I was thrown into a big rock by a gray lycan two times smaller than me in my lycan form the moment I step on the barrier separating Vianir from the unclaimed territory of Heidrun. I whimpered as I felt a gash on my right shoulder created by the sharp edge of the rock I was thrown into. I held back a groan and clench my knuckles instead. This bastard should be grateful I have let my guard down and was not in my Lycan form or he would be dead by now.

“No one has been able to escape this place alive. So don’t even tr,” I felt my blood boil with what he said.

“Do I look like an escaped prisoner to you, you worthless mutt?” I hissed looking up sending him a death glare in the process.

He raised an eyebrow as he came face to face with me but immediately paled as recognition flashes into his eyes.

“M-Mi F-Freyja…” he kneeled down and began begging for mercy. I rolled my eyes and got up from the dirt.

I have no time for such a worthless creature like him so instead of paying him attention, I continued walking down the unclaimed and deserted territory which is believed to be the home of the Varas coming from all realms.

I was only in my fifth step down the deserted land when an unexpected force of strange power pulled me backwards, like it doesn’t want me to continue moving forward. I struggled and fight back but to no avail. I ended up thrown into a large dead tree on my left by an unknown force.

I let out a pained shriek as the wound in my left shoulder made contact with the rough bark of the tree. Then I realized something…

My wound… Why hasn't it healed yet? I felt a sudden pang of panic in my system. What the hell is happening? Why am I not healing?Why can’t——

A cold wind blew in my face distracting me off my thoughts. I tried getting up on my feet but I felt so weak, I don’t know why.

My mind went back to the strange power that hit me moments ago. The force was so powerful and unpredictable I didn’t even see it coming.

I tried feeling my powers in my palms and to my utter shock, I can’t feel it. I tried and tried again, and for the fifth time, I failed again. My heart was beating fast; my forehead is sweeping grains of sweat as fear starts rushing into my system again.

I keep on telling myself this is just a dream. That my powers can’t be gone… that this is impossible… that this is just an imagination. But I still can't feel it. I can’t feel my powers anymore. Is it that force? Is it that strange power that came out of nowhere and thrown me off the tree?

There are a lot of questions running through my mind but I can’t think straight. With the thoughts of my powers completely gone, I collapsed in the sand and closed my eyes, letting the pull of darkness consume me.

I was in an unfamiliar place the moment I opened my eyes. There are strange-looking objects and noise I haven’t seen nor heard before. There are people who look exactly like me but have this different and weak aura coming off them. I narrowed my eyes as I looked around the place. I can’t see any tree anywhere but large and tall boxes from left to right. There are even those objects moving in speed in a designated space in the middle of those tall boxes.

'Where is this place?' I asked myself as I began walking towards the speeding objects. But before I can even walk through it, I felt myself being pulled and I felt the air left my lungs like I was being sucked by a narrow tube out of nowhere.

I was in another unfamiliar place when I finally landed on my feet again.

I was in an unfamiliar forest.

I looked around again, wondering what in the name of the gods is going on. 'Where—

I was frozen on my feet as my gaze directed to a female and five males sitting by the fire. The guy with dark, almost black hair with shades of brown had the woman’s head on his shoulder while the others are silent, just staring at the fire in the middle.

I took a careful step, my feet stepping on dried leaves creating a rustling sound as I got closer closing the gaps between me and the stranger people. As to the reason why they still hadn't even notice nor hear me, I don't know. But it’s a good thing they didn’t or else, who knows what’s going to happen with a powerless lycan like me in this unfamiliar place if they ever do something to me.

As I get a closer look, I sucked in my breath and almost staggered on my feet when I saw the face of the female. She…

I gaped and blinked.

She looks exactly like me on every angle. I swallowed the lump in my throat. I want to speak, to ask her— them, but to no avail. No words are coming out from my mouth. 'Wh-What is the meaning of this?'

Still baffled, I didn’t even notice when I got pulled back to another place again. Only this time, it was in the middle of the unclaimed territory of Heidrun. I’m back.

I looked around but only saw dried plants and trees and some bones scattered everywhere. I narrowed my eyes when something flickered in the corner of my eye.

I spun around and I saw a shadow passed across one of the large dead trees and stopped right in front of it. I tried calling after it but no sound came out. Another panic shot through me. Why can’t I speak?

Then just with a blink of an eye, it disappeared. I spun and looked around again. But it’s gone… the shadow’s completely gone.

A creepy and unfamiliar voice came out of nowhere and i was startled to death. I felt chills run down my spine as it started calling me by my name and it echoed around the place. I forced myself to get back on my composure before I spun around to look again.

But just like the shadow, I can’t find it. I can’t find where it’s coming from. Someone must be playing tricks on me.

I was so lost in my thoughts when a shiny object out-of-nowhere fell in front of me. Looking around, I get to my feet reluctantly picking up the crystal-like object on the sand.

“Take care of the seed,” I almost shrieked when the voice came back alarming me again.

Clutching my chest, I spun around for the hundredth time but to my dismay, I didn’t even see a thing save the dead plants and broken bones everywhere.

“It will determine your fate in finding your destiny.

And before i can even say a word, it’s gone. Completely this time, leaving me dumbfounded on my feet.

Is this some kind of a game my sister is playing again? I wanted to laugh. Oh, the irony.

But as I think of the last word the voice said, realization slowly forms in my head. I froze in my feet again feeling my blood run cold in my veins as the weight of what it means hit me like thunder and lightning.

I sucked in my breath unable to hold myself when a silent tear fell from my cheeks.

Oh, the gods must really hate me.

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