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A pure love story of a fulani girl Falling in love with a suave man named Abdul. They had always dreamed and planned to get married. Everything was going perfectly fine and as planned but things changed in just a blink of an eye and she was married to her cousin whom she never loved. Will Abdul ever get her back when she’s already married? How will he cope when he finds out about his beloved wedding? Find out how their love story would end.
Five years later, she came back with her lovely baby. He said grimly, "Since you gave birth to a child, let's get married." The baby said, "So you are the one who bully my mom! Get married? No way! It is not so easy!"
Eva Willow, a 17 year old blind girl who moves to a new town with her two sisters to live with her uncle. She has a lot of secrets and wants to lay low through her final years of school and keeping an eye on her sisters. Can she lay low or will she catch the attention of the most popular guy? Asher Moore is 17 year old arrogant cocky boy who can get whatever he wants. Once he sees something he wants he goes for it. What happens when what he wants has a lot of secrets? Will he be able to get her or let her slip through his fingers? Will Asher be able to find out what Eva is hiding? Will she allow anyone to get to know her? Will her life be finally a happily ever after or ending up running away?
Peter Mills, the multi tycoon and president of International Business Machines Corporation, IBM decides to hand over his largest company to his eldest son Kamon, but there is a condition he has to marry the daughter of one of his friends and business partner. Elsa Hall, a multi-billionaire and the sole owner of Deloitte. She has achieved many successes and has decided to retire and hand over her company to her only daughter but on the condition, she agrees to marry Peter's son. Will Shanequa Hall agree to marry Kamon Mills? Do they even have a choice or they have no other option to heed to their parent's demands?
During the daytime, Ding Qiuyu was the magazine reporter whose only task was to capture all intimate moments between Huo Qiming and his countless mistresses. But at night, she could only sit inside the empty villa, waiting desperately for the back of Huo Qiming who never loved her, as his unknown wife. Ding Qiuyu thought that heartbroken divorce would be the end of their story, but when Huo Qiming appeared again in front of her and gradually fell for her this time, what would be her choice? Facing him who had grown up from a childish boy to a responsible man, would the flame of love be ignited again?