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The story is about a girl who is oversized or fat. She rarely has any friends. She goes through lots of hardships in her life, be in her family or school or high school or her love life. The story starts from her school life and it goes on. But with all those hardships, will she give up? Or will she be able to survive and make herself stronger? Will she be able to make friends? Will she get love?
>English is my third language. So, you can correct me if I am wrong somewhere.<
<<…So, I was swayed for a moment." His words were like bullets piercing my heart. I still could not believe what he was saying, I grabbed his shirt and asked with tears in my eyes, "What about the time... the time we spent together? What about everything we did together? What about…" He interrupted me as he made his shirt free from my hand looked at the side she was and said, "It was a time pass for me. Just look at her and look at yourself in the mirror. I love her. I missed her. I did not feel anything for you. I just played with you.



Devilish Angel

The story is completed as it is part1 for second part you can see where i have posted through my instagram. :)

2021/9/5 Reply

Pallab Ganguly

nice story

2021/7/28 Reply

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Devilish Angel

Do leave your beautiful reviews for encouraging me to update more chapters. :) I don't mind negative ones too.

2021/7/10 Reply

monde kalimukwa

Stories like this are good. To encourage oversize/ plus size people. nice one

2021/6/15 Reply

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Devilish Angel

How do I contact the editors of this platform?

2021/5/21 Reply