Chapter 2

'For the last time Ruby, don't take the sides off from your bread!' Mum shouted.

I was eating toast for breakfast.
I took the sides of toast because I hate it. Sides are the worst. They're in my 'What Would You Ban' Book.

When I was done, I went upstairs and got dressed.
I wore a white shirt with a bright yellow cardigan. And I wore blue jeans. With it, I wore a big necklace. I like to fiddle with some object when I'm nervous and today we have a History exam.

It's a small exam but I always take my exams seriously.
I go downstairs and tell Mum that I'm leaving. 'Okay, Bye and good luck on the exam.' She said. I was about to go when she stopped me. 'Yeah?' I said kind of in a hurry because I need to revise some of my notes with Cam.

'Well, I'll be coming home late tonight, too much work in the office.
' She said while handing me a key for the house. 

My mum works as Computer Software Engineer.
She takes her work serious like me. My mum has green eyes that make her very different from me even though me and my mum have the same hair, nose and anger. 

Bye.' I said before hurrying it out of the house. 

I went to Grange Tom Hill Highschool.
It has a big name and it is a big school. I walk into the massive school entrance and look around for my friend. Before I know it, someone put their hands on my eyes. 

' I said smiling. 

And then the person took their hand off my eyes and I looked at them.
It was Josh! Josh was my best friend in the world. I thought he left school because his parents were moving somewhere else but he's right here!

'Josh, What are you doing here?
' I said while giving him a massive hug. 

He was wearing a grey jacket and big black trousers.
He was the most hottest boy but he didn't care. He had blond dirty hair and blue eyes. He was amazing but he was just a friend. And I knew he wanted me a long time ago. But he knew what it would lead to. And he liked Cam now. And even though people think I'm a fool for not falling for him, I just didn't want to risk our friendship by being together. 

But he was still the funniest, smartest and the most honest boy I have ever met.
I'm not really keen on boys since my dad, but Josh is different. He understands me in so many ways. 

He's just like Cam but he doesn't hide what he wants to say.

He just says it.  

'You wouldn't guess it, My dad had an option to where he wants his job and he obviously chose here!
' He said. How much I missed that voice of his. 

'This is great!
Have you told Cam about this?' I couldn't even talk properly. 

I was so happy.
I thought my mouth was going to rip because I was smiling too much.  

'Well, She's looking for the new boys who came to the school, you know the ones who are rich and stuck up.
' He said sadly. 

I was glad in two ways.
First because Josh was jealous of Cam so it might lead to Josh telling Cam about how he felt. He liked Cam for months but he never told her. He never said but he thinks that Cam might reject.'She deserves better' he always says to me. How can anyone be better than this guy right here.. And secondly another person in the whole school agrees with me about these 'rich and stuck up boys'.

'Well, glad you agree, I-' I got interrupted by the stupid bell.
It always rings at the wrong time. 'Lets get to class, Have you done your revision for History?' I said to Josh while walking to class. 

'Didn't you hear?
They've cancelled it.' Josh said smiling.

' I stopped in my tracks. I revised all night for nothing?

'Why Josh, did something happen to the teachers?'

'Well no, Its something got to do with the new boys who came.

'Stupid Riches.
' I muttered. I went in to class. Miss Rain was teaching us. She's really nice but when she gets mad, she gets really mad. 

'Ok class take your seat.
' Miss Rain said.

 She was pretty and young.
That's why everyone liked her. She was only 24 and always understood everyone. Like once, there was a girl wanted to go to the loo, and Miss gave a face that said 'is it your time of the month?'

And if the girl smiled, Miss would let her go.
It was a girl's secret and we loved it. We sat on the middle table.  

'Right, you might have heard that History was cancelled because of some people's requests.
' She said. The 'some people' must be the Riches. 'So most of you people are happy about it and some people are annoyed that they had to revise for nothing.'

Look ,she so understood us.
'Don't worry, we will have the History exam next time.' Someone groaned at the back.

'Can everyone take out the worksheet that we did before and finish it for the lesson.' She said.

‘Oh and Josh can you give the paper to the receptionist.
' Josh got up, took the letter from Miss and went out. 

I was about to take my worksheet out when Cam walked in.
Miss didn't say anything. She knows we won't learn even if we do get a lecture about being late. Cam smiled at me and sat the row behind me.  

'Where have you been?
' I said turning around. 

'To the toilets, where else?
' She said, acting innocent. If I didn't know her much, I would have believed her. But I knew her since I was 7.

'Look, Josh told me about you going to see the boys.
' I said angrily.

Josh is here.' Her face lighted up. 'Oh My Gosh, how come you didn't tell me?'

'Well, I just did, didn't I?
' Cam was going to say something else, when Miss told us to get on with our work.  I gave her the 'we have to talk later' face. She nodded. 

When class was over, everybody was getting up to go.
'Class? Where do you think you are going?' Miss said looking offended by our movement. 

I was confused, just like the rest of the class.
The bell rang didn't it? And if it didn't, did the class dream it?

'You might have missed an exam, but it doesn't mean you are missing this class.
' We looked at like she was talking in a whole new language. 

'You have double History because of cancellation of History exam.
' She said answering our confused face. 

We all groaned and sat down.
Some boy was about to rip his hair out with annoyance. We all laughed and continued with the worksheet.

I knew most of this History worksheet.
It was easy if you think about it.  I heard giggling and gasps from the back. I looked back and saw that everyone was staring at the front looking amazed. Cam was smiling and told me to look at the front. I was the only person who wasn't looking at the front.

Then I looked with excitement.
It was the Riches. There was three guys looking around. I frowned.

'Told you they were gorgeous.
' Cam whispered to me. And I had to agree. 

One of the boy was wearing a green shirt and baggy jeans.
He had black hair. He looked like he didn't want to be here and this class was supposed to entertain him and we failed at it. 

He had a black cap on and looked so much like a player.
I know I'm being judgemental, but if you were here, you would have thought the same thing.

Another guy was wearing a grey, well cleaned suit.
If someone else wore a suit in this school, the whole school would laugh but this guy somehow pulled it off. He had blond hair that made him look okay. He was looking very proud of himself. show-off.

Then the last guy was...
was amazing. I'm supposed to hate him but I couldn't find anything bad about him. He was amazing. He was wearing a red shirt with a black jacket. He had black hair and blue eyes that stood out. And when he smiled, you couldn't help smiling. Snap out of it Ruby! Never trust the rich, never trust the rich, never trust the rich. 

After I was done.
I forced myself to stop looking at him. They all came into the class and said hi to Miss. 'Hello, you must be the new boys, well welcome to this school and welcome to this class.' She said smiling like the rest of the class. 'Take a seat where ever you want and here’s a sheet of what you need to do.' She looked at them individually and then gave a sheet. The boys looked around to see where they sit. Everyone was shouting

'Sit here Rick!
Sit over here Matt! We will help you with your work Conor!' Talking about desperate. The guy with the cap told a guy to get of his seat and as I expected, he did.  'You can take my seat Rick and I'll help you if you do need help.'

So he is Rick.
Rick Riches. He must be embarrassed. Then the guy with the suit sat in the middle of the cheerleading group. 'Hey Matt, we heard so much about you. Do you wanna like go out on saturday if your not busy or anything.' One of the girls said. 

He just ignored her and sat down.
He must be Matt Rich. Then the blue eyes guy who must be Conor was coming my way. I quickly put my bag on the chair next to me so he won't sit there. Just to be on the safe side. But he stopped at my desk.

He looked back and forth at me and my bag. His eyes were so dreamy. But I had to stop looking at him or else something could happen. 

'My friend Josh is sitting here.
' I said while going back to my work. Where is Josh? It's been ages, how can it take this long to take a paper to an office? I looked up. He was still there. He looked like he didn't move at all. The only thing different about him was that he had a bigger smile.

' I said getting irritated. I hate it when people tell me to do things. And I know he wasn't telling me to take my bag of the chair, I just still didn't want to sit next to a rich guy. A guy who was similar to my dad.

'Ruby, let him sit there.
' Miss said without looking up from her book.


'No buts Ruby, he's new and you're not giving a good impression.
'  I looked at the Conor and gave him daggers that said 'dont talk to me or look at me.'  He smiled like he was enjoying this. I got the bag from the chair and he sat down.  Josh came in and saw that Conor took the chair. I looked at him apologetically.

He shrugged, got his bag from the side of the table and sat behind me with Cam.
I looked back and saw that Cam was blushing and looking at Josh with amazement. I didn't want to interrupt but I did want to look at what was going on.

'Hey Josh!
' Cam whispered. She was happier than when I met Josh.

'Hey Cam, wow you look great.
' Cam blushed and said 'you too.' I wanted to watch it all but Cam and Josh looked at me with the 'mind your business' look. 

I looked back at my work grinning.
'Why are you smiling so much?' That was Conor he was looking at me.

I tried to not look at him and his eyes.
'Nothing.' I said aggressively, trying to make him get the message. 

'Aren't you amazed and confused that I sat next to you and not some other person.

'Amazed No, Confused Yes.
' I said. It was confusing though. Why me? There were a lot of seats. 

'Well, It's because I think I don't need to do any work when I'm with you.
' He said while passing his worksheet to me. I looked at it. I looked at him.

'Are you kidding me?
' I said half laughing.

' He said smiling again. I looked back down, because I was nearly getting lost in his eyes.  

'I don't want to do it.
' I said annoyed.

'Are you sure?
I'll pay you.' He said taking his wallet out. I burst out laughing. Everyone looked at me but then went back looking at Matt and Rick. After 3 minutes I stopped laughing and looked at Conor. He was looking confused.

'I don't want your stupid money okay?
Now let me do my work.' I said. He looked angry now.

'Do you know who I am?
' Conor said.

'Yes, everyone does.
But that doesn't change my decision. 

Actually nothing will.' I can't believe I called this guy amazing. 

He was an idiot.
I finally saw something in him, that looked just like my dad. Anger.

'Look, there's a limit and you just crossed it.
' He said trying not to yell but I'm sure everyone heard. What is his problem? I just told him I didn't want his money.  I looked at Cam who was giving me the 'your going to far' look. She was shaking head.

'I don't care.
' I said to Conor. His face was red with anger.

'You will pay.
' He said. The bell rang. I walked out of the class. 

I'm sure all eyes were on me.
They looked like they felt sorry for me for what just happened. And for what might happen.

By: Shiza Fatima 

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