From that time on, Ammon became the God of the Anubis. All the possession of the former God of Anubis was passed into Ammon's hands, including the book of dreams and the amulet pendant. And he discovered that the amulet pendant also has a power related to the golden plate.

One day ... In Ammon's solitude, he experienced sadness. He was the only man in the middle of that city of the Anubis. Ammon decides to end the Anubis existence in the world.

He took the golden plate and made a ritual and uttered the symbol. And in an instant, the Anubis suddenly grabbed from the ground and returned to the underworld.

They disappeared without a trace. Ammon returned to the treasure cave, and from then on, he became the richest man in all Egypt. Ammon rebuilt the city of Horeb for people. But when the pharaoh heard the news about Ammon, he could not accept that Ammon was 'superior' than him. The war arose. Ammon used the golden plate. They clashed with pharaoh’s troops. The Anubis won the battle. And after the defeat, he sent it back again to the underworld.

And when the pharaoh found out that the golden plate was protected by Ammon. He tried to steal it from him, but he didn't succeed. Ammon lived comfortably with his clan, he built a castle house on top of the treasure cave and lived there. Ammon found love, and had children.

When Ammon was getting older. His sons are asking him, who among them will be the next protector of the golden plate. Ammon said that the next protector would have to go through a trial. Whoever kills most Anubis will be the next protector of the golden plate, and the Amulet pendant as well.

Since then, such a test has been traditionally processed before the golden plate and amulet pendant passed on to the next generations. But the last one who was protecting it did not follow the tradition and simply gave it to its favorite son. As a result, the golden plate and the amulet pendant was not properly protected. Until one day … it was stolen by the servant.

The servant did not know what kind of power it had. He sold the golden plate to Moroccan tourists, and then he sold it to the King of Morocco. The King tried to find out the meaning of the symbols engraved on the golden plate. He summoned experts from all over the world. But no one can understand the written symbol engraved on the golden plate. The king just kept it in the palace up to this day.

The amulet pendant was still in the hand of the servant who stole it. He kept it and thought it has a hidden power until he passed it to his son before he died. Since then the amulet pendant was also passed from generation to generation until it suddenly disappeared. It was transmitted to different people without knowing its power. Then in one present day, a young girl found it. Her name was Haley Robertson.

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