The Vampire's Human Mate

You Are My Thirst

-Leesa's Pov-

Cold water filled my lungs and blood pounded behind my eyes. Submerged with water swirling around me, crushing me.

I wanted to cry out for help, but I couldn't bring enough air into my lungs. Salty seawater gushed down into my lungs, causing a surge of intense pain to ricochet off my ribs and around my torso as I felt choked.

I could feel my body feeling heavier and denser as the last of the fight I had in me to live,died.

The exhaustion of fighting against my fate totally worn me off as I felt my eyes dropping.

I knew this is the end.

My death was near.

I am finally free from all those abuses and taunts. I finally did it.

I am free !

And this is how I will die.

I felt like my body getting numb as it touched the bottom of the cursed sea, as I felt like being thrown onto a rough surface, like sand.

My entire body was in pain from all the struggles.

"Lord ! Lord ! ," I could hear some high pitched voices in my subconscious mind. Some people were shouting in unison as if they found some treasure in here.

Where was I ?

Oh so am I in the heaven ?

Or maybe I survived again ?

I could feel the sadness feeling up my gut. Another failed attempt.

"It's a human , my Lord !"

Or was I in the hell ?

"So she's a rogue ?" I could here a much deeper and grave voice which seemed to be directed towards me.

It was a male's voice.

Hoarse and rough.

The voice seemed to hold some kind of authority in them, making my stomach churn.

Was it the guard of the Heaven ?

But he called me a rogue.

I hadn't deceived anyone in my life time !

Maybe I am dreaming.

"Pick this piece of rag and put her for examination and then execution," I could hear that deep voice again but now with a much more grave tone.

Geez I was surely in the hell !

As soon as the words reached my ears I could feel two hands pulling me harshly making a loud shriek escape my mouth.

"She's alive," I heard that same deep voice once again, I tried my best to see who the person was, but damn my neck hurt, my arms hurt actually everything hurts.

"Bring the car. I am taking this rag to the examination centre."

Even before the words could be registered in my mind I found a pair of hands pulling me to my feet holding just my collar.

Oh damn he's so strong !

And huge too.

I stumbled a little due to the heavy feeling after been taken out from the water, where I should have been drowned.

"So this is the pretty face you have been hiding behind those long black locks of your's ?" He asked me while holding me by my shoulders, shaking me back and forth like a reed in the wind.

Though my vision was blur. I could get a note of his sharp facial features with greenish-yellow orbs and dark hair.

He was wearing a smirk on his face looking directly into my round hazel eyes which were now swollen and puffy due to all salty Sea water that had gone into my eyes.

And that he was much much taller than me.

So much that it made me feel a ten year's old in front of him while I was actually eighteen.

"W-who are y-you ?" I tried to form the words but they came out a jumbled whisper due to the drowsy feeling which was over taking my exhausted body.

"Your new master Darl," he spoke in a seductive flirtatious voice before yanking me harshly.

A sudden panic shot in me, as I felt my heartbeat rising with whatever was going to happen to me.

As a hundred possibilities of what he could do to me crossed my mind, I felt a sharp but brief prick, as if from a thorn.

I looked sideways to see him giving me a shot on my upper arm causing me to give out a low grumble due to the pain from the needle.

"Weak Humans," I heard the Giant in front of me mumbling with chuckle as I could feel the effect from whatever drug he gave me, having its effect on me.

What was he going to do with me ?

Who is he ?

Where am I ?

A dozen of questions were roaming in my mind making my headache painfully.

I took hold of his shirt to prevent myself from falling down due to the sudden overwhelming feeling of the drug.

That's when he picked me up in his arms just as if I was a piece of rag and put me over his muscular and well built shoulders.

"You are going to be my little blood feeder Darl. I am going to satisfy my thirst of over four hundred Centuries with your blood."

My blood ?

Satisfy his thirst ?

I could feel my nerves growing each passing second but whatever drug he put into my system worked well to keep them in place, avoiding a panic attack.

Even in my drowsy state I could hear him clearly as he drew his fingers down my exposed neck line.

Was I stuck in a Cannibal Island ?

Oh God.

So was I going to become their dinner tonight ?

What a sad way of dieing !

I did want to die but not become meat to feed on for the Cannibals.

But he's wearing a shirt and jeans, from what I could make out. Doesn't really looks like some tribal wear.

"My Lord here's your car," I could hear another meek tone, one which I previously heard.

He even has a car.

"Good. Hand it over to me and resume your work of sealing the border," the person holding me told the person in a authoritative voice.

The Lord ?

I was in my thoughts when I felt being tossed into the air as my back hit the a leather like material. Oh it was the car seat.

I was highly confused with whatever was happening with and around me.

"You smell of sweet blood," I felt a hand crawling into my hair as the man climbed over me inhaling into my neck taking me by complete surprise.

He looked right back into my eyes, all the greenish- yellow colour replaced by red bloodshot eyes.

A sudden realisation downed upon me.

The descriptions from whatever I have read or seen in the various web series came into my mind in a lightening speed.

His eyes boring info me as if I was his prey.

Oh my god !

Was he..

Was he a Vampire ?