Too Bad for Her

By Reinn


7.43k words

4 chapters



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Mary Elizbeth Williams was named after "Virgin Mary" mother of Jesus and she grew up to be a young innocent, kind, pure lady. Opposite to Mary Elizbeth's attitude, Rebel Timothee Gomez was far from her, if she's too good to be true, he's too bad to be true, he's really that bad, too bad for her. Not knowing why Rebel suddenly came in for a summer vacation under the same roof as hers, they both realized they are actually falling for each other.

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Rury Tim

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jenandra abim

I enjoyed your story! I hope you can keep writing and I will try to wait for your new updates later on. May I know your email or any social media account that I can follow?

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Manaam Awan

i loved ur story btw when did u updated often??????????

2020/8/10 Reply