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Ocean is a normal human girl. She went to live with her uncle in New Orleans after her parents death. But there she fell in love with a bad boy who wasn't normal human being. Moon is a supernatural hybrid creature. But he never knew that he's a hybrid. He was adopted by a werewolf family. Will he ever be able to find out about his true being? Will Moon and Ocean ever be together? What mystery the forest they both are attracted to, holds?
The wedding of Navy SEAL Charles Buchanan and socialite Ashleigh Crimson begins and the bride is nowhere to be found. Did the bride leave on her own, or did something else happen? And will the groom find his bride-to-be?
"He knows that his life will never be the same again, and he doesn’t quite know how to feel about that." When Levi finds a naked boy in his garden one morning, he doesn't expect him to be a fallen angel wrongfully banished from Heaven. He certainly doesn't expect him to change everything Levi once thought about life, love and himself.
He is no more the same person who he was 10 years ago. he is now a rude, arrogant boss to his employees and a cold person toward family. but a good father for his daughter, his life, reason why he lives and still smiles at least, once a day. She didn't want a remarriage but, she did. for her son who needed a father figure , for her mother who was always in tears unable to see her daughter as a single mother at such a young age of 25. what happens when these two are bounded in a tie called marriage? Can they ever fall in love? Is there any chance for the two adults and two kids to create a happy family? Read to know where this remarriage take these four individuals. to.
Dr. James A. Kane and other fellow scientists created new experiments that are what knowns as vampires. These vampires aren't any kind of vampires. They are named V01, V02, V03, etc.... They thought one of their experiment was a success until one day, she went crazy and fled the plantation destroying the world. Nerida Kane is the daughter of Dr. Kane and has lived without her father and mother since she was a baby. A friend of her father had taken her in and raised her. Now being at the age of sixteen, she has come to realize that she holds vampire genes that passed around sixteen years ago. What will happen when she has to leave the new world to survive the old world. Will she learn the secrets her father left behind, or will she have a longer journey then she expected.
We all know what she is. Impossible to catch. Every Mating Moon they all hunt for her. Her tiny leather robes leave little to the imagination and we'd all like to feel her to sate our primal need to breed. But damn her ability to spark when threatened. But I've a plan this year. I've watched her every move and now I'm ready to put the plot I've carefully nurtured into effect. Within hours I plan to be sinking into her warm body and sating my insatiable appetite. Afterall, she's not the only one with magic in this pack. That's why they call me Magus.
Strong sexual content is in this. WARNING must be 18+ Read at your own risk First time writing this, I really want try out this type of story for myself. ************************* All I could hear was my heart pounding in my ears, The fear and pleasure that washed over me was too much for me. I felt the need to scream his name but i stopped myself when I remembered where we were, I bit down on my lower lip to muffle the moan that came as his tongue and lips did things to my core. I couldn't believe I was here in a public bathroom... At a seminar -that he was hosting. "Re... " I gasped as I felt his fingers dig in my hips. "Remember You.. Your needed.... Out side.... For the speech'' I managed to say in between breaths. He looked up at me with a smirk as my palm slammed against the bathroom stall door and it made a bang, His beautiful eyes danced with mischief. " Shhhhh. Baby. Only thing I want to do right now is make. Sure. You. Cum" He said with a smirk then continued to pleasure me.
No digestVeer a very cruel mafia, he is the real definition of fear, he owned many brothels, he has his own personal whores, everyone fears him because he is the devil, no one never dares to look into his dead eye. He fucked women like a horse and threw them into brothel like trash. He is the darkness in light, he is the devil of your nightmares, he has every habit of smoking, drinking, and whatnot. he left his parents house at a very young age, but he loved his mom so much. one more thing he never forgives anyone who betrays him breaks his trust and hurt his mom. Then what happened why his parents married him to a seventeen-year-old girl and why he married her. How he made her pregnant and how karma bit him like a bitch. How he took care of his two angels and how he met his little wife again.
"You ever seen Groundhog Day? That's what this is like, every day." In which Oscar wakes up in every year except 2020, seemingly following a mysterious, yet handsome stranger throughout time.
A near-death experience allowed Jade to discover beings that serve as humans' guardians. His soul’s escape from his body and his absence prompted his guardian, Naya, to temporarily occupy his body to preserve his life. But how do they get back? For some reason, Naya couldn’t leave his body and he couldn’t take possession of it again. She had to act like him in front of his family and friends to avoid any suspicion. That is, until they find a way.
**This is the sequel to the old I'm The Alpha's Mate** I'm the Alpha's Mate which has been rewritten and published.
A little boy exiled from his homeland, a young lord in need of guidance, a knight who covets is brother's wife, a Kingdom that is bereft of a King, a young girl hunted by a dark cult... A diverse cast of characters struggle for survival and supremacy in the great Kingdom of Aedirn as the wheels of destiny are moved by lords, knights and bankers. As the great game unfolds in the light, in the shadows a satanic cult spreads its tendrils throughout the kingdom and awaits the rebirth of the devil of the earth
Tsa is a starving writer. Though the publishing industry is not fair for some writers, she could not simply give up her passion. She worked as a part-timer in her friend's coffee shop to support herself aside from writing. Then she met Av and Jo, two writers who share the same struggles with her. One midnight, she found a mysterious book without the author's name on the cover. The story was about three handsome, magical knights named Raiden, Aidan, and Zaiden, who were tasked to save Princess Amethyst from the hands of an evil wizard. Tsa was frustrated when she found out that the middle part of the book was missing, leaving the rest of the pages empty! Since there was no author's name on it, she could not find another copy of the book. Out of desperation, Tsa decided to write the continuation of the book from her own ideas. Little did she know that the book was magical. Raiden, Aidan, and Zaiden had now come to life just as how she wrote it!
How can a person will change the world of mages and wizards? Is it really fine to be different? or not?
A fiction of Greek Mythology Goddess Athena in Modern World GODS, do they really exist? There is a belief they died because the mortals lost faith in them, some said that they're just from old story in rusty Mythology books. You might say that "I don't believe in Gods, they're just fiction characters created by our Ancestors" but How would you react if you saw one of the Greek goddess in person?
My name is Kydah Malik, I'm twenty one years old and I just finished my service (NYSC) and now staying at home waiting for work which I'm not really looking forward to. I love my life like this and love all my siblings and parents, they're the best people on earth. I never dated and don't like the idea at all, weird, yeah I know. I don't want to indulge myself in those meaningless love when you'll only be heartbroken and stressed with depression attached to it. But I know nothing till it happened, falling for my brother's best friend whom I never knew. I fell so hard and deep unknowingly but it was all ruined when my father told me about my arranged marriage... Join the ride of my life✨
"I'm sorry." Stay strong, Lyrah. Don't breakdown! Don't— But it was too late, as my lower lip trembled terribly and I felt it hard to breathe. "No." It was him, who took a step again and engulfed me, patting my head. "Don't cry, Lyrah." With arms hanging loosely on my sides, I let out all the pain, anger, in my tears as he rocked us lightly. Freeing me from his hug he cupped my face making me look at him. The honey eyes, the glittery pale golden skin. He leaned in and kissed my forehead, leaving me stunned as he stroked my cheek. "So beautiful." He smiled. And I saw myself shimmering with blue sparkles under the moonlight. Making me wonder what it was? ********* A fairytale from a Faeriland which revolves around love, kindness, forgiveness and hope.
I am the nature's wintry call; My touch freezes the earth for I am a being who only knows to dye the world in white. But then, I was touched by something scorching Red; And my world was caught in flames. ••• This is the tale of How I Fell! •••
All my life I wanted to be free. Free from the prison that was made for me by my grandparents, free from being the only werewolf that couldn't shift and free from the lonely misery that was my life. My father despises me, my brothers pretend that I don't exist; and I know that they all blame me for our mothers death. I knew that I needed to make a break for it and start life on my own. So I did. Getting chased down by another wolf that wanted to kill me was only the beginning of my troubles. I thought that my life was finally over. And then I met him. With fur blacker than the darkest shadows and golden eyes that seemed to burn into my very soul. After saving my life and being taken to the pack mansion, I had to turn everything I thought I knew in my head and succumb to the wishes of my alpha. I don't know what my purpose is on this earth, but if there was one thing that i was good at, it was breaking all the rules. My name is Amelia May Hunt. And this is my story.
"Alexis, you're wearing my patience thinner than usual," he sounded disappointed as he spoke those words. Had he expected me to be honest with him right away? Yeah, like I am capable of such things. I wanted this, him. And yet, I selfishly wanted the man that hunted my dreams as well. The man in front of me is real, and I could have it now. I opened my eyes, staring deep into his dark brown eyes that almost looked black. I spoke the words he wanted to hear, and I wanted to say, "I'm yours." He lowered his head until I felt his breath against my ear. His chuckled low and dark before he spoke in an equally dark whisper that made me clench, "You delicious little girl. You don't even know what that truly entails. You don't even know what I am". I leaned back enough for him to see my face. I arched an eyebrow as I spoke in a definite challenge, "So tell me, right now. What are you?"
Mehr; Moon... Mehr, a teenage girl with so many wild dreams. The goody two shoes but also egoistical person yet the best person you can ever come across. She has her life all planned but never thought that everything will be ruined just one night; her brothers' dinner party. Everything changed, but is it for the better or worst? Find out the rest in Mehr. She is among those people that always look forward to seeing their dreams come true. She didn't give up or, her husband didn't let her give up when those dreams started going downhill...
An immortal girl in a mortal world with mysterious and miserable life. She is a girl who wanted to be love. A girl who wanted to be true. A girl who wants to be herself. A girl who can fight and put things right. A fearless girl over her life full of lies. She didn't know who really she is. She doesn't have any idea about the world until she changed when someone killed the person who always there by her side. She's changed when she's been fooled by the person around her. When she lived in the life that didn't belong to her and when she has been one she will never be. And after that, she has begun to be aware of life. But she only knew one thing. One word. ----- REVENGE -----
The biggest dream of werewolves is meeting their mate. The incredible scent, the surreal sparks that lit up on every touch, the contented feeling while in the arms of their mate, the pride of wearing their mark and bearing pup(s) and above all the bliss of unconditional love. Life of every werewolf is a blissful fantasy! But every theory has few exceptions right? This story revolves around such an exceptional she-wolf who had a strong reason to despise the idea of MATES. She has her goal and she wanted to fulfil it without any compromises. But that doesn’t stop the mighty Moon God to bless her with an irresistible mate. Learning from our past mistakes is a good thing. But all the decisions out of such learning need not be correct! Some mistakes will make us happy! Some mistakes lead us to the thing which we have been dying to get. Will she commit the mistake that could fulfil her wishes or will she stick to her decisions to write the pages of her life which has more mysteries than she could eve
IN-LAWS. He's all she loved, Whom she trusted with all her might but she was lazy and uncaring. Khalifah broke Khadijah's trust when she least expected. Her best friend as her co-wife? That's hell! Meenah, her co-wife and her husband's cousin fought to be the favorite wife in all the ways possible. Who will win? Halimah, the patient and calm wife. Hafeez's sweetheart. She was tagged as barren. Jamilah, a lady with a mindthrilling past came into the picture as a result of Hafeez's mistake. And Justice Hafeez had to marry her to save his reputation from tarnishing. When Hafeez decided to turn his back against her, Jamilah was hellbent on saving her marriage.