The Sea, The Gambler and The Prince

By IamOwl


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The balmy breeze swept across the still sea, and I am sitting here reminiscing the day where I would run to my mother's arms, and she'd carry me all the way home. I felt a sudden disappointment when I caught myself absorbed with a memory that has long gone. It's impossible to live a contented life. We crave things we couldn't have, and while we envy those who have anything they desire, they also crave for real Happiness.
We are all prone to misery. Prone to damnation and eternal sadness. But like Delos' daisy, a curse can be a cure. A cure to sempiternal grief. We all bother thinking about how others have wronged us, but we never took the time to think about how much we have abused our own selves.
Forgive yourself first, then you can forgive others. Then Love will come next. And contentment. And then, Happiness.

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Zacharia Mapombwa


2021/8/20 Reply

Hazel Deloria

I like this kind of storey.

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Sam V Basulu

its a great story

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Ubong Asuquo

it's great write up

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