Chapter 6

Ruby’s pov

I came home from the hospital and the first think I did is lay on my comfy bed. The doctors said I should eat more and he gave me a look to say 'you better eat more.' I bet he thinks I am not eating because I am trying to lose weight and trying to become more skinnier like them girls I've seen in school. 

I don't give a damn.
I know that people have a choice of being overweight or skinny. I'm okay with it unless it interferes with their health.

I yawned.
I was so tired. I heard the door bell downstairs. I really wasn't in the mood. I crawled into my duvet and put my cushion up so that I was sitting comfortable on the bed. The door opened. 

How are you?' It was Cam. She came in hugging me to death. Then Josh came in and sat on the end of my bed.

'Heyy guys, where were you?
I was looking for you in the hospital.' I said feeling abit angry. Cam looked better now. She had make up on and she looked like nothing happened to her. But there was still sadness in her eyes.

'Ruby I'm sorry, You fainted and I wasn't even there with you.
' She said looking down at her hands. I laughed 

'Cammie, I can't always be with you and Its my fault.
' But she still looked sad. I looked at Josh for help. 

He shrugged and said 'Shes been acting like this all day.
She didn't even let me come to see you in hospital because she was too ashamed for some random reason.' I nodded. Cam really felt bad. 

'Look, I was scared about everything in my life, but you helped me through it.
' I said to her.

She smiled and hit me on my arm.
'Ouch! what was that for?' I touched my arm. The bruise that the bodyguards held me from start hurting again.

'I can't believe you weren't eating or sleeping.
Your mum told me. Are you really trying to lose weight or lose your sense of knowledge?' She said poking my brain.

'I just had so much things on my mind.
' Cam wanted to say something but I cut her off. 'Anyways the past is the past.' I said while making space for Cam to sit with me on the bed. Then I looked at Josh. He was really quiet. I nudged him with my feet under the duvet. 'Whats up with you?

He looked at me and smiled.
'Did the Riches hurt you?' I looked at him like he was an alien. 

'Of course not Joshie, how can you think that?
I just told them to give Mr Child's back and before they could answer, I fainted.' I explained to him. 

I didn't want to tell him about the guards and Conor because he'll just worry for no reason.
I turned to Cam. She was plaiting my hair. 'Cam, did they give your dads job back?' She was too busy focusing on my hair that I had to repeat the question. 

Oh, yeah. He didn't just get a job, He got a higher position!' She squealed. I smiled. Maybe these guys are not as bad as I thought.

'Mum, drop me here.' I said. 

Mum was taking to school eventhough I live 5 minutes away.
She feels really bad about the fainting thing and this is how she trys to pay me? 'Mum, Please!' I said trying to get her attention. 

'Okay, darling.
Have fun in school and today I'm coming early from work so I'll be waiting for you.' She stopped and I went out the car.

'Thanks Mum.
' I said. She smiled and waved. 

I went into school.
'Hey Ruby, how you doing?' Says a guy from my french class. He has a long name but I know It started with a F.

'Im Okay.
' He smiled and walked away. 

And he was just one of them.
So many people kept on saying hi to me. They might have heard about my fainting incident. I went to my locker and took out my maths book. We had Maths first and I was doing the homework for an hour yesterday night.

The bell rang.
I looked around. Where was Josh and Cam? Are they late? I understand why Cam is late but Josh? Hes never late. The corridor was crowded with people. If the crowd went right, and you wanted to go left, you wont even get near to left because they'll be pushing you along. That’s college.


I was in canteen and they were selling the famous chocolate cake.
You haven't heard of the FCC? Its the most wonderful cake in the world. Just saying the name makes my mouth watery. I was with Josh and Cam.

'I don't think black suits me.
But I like the colour.' Cam went on. 

She has been talking about dress for the party that a not so close friend has invited us to.
'Cam, you suit every colour, except brown.' We all stopped. 'No one suits brown.' Me and Cam said in a unison. 

We started laughing and Josh just rolled his eyes.
But I knew he actually thought it was funny. We got our chocolate cake and saw the whole canteen was full of people. FULL! When I say full, I don't mean all the best places have been gone. I mean people are actually sitting on the floor full. Just when Josh was about to say that we will have to eat outside, someone called my name from the back.

It turned around to see Matt calling us.
He was smiling and pointing at a couple of seats on their enormous table. 

'No Its fine!
' I shouted back because they were a long way from us. 

Then Rick stood up and walked to us.
We all looked at eachother like 'should we be running?' But before we could decide, Rick took my dinner and said, 'Come on, we have space there for you guys, just come and eat.' I sighed. We're just going to eat anyways. 

Cam looked away.
Rick fired her dad. If that was me, I would have kicked Rick's ass, but Cam doesn't like action. She's more of the words kind of person. I'm more action. Rick saw the sadness in her face.

'You must be Cammie.
' He said smiling. I saw that he was really trying to be sorry with her.

'Yeah, the daughter of the guy you fired.
' She said coldly. 

When I said she liked to talk in words, I didn't mean they were nice words.

'Look, I'm sorry okay?
I was just being an idiot. Can you please forgive me?

She looked at him for a second and said ' Are we going to eat our food standing up or are you going to take us to your table?
' I smiled.Rick looked at me and smiled too. 

We walked to our table to find Matt and Conor there.
They were'nt even eating, just typing on their phone.. Whoa, these guys don't even talk to eachother much. I sat down near Matt but putting some space between us because, A. He will get the wrong idea and B. because there is so much space on this table, that all the teachers in this school can fit in it. So there is no point squashing together. 

Cam said next to me and Josh sat awkwardly near Conor.
Conor nodded lazily at Josh to say hi and Josh smiled and nodded back. Conor didn't even look at me. Why was I so angry about that? Its not like I wanted him to look at him. The table was filled with food. But All I wanted was my pudding. 

'So, you guys are like nearly in all our classes.
' Said Rick, dying to end this awkward silence.

' I said to Rick. 

I quickly ate my first bite in the chocolate.
I couldn't help but say yum out loud. Everyone on the table looked at me.

' I said flashing red. 'But this chocolate is amazing.

'I agree, Its heaven.
' Said Cam. Josh nodded.

We haven't tasted it.' Said Matt smiling at Cam. 

'Yeah, Matt you should taste it.
' I said trying to get Matt's eyes off Cam. The last thing I want is them 2 being together.

'I don't think theres any left.
' Said Matt. 

'Oh, you could have mine.
' I said putting a spoon of chocolate cake up to his mouth. 

They all looked at eachother and started laughing.
I looked offended. Conor started laughing. Wow. His laughing made me smile. I wanted to hear more. 

'We won't take your food from you Ruby, you can have it.
' Conor said.

I looked like an idiot holding that spoon.
'What? Look, even Josh likes it and he is really picky when it come to food.' I quickly gave a spoon of chocolate cake to Josh. He opened his mouth and ate it. He put his thumbs up. We all laughed. I looked at the time.

By: Shiza Fatima 

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