Honestly, do any of these girls have lives? For the past week, all I’ve heard are:

“Oh my god! Xavier is so cute!

“Do you think Xavier would like me with this new lip tint?

"Xavier is so cute while he sleeps!"

The last one was so creepy. I guess she was stalking him? Xavier never falls asleep during classes.

Honestly, I don’t think I can handle another day with these lunatics. He isn’t even that hot to begin with. Well, in my opinion. If I ever told that to his fans, they would probably rip my throat out of my neck.

Luckily, I met someone new this week believe it or not. She was this bundle of joy. Well, she was the exact opposite of me. I was kind of tall, she was pretty short. She was optimistic while I hated the world. A lot of stuff like that.

Her name was Annabella. No, not the creepy doll or that character in that Greek Mythology book. Those were 'Annabelle's, this is an Annabella. Well, you don't really need to know that. I just call here Anna.

"Whatcha reading?" I felt her jump onto my back. Her head popped in my peripheral vision.

"A book. It's the only thing I can do around here to entertain myself," I rolled my eyes and pushed her off my shoulder. She took the seat beside me.

"Do you think he likes me?" I heard her ask. Oh yeah, remember how I told you we were complete opposites? I didn't like Xavier and she was probably his number 1 fan girl. I followed her gaze and almost barfed at what she was looking at.

There Xavier was, on the table a few meters in front of us. He was staring at our table for some reason.

"He's staring! Quick, act normal!" She squealed, hitting my arm repeatedly. Honestly, I could never go anywhere with this girl without getting hit.

"Yeah, I've noticed," I sighed, trying to read the book in my hands but hopelessly failing. Anna's foot kept kicking my shin. It was so hard I was pretty sure it left more than just a bruise.

"Holy sh- he's coming over!" And the fangirling starts once again. The squealing, the hitting and the kicking. She was about to swear when she remembered that swearing was an infraction. Harsh, yes, but they said it would be good for us. How? I have no idea.

"Good afternoon ladies," he greeted as he and his friends walked over.

"We were hoping you could join us at the party on Friday. You know, to welcome the new school year," Jason Parker, the Vice President, winked at Anna. Sadly, she was still gawking at the fact that Xavier was talking to us.

"Sure!” Anna almost yelled but she quickly followed, “well, if Diana’s coming.

I swear Jason was drooling. He had this look in his eyes I couldn’t point out. Xavier, on the other hand, was staring at me. I guess he wanted me to go to the party?

“Whatever,” I mumbled, knowing very well Anna was just going to drag me despite me refusing.

“We’ll see you there, then,” Jason beamed, looking extremely excited for some reason.

“Good luck with studying,” Xavier winked. I couldn’t tell if it was for Anna or for me but I didn’t care. I just rolled my eyes and turned them back to my book. I swear I saw him confused out of the corner of my eye.

Once Anna and I were alone, she started the third session of fangirling. The squealing, the hitting, the kicking, she was even tugging at my arm this time.

“Did you see that?!” She basically yelled. Well, she’s been yelling since Xavier came up to the table but she’s like that. I’ve just learnt to bear with it.

“Oh my god! What are we going to wear? Most of the things I have are uniforms,” she cried out. We were in the cafeteria right now and a few other students were staring at us.

“Borrow something from the other students or something,” I sighed. It was a Monday and the party wasn’t until the end of the week. I guess we still had time to go to the store outside the school.

“You aren’t- hmph!” As she opened her mouth to say whatever she was going to say next, I grabbed her spoon and stuck it into her mouth.

“No one’s going there in anything other than uniforms. It’s all anyone has,” I tried to explain but she kept talking about how she knew how to use a sewing machine and how was she going to make a dress in time for both of us.

Thank God. The bell rang, signalling the start of the classes after lunch. Finally, I could have peace and quiet. Well, that’s what I thought anyways.

Next was chemistry and Mr. Wilson was the laziest being on earth (next to me of course). Instead of teaching, he would usually ask Xavier to talk about leadership and stuff. Sometimes, he would let the class watch a video about the lesson and he would use it as an excuse to sleep. He doesn’t even try to hide it! He props his feet on the table, arms draped on the side of his chair and drool trickling down from the side of his mouth. When he wakes up and finds one of the students asleep, he scolds them for it. How do you expect your students to stay awake if you’ve slept through the entire class.

Well, he was like that before today.

He was unusually chipper. He was in a suit when all he would usually wear are a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. He even taught the class about chemical bonding and stuff. He had this amazing power point presentation and he even brought his books! For the first time in forever, his class wasn’t a slumber party. Maybe it was because the headmaster was observing his class. That guy was creepy AF.

Come to think of it, the teachers have been more in a ‘teacher mode’ than they have in the past few days. They’ve put a lot more effort into their lessons and it was almost comical to see them act like this. Maybe something was scaring them? Blackmail? Maybe their lives were on the line. It was impossible for them to take initiative since all of them are minor versions of Mr. Wilson. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want anything to happen to any of them despite me hating school. It’s just a hunch, okay?

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