Chapter 4

I walked into Chemistry 15 minutes late. Everyone looked at me. It's good that the Riches were'nt in this class because I would have kicked they posh ass. 

They looked at my clothes to see any trace of wetness. Ha! I changed my clothes. They didn't think that I would walk into Chemistry with wet clothes did they?

'Why are you very late, Miss Williams?
' That was Mr Calvin. He was a nice teacher if you were on his good side but one mistake (like this) could make him hate you for the rest of the month. 

'Sorry sir, I had some problems.
' I said giving the whole class daggers.

'Well next time, young lady, your problems will be added with my detention.
' He said. 'Now sit down.'

I sat down next down next to Cam who was at the back.

We couldn't talk in this class because Mr Calvin was in a bad mood.
You could see by the way he stomps his feet around the class. 

'Right class, I have some work written on the board.
Please do this in your books. I am going out of the class for 5 minutes.' He walked out but then peeped his head in and said 'No talking.' After he was gone, everyone rushed to my table. 

They all start apologising at the same time.
I smiled. They were still with me. I didn't lose them, they were just doing it because they were scared that the Riches might hurt them. So they just went along with it. I knew it was too mean to be true.

'Look, we are really sorry about what happened, we had to do it.
' Said one of the cheerleaders. 'He threatened us all.'

I was in the same class with you guys.' I said. How can they be threatened if I was in the same class with these guys yesterday. 

I understood how it spreaded around the school about doing this to me.
I felt mad that they all were hiding something from me.

'Look, they said we had to throw a balloon at you and if one of us didn't, they would hurt us.
' The football captain said.

'Guys, this is crazy, its the whole school verses 3 boys.
' I said.

'Ruby, they can know everything about us.
' One of the geniues said (we don't call them nerds). 'They can grab our school files that have all our pictues and information in it. And if you got that kind of information about someone, you can't hide.'

I sighed, he was right.
These 3 boys are idiots but they were smart. 'Thanks for being honest.' They nodded and went back to their seats.

'Hey you okay?
' Cam said. I forgot that she was there, so much has been happening and I haven't even said how are you to her.

'Yeah Cam, I'm great and thanks.

'For what?
' She said looking confused.

'For everything.
' I said while hugging her.

I knew what I had to do. I wasn't scared. Ruby Williams is never scared. 

I went into the canteen with Josh and Cam.
Oh, I was starving. My stomach was rumbling so much in Maths that people were offering me food and saying if I needed to go to the toilet. It was embarrasing and sweet of them.

I got a snack from the vending machine.
I wanted to get a full meal but I forgot my money at home. And I don't like asking people for money. Even if I know I am going to pay them back, It just feels weird to me.

I sat on one of the tables.
No one looked at me now. They all went back to their own lives. This is how I liked it. No one caring about eachother's business and sticking with their own. When I looked around, I saw the Riches. They were sitting on a table. The table was full of food. It was like a buffet of food. It had cake, fish, lasagne, noodles and other delicious food. They were eating lobster. We don't serve lobster. How can they be eating it? 

Oh, I remember.
They're friking rich. They saw me look at them and Conor smiled and then said something to his brothers. They all laughed. Right, this ends now.

I got up from the table and was about to go to the idiots when Cam got my hand.

'Ruby, where you going?
' She said looking at me with concern.

'To give the guys a peace of my mind.
' I said looking back at them.


'Look, you both know that if their were someone else, I would have already seeked revenge, but these Riches are smarter than I thought.

'Okay then.
' Cam said letting go of my hand and going back eating her sandwich. I looked at Josh. He just smiled and said 'Ruby, do what you think is right.' Cam was mad at me.

I sat down and put my head on Cam's shoulder and made a puppy face.
'If you don't want me to do it-'

'Look, I do want you to do it, but I don't want you do get hurt.

By: Shiza Fatima 

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