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Having settled in a new town and a new school, Rosalie Thomason falls in love with a popular athlete and five time gold medalist only to finds out that he’s different from the way she had thought at first meeting, will she succeed in making hers, the popular star of the school whom she owes her life whilst safeguarding her dreams of becoming an athlete and overcoming his contemptuous hubristic attitude towards others or will she succumb to the lies and cheats of his ex despite knowing his past
'Lin Lan' once asked me, "Why do you write her as if she's great, when in fact she's just a small woman who almost lost herself because she loves someone?" I looked at her, shook my head, and said, "You gave a man a new lease of life, made a love complete, and brought two families back to happiness; isn't that the best thing in the world? In my heart, you are far greater than the stories." 'Lin Lan' looked at me and said with a cheeky smile, "Such a great woman, married to a perverted man; isn't that too much of a contrast in your story?"
Ayora: My hopes of love shatter at my mate's rejection. Now I'm on the run, from love and all it entails. Although Serena seems to have other plans for me as I have found a second-chance mate in the Lycan King. I've heard all about him, but the man in front of me who does everything to please me doesn't seem like the man in the rumors one bit. I've promised myself not to trust anyone ever again but that rule doesn't seem to apply to him as he is doing everything to break my walls without end. I should not be longing for his styling touches but I find myself wanting more of his attention. I wonder if I can find peace within the danger the world fears the most.   Kayden: I never thought I'd meet my mate as I knew the rumors that went around about me. But here she was standing in front of not looking the least bit scared of me. Although I didn't expect to meet her as a criminal for trespassing I was happy either way. After hearing about her pain, I found out that I was her second-chance mate. I knew I would hav
In "Still With You: EP 1 - Back to You, A Heartfelt Reunion," the poignant story of Amara unfolds as she grapples with the loss of her best friend, Adarsh. The afternoon sun casts a warm glow as Amara, lost in her memories, suddenly finds herself face-to-face with the impossible—Adarsh standing before her. As the initial shock wears off, the two friends embrace, rekindling a bond that transcends time and space. This episode dives deep into the emotions of loss, love, and the miraculous, capturing a reunion that defies reality. Join Amara on this emotional journey as she navigates the complexities of Adarsh's mysterious return. Don't miss out on this touching episode filled with heartfelt moments and unanswered questions that will leave you yearning for more. Subscribe and hit the notification bell to stay updated on Amara and Adarsh's incredible story.
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Rhodolite's Second Prince, Chevalier Michel lives up to his colorful monikers of the Brutal Beast and the Bloody Tiger. He has no time or patience for anyone or anything that stands in his way, and he certainly never gives any thought to something so foolish as emotions. Few question him. All fear him. Except for his new maid. ***** This is a fanfiction, but it's accessible to anybody. No prior knowledge of the game is required to understand it. I've been enjoying the stories within the Ikemen series, but I usually feel like the main character is a bit weak, so I started thinking about how the stories would go with a stronger main character. Prince Chevalier in the Ikemen Prince game caught my attention, and thus "A Dove's Tale" was born. Then I thought I'd try writing the same story from Chevalier's perspective. I'd never written from a male perspective before, so this began as a writing experiment and, as with ADT, became a stand-alone story in its own right. You don't have to read ADT first to appreci