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Maxence Aubert is a half-demon who didn't want anything to do with the world of demons and angels. But soon, he finds himself forced into it and even gets incredibly involved in certain strange cases disturbing the balance of the world with a formidable archangel named Ayden.
"I searched for you everywhere." "But I don't trust you." "It's ok, now that I have finally found you I am ready to wait until you are ready." The Alpha Hier of a multinational company encounters the love of his life finally, a cute and charming Omega who is the most desired omega of all time. This short story is about their lovely encounter. NOTE- Omegaverse is a fictional world where three other genders reside other than normal humans The Dominant ones(Alpha), The normal ones( Betas), and the recessive ones(Omegas). The omega men can get pregnant here and both Alpha and Omega release pheromones while they undergo a heat cycle. Also, I don't own any rights to the image
Fujita Kaito has a crush, and that's okay. Going to the café where his love interest worked? A little creepy, but cute all the same. Being dragged along every day, rapt in a never-ending cat and mouse game? Not so great. Romance was never Yuuto's cup of tea, but helping his lovelorn friend was the only way Yuuto knew he could preserve his sanity whilst juggling his uneventful workaholic life, and after four failed attempts, throwing Kaito under the bus made that finally happen. Yuuto had no intention of getting involved beyond being the wingman for his best friend, but an unfortunate turn of events made Yuuto realize that not everything was as it seemed, and even sooner than that, he was being forced to keep a secret he wanted no part in. But, will Yuuto keep it a secret?
Edward is a gay teenager trying to sort out his life as the secretly gay son of a rich man. Flynn is a very gay author known for writing smut and decided to start his writing career after having a childhood crush on Edward. Edward has completely forgotten Flynn and Flynn makes it his mission to get him to remember.
Sammy Walcott is the loner boy. The boy with scars and bruises. The quiet lacrosse boy. Sammy doesn't have a problem being alone and everybody has come to know and respect this. That's until Elijah Gracia comes back to town. Being alone isn't possible anymore.
Bash though getting the infamous billionaire to fall for him was his dream come true but when Storm showed him his real self he finally understood the term all that glitters is not gold.
Aurora and Jordan have been best friends forever. The only issue is Jordan is in love with Aurora, but she just sees him as a friend. Not knowing how to win Aurora's heart, he decides to fake date Kathy. What happens when she sees Jordan with Kathy and realizes her true feelings? Will Jordan come clean with Aurora or will he risk losing her over one white lie? With any good love stories, it's complicated and this is beyond complicated
This book is not edited. Read at your own risk. It's exactly been five years since 'I Don't Date Cheerleaders' takes place. HOPE LAROVE is now 17 years old and a senior in Xander High. As she was growing up, she finds herself dealing with a lot of interesting people. That is one of the reasons why her classmate finds it easy for them to talk to her. One day, like any normal day in school, she met a girl who changes the way she view people around her. Since then, she's been trying to get her attention. BELLA WHITE. A cheerleader, a genius and also the most popular girl in Xander High. She is known to be a bitchy and a rude girl with a very annoying attitude to whom that doesn't know her. She never dated anyone but she has a lot of suitors. She came from a poor family and because of that, she was bullied endlessly before she became popular. A person caught her eye and suddenly make her heart race. The thing is, she's a girl. She never feels anything toward any girls before but now she questions her sexuality
This book in unedited. Read at your own risk This is book 3 of Larove Series. *10 YEARS LATER* Allesandra @ Alle Larove is now 22 years old. Because of her genius mind she the youngest student graduated from CJBS (Cambridge Judge Business School) and top of her class, she's ready to work beside her older Sister, Hope. Everybody see her life as perfect just because she's a Larove. For Alle, it's not complete. Like her mother's and Sister, she found love from her female Best Friend, Kylie. After the death of her girlfriend in a tragic accident, she shut her heart completely. She blamed herself for the lost of her beloved Kylie. She changed from a very cheerful person to a cold, moody and impatient person. She feel like she's betraying her late girlfriend if she's dating again. Since she started to work for her daddy (Carmen), she met several woman. Some bad. Some nice. Some willing to do anything to be a Larove. Will Alle found love again? Will she open her heart for someone new? Can she move on
This book is unedited. Read at your own risk. Also, this is a Futanari/GL genre. Can't say I didn't warn you. 16 years after the birth of the triplets, The Larove was shocked by another event. After a few months, Fluer, one of the triplets, decided to follow her mother's legacy, to be a St. Miriam's Boarding School student. Once she was in the boarding school, she was greeted by a couple of interesting human beings and become best friends instantly. When Fluer new friends learned that she's from a Larove family, everything's change. Her first week as a St. Miriamian's was horrendous. The Boarding School was not only known as the prestigious all-girls boarding school, but they also are known to be the home of the most notable and mischievous daughters of the nobles and elites. But when Fleur met the most popular tenant of the boarding school, she knows, her school year will be in such chaos after a series of mishaps happening between them.
Everybody knew Paxton Flynn was gay. Nobody knew anything about Sebastian Crown. Everybody had a crush on Sebastian. Paxton, well he has had his moment. Paxton's the popular nerd. Sebastian's the loner Jock. Paxton finds it hard to stop talking. Sebastian's always quiet chewing on a bubblegum. When there's two world's collide for a chemistry assignment. There can either be A plus results or an F disaster. Either way, Chemistry is Chemistry.
This is a story about a young boy who has no one else but his best friend, Johnathen. Johnathen and his mother took Tyler in after Tyler lost his mom and sister to a killer. This killer is now after Tyler, and his father is still missing. What will Tyler do when the nightmare of his past resurfaces? Read more to find out
Prince Aethan is sent by his father to honor his twin sister's betrothal to the Prince of the Southern Kingdom. In a gamble for peace, love and freedom, Kings, Queens and Princes, have set the elaborate chess board of moves, one against the other. But who will get the upper hand? How do you know who is the pawn and who really pulls the strings? And can you trust love, or is it the very thing that will kill you?
Sam is the C.E.O of a company that was built by his late grandfather and because of his strong determination to make his rude and stern father proud, he made the magazine company reach the top charts. Lion on the other hand is a member of a gang that deals with keeping up their reputation by fighting with other gangs. He had a dark past that made him not experience anything that involves love. After their meeting one night, things will turn upside down. Will they be able to open up to each other? Or will they keep quiet and resist the temptation?
Jonah Marais, 22 years old. Daniel Seavey, 21 years old. Jonah lives a pretty normal life until he went to college with his sister Esther. He meets Daniel Seavey and became roommates with his sister Anna.
Sofia wakes up after she tried to kill herself, she tried to kill herself because she lost hope but something happened while she's unconscious; something that will give her new hope.
Michael Scott is a werewolf special agent, working for the CIA. He’s their best agent, that’s why he’s sent to the toughest missions out there when the bureau needs successful completion of an assignment. Despite his young age, he’s caught some of the most dangerous criminals in the US. However, the newest task he’s given seems to be slightly different. Michael is not only sent to the other side of the world where he’s expected to prove one of the richest and most respected businessmen in the world- Richard Gallahard is a mafia boss and head of a criminal empire, but Michael’s also expected to perfectly blend-in in the world of politicians, royals and top-notch businessmen. And all of that would have been perhaps slightly easier for Michael if the cruelest among them- the cold-hearted, rumored future head of the gang and Richard’s young protege and lover- Killian O’Dwyer wasn’t his mate.
This book is unedited. Read at your own risk. After the Vera and The Christ Crime Family joining with the marriage of Jac and Natalia, almost every district was controlled by them. Years of marriage they were blessed with two kids, a son, and a daughter. Jacob Christ, 25 years old, following his mother's footsteps in the family business while Kate Christ, 23 years old, an unemployed young adult who decided not to be a gang leader. After refusing her mother's and brother's help in finding a job, she decided to move away from her luxurious life to renting a small apartment with nothing but only her clothes. While searching for a job around town, she came across a little grocery shop that has nothing but a beautiful shopkeeper. Since working in the grocery shop, Kate's life has been turned upside down.
When CK Natividad, the tomboyish cousin of her best friend sent her a friend request, Clio's world eventually turned upside down. Her plan was to clearly draw a line between them but she keeps on thinking about her, in ways she had never expected.
This book has one short, two short, three short and four shorts based on shivika on track and most of it will be matured so there is no offance
Lance Wolfe's only goal in life is to find the perfect chocolate. A chocolate that would make his heart truly happy. Vincent Cromwell only has two goals in life. The first is to make the final seven chocolate recipes that his mom left, and the second is to create the perfect chocolate in the process. In their search for the perfect chocolate, Vincent and Lance will find each other. And soon a love sweeter than any chocolate will bloom. But when a bitter past is revealed, their sweet love would be tainted by hatred and revenge. And while Vincent seeks justice for his parents, Lance would be left with a choice; his love or his friends and family. This is a story about a love that is bitter and sweet, a love that smooth and rocky. This is the story of Vincent and Lance and their love that is like chocolate.
Two boys, Ersel and Lino, were childhood best friends for three years. One day, while Lino went to visit his grandparents with his parents for several days, Ersel suddenly goes to Manila with his parents without even leaving a word or letter, making the former sad and angry. Ten years later, the two suddenly meet again as college students. How will Ersel make up to Lino for disappearing without a word ten years before? Will their friendship go back to the way it was? Or will their meeting trigger a new emotion - love?
"He was born to protect the kingdom, you are born to protect him" What would you do if one day you found out that you weren't exactly who you thought you were? Daniel was doing fine, working with his best friend at their own bakery. With the same routine everyday, he never really expected anything more to happen in his life until one day, he met the person who helped him seek who he truly was and possibly defeat an enemy he never thought he'd encounter.
Being deaf is not nice,its not normal .Being deaf and in love is just ridiculous, being in love and know that someone won't love a deaf person is just hurting yourself. That's what Casey thought