“You left it in the bath room a few days ago, so I took it, I almost threw it away, what are you going to do in it anyway?” Kyle said, and he threw the pendant to Haley, and she caught it by her right hand. Haley felt a sense of relief when she had the pendant. “I just want to bring it there, maybe I will know the meaning of these symbols,”

“Ok then, it's only a toy anyway!” Kyle said and he turned away. Haley glanced at the pendant and couldn't understand why she felt so strange to it. Later on, she heard her mother calling her.

“Haley, were going!

“Yes mom, I’ll be down in a minute!” Haley called out, then she put the necklace inside her bag. They met Allen with his family at the airport.


When they arrived in Cairo, Egypt, they greeted by a male tourist guide. "Welcome to Egypt! My name is Banjo, and I am your tour guide!

They were boarded in a tourist van with ‘Castle House’ written on it, he will tour them a bit in the city before going to the castle house. While in the van, the guide talked to them about all the things on the way as well as other aspects of their tour that may interest them.

"These are Egyptian’s currency, you might like to buy some souvenirs,” said James and Allen to their children. When they arrived in the city, they all went down for a walk and shopping. Their eyes are set on the strange environment of Egypt. There are unique infrastructure buildings and there are so many vendors on the sidewalk selling of any kind, and they enter an arcade with many sellers inside.

Haley looked for a sale, and she found a pocketbook with titled "The Castle House" she finds it interesting, so she bought it. Then after a few minutes of shopping, she heard her mother calls her.

"Haley, let's go!

“I’m coming, mom!

They all returned to where the tourist van was parked.

"We are now going to the city of Horeb, to the castle house!” The tour guide Banjo said lively. Haley felt a strange feeling. While traveling, Haley presents her purchased book to her cousin Chloe.

“Chloe, look at this pocketbook that I bought,"

"May I see?” Chloe looks at the cover and reads the title. “The Castle House? Isn't that where we're going?

"Yes, that's why I liked it, sounds interesting right?

"It’s old isn’t it?

"Yeah I bought it from the antique store,”

As they traveled, they enjoy the scenery and passed by the great pyramid.


Then, after a couple of hours' drive, they had to cross the desert.

And they reached where the castle house is located. And while on their way, they overlook the huge castle house, and everyone was feeling excited. And they got off the van, Banjo took them to the lake beside the castle house.

“This lake is so amazing!” Allen said with astonishment.

“You can swim or boat there anytime you want, the water was fresh and crystal clear!” Said the tour guide Banjo.

Afterward, they are about to enter the castle house, and everyone was feeling excited, as they entered they were amazed at the beauty of it. “Welcome to castle house!” said the tourist guide lively, some servants open its huge doors for them. The lobby has warm and light golden-yellow color tones, that symbolize the worship of God of ancient Egypt. The interior was unique in style with the powerful beauty of ancient Egyptian civilization. The ancient chandelier was magnificent hanging at the high ceiling. There’s a large fountain in the center of the lobby. And many miniatures seals swimming and basking around on it. There’s a grand winding staircase side by side and facing each other. In the living room, there are large couches and elegant center table. The wall has ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, paintings and canopies in bright colors tones. The entire room brought them exotic charm and luxury. Beautiful chairs and small benches, made of dark wood with carved ornaments displayed. Egyptian style furniture decorated with enamel, mother of pearl, gilding, and inlay.

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