it possible to build a future with the horror that embraces their every move, or will he have the strength to live his life without the only wo
The biggest dream of werewolves is meeting their mate. The incredible scent, the surreal sparks that lit up on every touch, the contented feeling while in the arms of their mate, the pride of wearing their mark and bearing pup(s) and above all the bliss of unconditional love. Life of every werewolf is a blissful fantasy! But every theory has few exceptions right? This story revolves around such an exceptional she-wolf who had a strong reason to despise the idea of MATES. She has her goal and she wanted to fulfil it without any compromises. But that doesn’t stop the mighty Moon God to bless her with an irresistible mate. Learning from our past mistakes is a good thing. But all the decisions out of such learning need not be correct! Some mistakes will make us happy! Some mistakes lead us to the thing which we have been dying to get. Will she commit the mistake that could fulfil her wishes or will she stick to her decisions to write the pages of her life which has more mysteries than she could eve
IN-LAWS. He's all she loved, Whom she trusted with all her might but she was lazy and uncaring. Khalifah broke Khadijah's trust when she least expected. Her best friend as her co-wife? That's hell! Meenah, her co-wife and her husband's cousin fought to be the favorite wife in all the ways possible. Who will win? Halimah, the patient and calm wife. Hafeez's sweetheart. She was tagged as barren. Jamilah, a lady with a mindthrilling past came into the picture as a result of Hafeez's mistake. And Justice Hafeez had to marry her to save his reputation from tarnishing. When Hafeez decided to turn his back against her, Jamilah was hellbent on saving her marriage.
Kellan Woods is the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack. Arabelle Steele is the nerd of the school. What happens when their fates are intertwined forever? But he is her teacher she is his student. What lies next ? Will fate run its course? Will sparks fly? Will they repel till they can't anymore? Stay tuned to find out!!
It’s been three hundred years since King Edward brought the bordellos to Westerly. Peace was the norm for centuries, but as the new queen discovers, even peace has a degree of chaos lurking in the shadows. Johanna’s birth was proof the centuries old curse was broken, but after losing everyone who ever loved her, she was certain destiny had exchanged one curse for another. She was raised to be queen. She knew she could handle the treasury, the people, even the Elders. She knew the technical side of royalty, but the emotional side left her running in fear. Samuel was a sworn woman hater. For five years, he avoided the female persuasion like the plague, but the beautiful young queen had a way of warming the ice from his heart. As the head of the queen’s guard, his duty was to her protection and safety, even if it was from him. Was it possible to find a future with Johanna, while helping the island find the peace it once had, or would an unknown assailant bring an abrupt halt to their love, as he did with her f
Cali, a journalist, and Lance, a detective, are set to find their town's serial killer. But little did they know that the killer is just nearby.
Ella May must learn how to survive her past with her abusive husband, Nelson, of twenty-two years. Nelson's mistress, Alexa, shows up demanding to know how her lover died and ends up revealing the fact that Nelson is the father of her two children. Will Ella May be able to protect her three daughters from the truth or will it all implode? Will Ella May be able to find comfort and true love without feeling the haunting of her deceased husband after he was found violently murdered? With Ella May as the prime suspect in Nelson's murder no one would have ever expected the truth of the killer to ever be found.