Then Haley paused and looked at her mother. “Okay, where are we going mom?

“In Egypt, have you heard about the castle house?

"Castle house? Yeah, but it always fully booked right?” She nodded.

“I know, It's been a long time since we wanted to be there, but finally we can go,”

“Okay then,” Haley said with a slight smile and indicated in her room upstairs, but Lucy still noticed her sadness.

“Aren't you happy that we're going there?

“I’m happy,” Haley said softly and went up to her room. Haley is not interested in going anywhere, because of her disability.

As she entered her room she humbled herself through the window, looking far away but not seeing anything. Suddenly she remembered something, she hurried to the trouser cabinet, and she was looking for a pendant.

"Where did I put it? I just hid it here,” she sighed as she looked for her pendant in the drawers, but couldn't find it. Then after a while, her phone was ringing. It's her friend Macy.


"Hello! This is Macy,” said the voice from the other line.

“Oh, Macy what’s up?

"Haley, is it true, that you broke up with Ethan?” Macy said referring to Haley’s boyfriend.

Haley laid in bed and talked to her friend.

"Yeah, we broke up. He just tricked me. He cheated on me. He wanted me because of his project in school so I could be the one who did it for him. When he passed the project on time, he left me. I saw him earlier with the other girl,” Haley said frustratingly.

"He is really a bad guy!"

"But it doesn’t matter anymore, I don’t love him that much, anyway we were going to have a family vacation in Egypt, I can spend my time with my family and maybe have fun,”

"Oh, that’s good for you,”

“But I might not be happy I guess,”

“Just enjoy yourself, and forget him okay?

“I can easily forget Ethan, but no matter where I go I don't feel happy, my life’s so boring,”

“Haley, you will find someone for you,”

“With this being a lame? No one would have liked me, Macy, I was used to being alone for life,” Haley said sadly.

“Hey, cheer up girl, be happy, you were going to Egypt!” Macy said enthusiastically.

“I don’t know Macy, see you on the last day of our classes then,”

After she hung up the phone, she felt sadness within her, she just ignored her feelings and continued the search. But still, she couldn’t find it. She lay in her bed and remembers the day how she got her missing pendant, she recalls when she was 9 years old.


Haley and her family went to an amusement park on their holiday. As they enjoyed, Haley noticed a young magician inviting children to come in inside his big tent like seeing in the circus. She was attracted to get inside.

"Come and join me!" called out the young magician while standing at the entrance of the tent.

"You want to see magic? come in!” He said continuously.

The children around were attracted by the magician, so they approached him with their parents. The magician told them to fall in line at the booth where to buy a ticket, so they could enter. Haley saw some children lining up in the ticket booth. “Dad! I want to go there!” Haley said eagerly. “Okay dear, let's buy a ticket,” James said.

When they came in, there were many children with parents sitting in the audiences, they sat down in the middle. After a few moments, the magic show began. The Magician shows some magic tricks and the children were astounded while watching him. After doing some magic tricks, the young magician told them that there will be a game.

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