“Remind me again why I’m here in this place you called condominium building?” I asked sardonically as I gently tapped the ear piercing which is actually a tiny communicator device Kamilla the vampire has given me before sending me out to do this certain stalking/slash/ rescue task.

I now stood in front of a sky high building with glass exterior reflecting the night lights that lit up this city. Maybe if I’m not here for a useless task, I would’ve been up on top of a building somewhere enjoying and admiring the beautiful scenery of the night.

I heard her chuckle on the other line. “Did you really have to ask? You’re staying in my castle for free that’s why…” I rolled my eyes as I could picture her smirking right now.

“Tsk. You just wanted me to do this dirty task of yours and come clean. I can’t believe an almost three thousand years old vampire like you can do this kind of thing.” I spat in disgust.

“What can I say? Living with the humans for five hundred years teaches you to play dirty. It’s how this society works to survive.” She said and I rolled my eyes again.

“You scheming bitch,” I mumbled and I can imagine she’s devilishly grinning like the bitchy vampire she is.

I cut off the communicator and proceeded to the elevator. I could actually just teleport— a new human word I learned from that bitchy vampire relating to moving or going somewhere without travelling whatever— and appear in front of the people she wanted me take down before rescuing those lowly vampires they held captive but I’m in no mood to use my powers this early. I might as well use it later when I begin to fight off those captors I have no idea if they’re human or not.

I just hope they aren’t. As much as I wanted to have a killing spree with mortals as my prey, I was strongly reminded and threatened by Sel to not ever lay hands on them weak creatures. I’m still hoping that what I will be fighting with will be vampires or werewolves of this realm after I reach the top floor of this building.

Honestly speaking, I’m still baffled by the fact that there are vampires in this realm that are even weaker than that of Sangria’s Calis Ordin. The Calis Ordin or simply just Calis are the average or ordinary vampire and the weakest vampires in the entire Terranian realm. They may have speed and strength, but they can’t wield any elementus and have no affinities contrary to the higher Vairo and Vero—royals and purebloods.

But what’s more baffling is also the existence of a weaker version of werewolves from my realm. Well, it’s not actually quite surprising to say the least considering there is the existence of lowly vampires here but the knowledge is still trying to sink in my system. Werewolves or simply known as Calus are the somewhat “weaker” and smaller version of us Cykus or what you know as lycans in Vianir. They have affinities and some who are lucky can wield elementus. They can also easily heal but it takes quite longer maybe five minutes compared to us lycans that can heal within seconds.

That time when Kamilla told me about all these, I felt like I’ve been told the most hilarious joke in my life. `Coz trust me, a weak realm like Talis Erre is not capable of handling supernatural creatures like vampires and werewolves, even witches or warlocks or elves just to mention a few.

Three hundred thousand years ago, when the whole Terranian realm accidentally learnt about the existence of this realm that seemed to be purposely hidden from the predator eyes of the powerful deifius of the three realms— Sangria, Natare, and Vianir— everyone became wary and alert as this newly discovered unknown realm might be keeping powerful creatures that might be the possible downfall of everything in Terra Eidre. But turns out it’s a realm of weak creatures waiting to be preyed.

There is a rule though that’s preventing us from preying on the mortal kind, especially the vampires. Since the knowledge of new prey from a weak realm surfaced, there are vampires who attempted and succeeded on preying on humans. There are vampires who sneaked into this realm to feed off them mainly because of their unique scent and the taste of their blood that can quench the thirst of the blood suckers.

Eii vitri talis — Never kill mortals. A deifius of higher stratum known as the Stradir has made that one and only rule regarding humans. Anyone who defies it will be banished into their realms or worst, tortured to death. There are plenty of deifius and krinus from the three realms who were banished and killed when they defied the order. The ones who were banished were casted into the depths of Heidrun—a deserted and unclaimed territory located at the Western part of Natare realm. Those who were killed, well obviously they died, got their souls completely crashed and has never given the chance to reincarnate.

At first, I thought that maybe they are the ones responsible for the existence of the supernatural creatures in the mortal world but Kamilla told me that just like the deifius and krinus of Terra, their origins are also unknown.

As the elevator dings to a stop, I immediately got out. There are a few people walking in the hallways that stopped to stare but went back to what they’re doing when they recognized me as one of them.

It’s a good thing I disguised myself as human and masked my scent to avoid any complications in case I accidentally had an encounter with any supernatural creatures of this mortal realm. Play safe now, save the trouble later.

“Now what’s your situation there, crazy lycan?” I scowled hearing Kamilla’s voice in the communicator device.

“Well, compared to you, bitch I’m now on the top floor and on my way to the confinement cell,” I answered mockingly. I can imagine her scoffing while sitting in her so-called throne room while waiting for me to give her good news.

Damn! If I only have a place to stay and money to spend in this despicable realm, I wouldn’t have to stay and play obedient to that bitch.

“You know, you can't use those gold and silver here. This world revolves around money. M-O-N-E-Y. Unless you exchange those treasures of yours with the mortal’s medium of exchange, you can finally leave this castle of mine. The human’s money can help you with everything. You can get a house, food, and whatever you need. But since you’re still a newbie in this realm, stay here for the meantime and learn to blend in with the humans. You might be a powerful Terranian but your ignorance towards the mortal world can get you killed.

I huffed as I remembered what she told me. I can’t help it but what she said was right. But once I get a grip of everything about this place, I’m going to send her straight to the flames of hell right after I leave.

I’ve thought of creating money using magic and alchemy but it’ll be trouble. There are many supernatural creatures here ruling the government. They won’t easily know or detect it, but they will in a matter of time. And I don’t want to cause a ruckus with my Terranian abilities. I might risk the existence of our hundredth dimension world.

I slowed my pace when my ears caught a man’s voice just nearby. I followed where it came from and I was directed into a wall. I narrowed my eyes as I examined it closely. There’s no way a confinement cell has no freaking door, unless it’s hidden.

I waved my hands unto the wall and there it is… a silver door. How they managed to conceal this door is beyond me. Kamilla told me they don’t use any kind of magic or alchemy here but they’re on advanced technology—whatever that is. Maybe it’s a human thing.

“I don’t know why the Alpha has chosen to hold you captive here instead of locking you away into the pack dungeons blood-deprived to rot but there’s certainly a reason for that. In the meantime, stay here and enjoy the light.” I raised an eyebrow after listening to what the man had said after hearing the sound of a door closing.

So they’re indeed keeping prisoners here. I don’t know what Kamilla’s planning to do with those lowly vampires she wants me to rescue but what I do know is that, I’m not gonna be fighting off humans in this rescue but werewolves. I can’t help but get excited. This should be an interesting fight.

I shoved the door in as hard as I can, alarming the five werehumans on guard on the other side. I rushed passed the two on the left taking advantage of their disorientation jabbing the back of their necks roughly knocking them to unconsciousness. Snarls erupted into the room as I turned my head to the remaining three who are now shifted into their gray and brown wolf form with their eyes shifting from brown to golden.

I was told ranked werewolves in this realm have this trait when they shift that their eyes turn golden. So maybe these three wolves in front of me are either on the beta or gamma positions.

The first brown wolf was the first to charge at me while the other two are on guard with their fangs bared. I quickly dodged his attack hitting him on the side of his head. Hearing a crack, I smirked as I let him fall on the floor whimpering. What he didn’t know is that, a punch from an Adis even not in his/her feral form is deadly. It’s like being hit by a thing as heavy as the weight of Thor’s hammer. I don’t intend on having any Marvel movie reference but Kamilla made me watch Thor and I’m in love with him already.

The two remaining wolves growled menacingly at me seeing their comrade whimpering in pain on the floor. They both pounced at me but again, I dodged. The gray wolf used his front paws in attempt to push me down but I know better. I grabbed his front paws kicking him hard in the gut his body hitting hard on the floor. Waving my hand, I tossed him on the other side of the room. He howled in pain. I turned to the second brown wolf that is now staring at me in shock. I rolled my eyes as I sent him flying on the walls cracking a table in two as he fell hard.

Ugh! This is such an easy fight. I can’t believe I got excited for no reason. Remind me again why I agreed to that crazy vampire’s request. Damn.

I directed my gaze at another silver door within the room as I hear muffled moans of pain coming from the inside. I quickly shoved the door open and my mouth hangs open at the sight in front of me.

Seeing Varas and other krinus getting tortured at Vianir and Sangria is a better sight `coz at least they are still in better shape than these vampires getting fried-up with ultraviolet light with their skin peeling off their bodies and eyes almost falling out of its sockets.

I grimaced. So this is what that werewolf meant with enjoying the light. I waved my hands again producing air that immediately destroyed the machine producing the light at the same time removing the gags in their mouths and chains on their hands and feet. I felt a pang of pity inside me—much as I hated to admit—as I watch these weak creatures struggle to get on their feet. They were tortured while awaiting their death the Alpha of those werewolves’ will be giving them once he comes.

But it’s not going to happen. I tapped my communicator and give my message to the vampire bitch.

“I hope you had the transportation ready. There are twenty lowly vamps here and I’m getting them out now.

“Hah! I know you can do it. No worries, the bus is waiting outside the building already. But there’s something you have to worry about before going out tho…” she trailed off and I narrowed my eyes.

“What d’you mean?” I asked.

“An Alpha is coming your way.

“What!” I exclaimed. I wanted to scream in annoyance but I was distracted by an intoxicating scent I haven’t ever gotten a whip off before… like ever.

What shocked me is that my inner lycan has started to be giddy in anticipation. I felt myself sweeping off cold sweat as I realized what’s coming.

‘MAAAATTTEE!’ she howled in joy as I clenched my fist. This better not be real.

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