Undeniably Wanted


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Heather Drake is a 22 year old who is hiding from her past and trying to start a new. She is going to be starting with a new career as a teacher. She is beautiful & witty and doesn't stand for bullshit. What happens though when she catches the eye of someone who doesn't want to let her go... Who is attached at first sight and wants nothing else but her.


"You will be mine Miss Drake and I do not share." I state sternly.

"Release my arm Mr. Sanford before I force you to." She states giving me a fake smile. I smirk at her. She takes her other hand and squeezes my wrist before twisting it in a painful position. I hiss in pain. "Don't underestimate me Mr. Sanford." She whispers in my ear before gently pushing me away from her. I shake my hand and look back at her.

"This is the only time I will allow you to walk away from me Miss Drake." She turns and glares at me.

"Mr. Sanford, I am no possession of yours. " She pushes the classroom door open and leaves me standing there.

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Kimberly Mendoza

the book like it would be good but seems like there are maybe chapters missing as the order doesn't make sense and many chapters are duplicates

2022/2/14 Reply

Fashakin Kristianah K

nice write up author

2021/6/19 Reply

Sharon Pitout

Absolutely hot

2021/6/15 Reply

Ifeoma Azubuike

I'm loving this story before reading it. lolx

2021/6/8 Reply

Ash Ace Villarino


2021/6/7 Reply

Kelera Mila


2021/6/6 Reply

Jra mencio


2021/6/5 Reply

Mie Che

good story

2021/6/5 Reply

I love it so much

2021/5/27 Reply

namar tonton morep

beautiful book

2021/5/25 Reply