The Sequinned Potential The Green Crystal of Meyercliffe


11.7k words

6 chapters



Table of Contents


The Sequinned Potential is a squad of heroes with exceptional powers, formed with the intention of defeating evil forces. But now as a dark wizard threatens the humankind, the squad finds itself in deep peril, especially when the sacred green crystal that made them invincible is stolen from their keep.
With a desperate attempt to recover the crystal and save the humankind, they need more warriors; people with supernatural powers as themselves.
Destiny and Cara are cousins. They are like best of friends but both of them have been hiding a secret from their mothers; Cara can see things that nobody can, whereas, Destiny possesses an extreme sense of alertness and flexibility. When a mysterious stranger follows them around and informs them that they belong to Meyercliffe and are a part of a squad called ‘The Sequinned Potential’, they are completely thrown off-guard.
With a world unknown waiting for them, will they be able to become a part of The Sequinned Potential?
Together, side by side, with their uniqu

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