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Ciana stopped breathing for a second hearing his words. His hawk eyes were staring in her scared ones. Then she realised. He's one of the brothers her mother warned her to away from.

Her mother warned her to not come across them as they don't like any intruder roaming around their house except her mother and themselves. Even servants never come across them till they call.

His bare chest was sweating and he was kinda breathing heavily. It was obvious he was working out and she just walked in. She wanted to curse herself for walking in without thinking about this possibility.

He leaned to her face making her press her head more on to the wall. She wanted to get away from him. The position was too much uncomfortable for her.

But his rock-like body and the hard wall sandwiched her. She instantly placed her both arms between them to keep a favourable distance. She was never this close to any other man except Jin.

He was the only man who came closer to her without making her uncomfortable. Or maybe because his arms were the only place where she ever felt protected.

Jungkook smirked before pressing his body more against her. Her elbows got attached to his bare chest. She tried turning her head away when he closed the difference completely.

But Jungkook's hand was still covering her lips in a tight grip not giving her any chance to move away. His eyes stared deeply in hers. He knew he scared her already.

If it was any other girl he would have snapped her neck for daring to look in his eyes. But something about her gaze made him curious.

They were captivating. He was hypnotized by them.

He was unable to let her move away from him. Neither he was letting her talk nor he wanted to let her go. He wanted her small frame in his arms. And he was doing the exact.

Her body was completely merged in his arms. Only the distance was present because of her elbows. His eyes moved all over her face. From her eyes to her cheeks then to her covered lips.

The want to see those lips made him remove his hand. He withdrew his hand earning a small whimper from her. She parted her lips to breathe out.

But this act of her set Jungkook's body on fire. Her jaw became crimson colour because of his grip. Her lips were dried up and they held a deep red colour as he pressed them too hard.

As soon as he removed his hand Ciana took a chance and pushed his chest. Well at least tried which only made Jungkook come out of his trance. Her hard push seemed like a tap on his chest to him.

Her strength was nothing against him. He smirked taking a step back completely letting her body. He only stared at her with his psychotic gaze. He said nothing which kind of surprised her. She instantly took the massager box.

"I a-am sorry. I am new here I wouldn't enter this place again. I am sorry Sir." Bowing at him she took a chance and ran away from there without looking back.

While Jungkook did nothing just stared at her disappearing figure. She ran so fast that he couldn't control his laugh.

"I didn't even do anything. And she's this scared. Damn baby if I started doing things which I want to then you will definitely end up fainting." He chuckled still staring at the door from where she just disappeared.

Letting out a heavy sigh. He sat down on the chair before pulling his knife out. He traced his finger on the edge of it staring at it with a psychotic smirk that graced his lips.

"I think I found my soon to be fiance." He mumbled staring at the knife but his mind was kept on travelling back to those beautiful brown orbs he ever had witnessed.

Those blood-red lips. Her tiny shivering body against his. Her soft delicate arms touching his hard chest. Her being in his arms. Everything was making his psycho mind sigh in content.

He wanted her. He wants her and he will have her.

But the question. Who she is. A servant. Or someone else. But it doesn't matter even if she is a servant. The only thing matters to him she's his now. And she has to be his either by hook or by crook.

He once again sighed closing his eyes and again her pale face appeared in front of his eyes. But this time he didn't stop his mind from having dreams of her. In his arms. In his embrace being as his.


Ciana ran towards her mother as a lone tear escaped her eyes. But she instantly wiped it away not wanting to worry her mother.

Taking deep breaths she walked towards her mother placing a small smile on her face. Her mother looked up but soon her smile turned into a frown.

"Ana are you ok. Why are you breathing so heavily." Ciana shook her head placing the massager box on the counter and sitting on the chair trying to control her racing heart.

"I am a fine mom. I just wanted to bring the massager to you faster." Her mother chuckled pressing a soft kiss on her forehead.

They ate their dinner and went back to the room. Ciana never felt this much scared and petrified by anyone's presence before. She did a mental note to not come across with that tattoo monster again.

Her body again shivered in dread replaying the scene in her mind of what happened in the gym. His hard body against her. His glaring orbs which contain nothing but darkness in them.

His arms were cold and only provided her fear. The protection she ever felt in Jin's arms his embrace was beyond cold and dangerous. She didn't want to feel what she felt today again.

She did a mental note to never come across him or his any other brother no matter what the circumstances would be.

"Ok, Ana you need to relax. You just have to find a job tomorrow and keep your eyes open. Now let's sleep." She whispered to herself before drifting to sleep in the heavenly embrace of her mother's after so many years.

Next Day

Ciana got ready for her job hunt mission. She smiled at the text message she got from Jin.

Good luck love. I am sure you will find a job soon. My prays are with you. I love you.     Your Jin.

After reading the message she smiled widely. Only a few words from him removed her every nervousness and fear. She opened her gallery before clicking on the only picture she had in her whole gallery.

Jin. He took that selfie without telling her. And he only said giving her the phone.

If you ever missed me open the gallery I will be right in front of you.

And he was right. He's right in front of her giving her more confidence. She rubbed her thumb on the picture before taking a deep breath.

She met her mother who also wished her good luck and she finally went out to find a job. Her degree wasn't that much. She was only a graduate candidate and most of the companies asked for a masters degree.

She leaned on the bus stop's bench heaving out a deep sigh. It's been 4 hours now. She already had taken 3 interviews but nothing happened only one company asked for a time and will inform her later.

But she was sure they wouldn't accept her. Because she already had seen they were more satisfied with other candidates information more than hers. Plus she didn't even have a proper job experience.

Her phone started ringing making her sigh before picking up the call.

"Hello, love. How everything's going on." Jin asked making her sigh.

"Nothing's working Jin. They all want the best degree and experience. And I don't have any of them." She whispered sadly earning a chuckle from Jin.

"Are you already giving up Ana? Is my love so weak that she's giving up in her first try. Huh." He said trying to sound disappointed.

"Look, love. Somethings we can't have just by one try. But the Ciana I know will never give up even if it's her last try then why you sound so sad. Don't worry I am with you. Your mother's prays are with you. Just don't lose hope."

He did it again. And a blissful smile appeared on her lips getting rid of the sadness her eyes was showing.

"You know how to comfort someone. Don't you." Jin chuckled at her words.

"This comfort. This man and his every second is only for you. And he can't tolerate your sadness." She smiled as a blush crept on her cheeks.

"I should get going now. Mom must be worried. I miss you. Bye." She said cutting the call.

She smiled again and happily walked back to the mansion. Her sadness and disappointment fade away after hearing Jin's words.

She entered the road which leads to the mansion but then.

"Ah." She let out a horrified yelp falling on her butt when a car in full speed came in front of her. She didn't even notice that she was walking in the middle of the road. As this road always been empty whenever she crossed it.

She was scared out of her wits. But to her luck, that car didn't hit her but because of the fear, she stumbled back and fell on the road. She palmed her face trembling in fear.

She was waiting for the car to crush her but instead, she heard heavy footsteps coming towards her.

"Are you blind? Who the hell walks in the middle of the road." She heard a deep husky voice growling at her.

She opened her eyes slowly removing her hands from her face. The man was kneeling in front of her glaring at her.

His dark gaze stared deeply in her brown orbs. His bangs were slightly covering his glaring eyes. While veins were popping out of his neck. It was clear he was angry.

"I-I am sorry." She immediately broke the eye contact and stood up from the road.

She bowed at him walking past him. She increased her pace not wanted to stay any more minute. But letting her go so easily wasn't that man's intention.

She gasped out when her arm was gripped by a rough hand harshly pinning her on the car.

His tall figure towered over her small one. She instantly looked up at him as he leaned down with a small smirk.

"Don't you know sweetheart? This place is too dangerous for a girl like you to roam around."

That's why people say to watch where you go. Danger follows you everywhere your the one who needs to avoid.


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