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Personal differences tore Gavin and Kairo apart. Kairo chose the only thing that matters to him next to Gavin. A couple of years later, that same choice brought Kairo's path to cross with Gavin again. Kairo was convinced that his and Gavin's story was over two years ago. But what is he going to do about the familiar spark each time Gavin smiles? The longer he spends time with his ex, his belief gets challenged. And each day that passes, that persistent voice in his head is gradually succeeding in "brainwashing" him into believing that they have still have a chance. Maybe. Just Maybe. Or not? Since Thomas, Gavin's other ex, is still very much a part of Gavin's life.
It has been said that romance can happen anytime, anywhere with the right person meant for you. Who would have thought that all this time, your destine person is just next-door? What happens when two stubborn hot-heads collide? An exchange of rated XXX letters and a whole lot of chaos!
The Chronicles of Love is a collection of short stories and novella that depicts the main theme known as "LOVE." It currently consists of 3 stories, each with different genre: 1. Evergreen: a romance between a mental instability patient and a psychiatrist who meets when the former jumps off the bridge, trying to commit suicide. 2. 100% MATCH: a sci-fi romance where marriage doesn't happen due to love or feelings. People can only get married when they get 50% from scanning a love meter on their wrists. Will it be possible to score a full mark of 100%? 3. Home is where the heart is: A love that is lost because of ambition but recovered due to forgiveness. (MPREG)
There can't be love without pain. Trent learned that lesson the hard way when he lost his boyfriend due to a terrible accident. He was the center of his world. He made him feel so special, cherished and deeply loved. He was his anchor... his north star. When he died, he lost his direction. Everything went dark... the kind of darkness that's eating him up. That's when he decided to move to a different city and start a new life. Maybe all he needed was a change of environment to help him recover and eventually move on. Enter Marco Villafuerte. He's the vocalist of the most famous band in their campus. He smokes. He's a fucking machine. He hurts people. He's cold and heartless. He's a man with a very dark past. Life has fucked him up terribly. He's bad news! But he looked exactly like Trent's deceased boyfriend. Two people with hidden monsters met unexpectedly. Will they find the light in each other's arms or will darkness drown both of them? Is love enough to save them or is it going to be the final nail
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With the thought of having a normal life in their college days, Harris and Tristan never imagined that fate was tailing their lives. Meeting unexpectedly, the two boys wished they had never met at all. But destiny wanted to play as they discovered their sexual preference after living under the same roof. They were torn between accepting the fact that they were gay or denying it in fear of society’s judgment. Thereupon, living together they found out that they need each other to overcome their fears.
Fujita Kaito has a crush, and that's okay. Going to the café where his love interest worked? A little creepy, but cute all the same. Being dragged along every day, rapt in a never-ending cat and mouse game? Not so great. Romance was never Yuuto's cup of tea, but helping his lovelorn friend was the only way Yuuto knew he could preserve his sanity whilst juggling his uneventful workaholic life, and after four failed attempts, throwing Kaito under the bus made that finally happen. Yuuto had no intention of getting involved beyond being the wingman for his best friend, but an unfortunate turn of events made Yuuto realize that not everything was as it seemed, and even sooner than that, he was being forced to keep a secret he wanted no part in. But, will Yuuto keep it a secret?
Maxence Aubert is a half-demon who didn't want anything to do with the world of demons and angels. But soon, he finds himself forced into it and even gets incredibly involved in certain strange cases disturbing the balance of the world with a formidable archangel named Ayden.
Armand's looking for a Forever Sub. Jarvis is looking for someone to save his family's bakery. By the end of this book, God help Jarvis
Having a hard time is not a problem for most people nowadays. Teenagers would ask for something and voila! there you have it in an instant. Life is easier than it used to be before. Have you ever thought how lucky you are for being born today instead of yesterday? Drei would take it for granted. He's careless of his actions, he always makes the wrong decision, and he would never learn his lesson. A wrong decision made him realize and change his perspective in life. Learn the differences between people of different generations and understand how the world works for others.
Lance Wolfe's only goal in life is to find the perfect chocolate. A chocolate that would make his heart truly happy. Vincent Cromwell only has two goals in life. The first is to make the final seven chocolate recipes that his mom left, and the second is to create the perfect chocolate in the process. In their search for the perfect chocolate, Vincent and Lance will find each other. And soon a love sweeter than any chocolate will bloom. But when a bitter past is revealed, their sweet love would be tainted by hatred and revenge. And while Vincent seeks justice for his parents, Lance would be left with a choice; his love or his friends and family. This is a story about a love that is bitter and sweet, a love that smooth and rocky. This is the story of Vincent and Lance and their love that is like chocolate.
Chris runs away from a life forced onto him from birth, along the way finding out who he truly is and who actually stands behind him. M for Mature (due to amount of violence
Edward is a gay teenager trying to sort out his life as the secretly gay son of a rich man. Flynn is a very gay author known for writing smut and decided to start his writing career after having a childhood crush on Edward. Edward has completely forgotten Flynn and Flynn makes it his mission to get him to remember.
Prince Aethan is sent by his father to honor his twin sister's betrothal to the Prince of the Southern Kingdom. In a gamble for peace, love and freedom, Kings, Queens and Princes, have set the elaborate chess board of moves, one against the other. But who will get the upper hand? How do you know who is the pawn and who really pulls the strings? And can you trust love, or is it the very thing that will kill you?
Sam is the C.E.O of a company that was built by his late grandfather and because of his strong determination to make his rude and stern father proud, he made the magazine company reach the top charts. Lion on the other hand is a member of a gang that deals with keeping up their reputation by fighting with other gangs. He had a dark past that made him not experience anything that involves love. After their meeting one night, things will turn upside down. Will they be able to open up to each other? Or will they keep quiet and resist the temptation?
In a moment in time Everything change I don't know if it was once, it was in the battle with the dark versions of the black multiverse, he was the blackest knight, it could be another, or all, they didn't know who, but what they did know was that it was one or all of them at the same time. At the same time, someone there, was a Bruce, or all of them together, entered into an agreement, but someone, or everyone had a plan, was a gamble, one of them won and everyone was in trouble. So, he wins, he goes back to a moment of time, when everything changed, plans, games with the hidden beings of the multiverse, does he win, the prize? traveling through the multiverse, returning in the moment of time, in the midst of creating conspiracies, preventing the future from happening, initiating a relationship with a Darkseid, involving pleasures and mysteries, plots, bets and conspiracies with demons, gods, mystical and alien beings by the multiverse they begin to get involved to the point that there is no going back, they
People always define love as a powerful thing in this world and they define it as the connection of woman and a man. Warren and Dylan was a school mate from their college life but the love will grow on the both of them is not usual than the others. A couple of man. People will define love as a mutual feeling to each other to grow. A world full of judgement how does Warren and Dylan survive this when they are both had professions.
"He was born to protect the kingdom, you are born to protect him" What would you do if one day you found out that you weren't exactly who you thought you were? Daniel was doing fine, working with his best friend at their own bakery. With the same routine everyday, he never really expected anything more to happen in his life until one day, he met the person who helped him seek who he truly was and possibly defeat an enemy he never thought he'd encounter.
Dylan Friggs, the once-upon-a-time celebrated catcher and batter in the minor league, has fallen into a hellhole of depression. The grief and feeling of emptiness after losing someone who has helped him move on from a past heartache continuously haunt him. Trapped in a mental health facility and rehabilitation center, Dylan believes he's fighting a losing battle. But then former teammate Lance Stradson, the man he once loved and lost, comes crashing back into his life, armed with persistence and stubborn determination to drag Dylan out of the darkness. — <<DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, some places, locales, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead; actual business names or actual events is purely coincidental.>> *** Copyright © 2020 March Crest. All rights reserved ***
One who asked for one last dying wish. One who wished for a day. A rollercoaster of emotions from the past and the present... "Twenty-fours with you, starts now!"
Two boys, Ersel and Lino, were childhood best friends for three years. One day, while Lino went to visit his grandparents with his parents for several days, Ersel suddenly goes to Manila with his parents without even leaving a word or letter, making the former sad and angry. Ten years later, the two suddenly meet again as college students. How will Ersel make up to Lino for disappearing without a word ten years before? Will their friendship go back to the way it was? Or will their meeting trigger a new emotion - love?
"I searched for you everywhere." "But I don't trust you." "It's ok, now that I have finally found you I am ready to wait until you are ready." The Alpha Hier of a multinational company encounters the love of his life finally, a cute and charming Omega who is the most desired omega of all time. This short story is about their lovely encounter. NOTE- Omegaverse is a fictional world where three other genders reside other than normal humans The Dominant ones(Alpha), The normal ones( Betas), and the recessive ones(Omegas). The omega men can get pregnant here and both Alpha and Omega release pheromones while they undergo a heat cycle. Also, I don't own any rights to the image
Huang Zi Tao and Sungmin Lee are completely different people. Tao is a student and Sungmin was his professor. What happens when they fall in love? Will history repeat itself for Sungmin? Will Tao have to give up on love to make Sungmin happy?
Fa Meilin is the twin brother of Fa Mulan and in this story Mulan in fear of her brothers death runs of to take his place in the war which leaves Meilin to take her place as a potential wife of the emperor's son. The Fa family was given the honer of having there daughter selected as one of the potential wife of the emperor's son because of Mulan and Meilin's fathers bravery in the last war. This story will take place in the emperor's castle following Meilins participation in the rase for the princes heart. Just so you know I do not own Mulan but do own the plot of this story and this is a BL story also known as a story about two boys in love so if you don't like that Kind of story then don't read this.
"What happens when you meet an elf king who has saved your life but kill your temper?" ~*~ [P.S: (18+) EXPLICIT MATURE scenes and a little graphic violence are written in this story. I'll put a warning on the top of those chapters.] ~*~ "I'm more of a man in this house. Why can't you let me be on top?" "Do you even have experience?" Sean knows clearly that this is where he loses. "Then teach me, your Majesty," Seductively, he curls the strands of the long, silky blond hair with his fingers. "With pleasure." ~*~*~*~*~*~* It all starts when the elf king, Oswin Alvingham, mysteriously gets stuck in the human realm and loses his powers. As he roams the unfamiliar 一dirty and low class if he is to describe一 Earth, he stumbles into Sean Cooper, a fresh graduate, and a full-time table-waiter, who gets bullied in the alley. Though Oswin's magical power is lost, his physical strength remains invincible. When he rescues Sean, the latter decides to take him in as gratitude. And that is where the mess begins.