The Science of Keeping Secrets


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Savannah Fox has always been the perfect coming-of-age poster girl: pretty, vivacious, and popular—and she plans to keep it that way at all costs. For that to succeed, her family's untimely demise must be kept under the wraps. She clings onto any solution—ANY solution at all—to protect herself from the possibility of being shunned by her elite peers.

Blinded by her desire to stay at the top of the social ladder, she fails to realize that her new state of living is the least of her problems, and that there's someone just standing close by, waiting for the perfect opportunity to reveal all of her worst secrets. . . .

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2023/1/6 Reply

Thedassi Piyasena

okay, there has to be something about your writing cause this is your 2nd book that got me into a site(or whatever it's called) and got me obsessively reading it. that hardly ever happens to me! I'm still in the very early chapters and what's happened thus far is classic things you see in books and tv... but I not bored. there's something about your writing style that makes me want to keep reading and reading. keep going and I hope all your dreams come true. and the reference to anime? hilarious.(hope I got that one right)

2021/8/9 Reply

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Wow, it's been ages since I've read a story with teen main characters, but it's one of those cases where from the very first chapter you can tell it's going to be a fun ride. It doesn't surprise me though that the story didn't meet the recognition it probably deserved before, because well, wattpad is a whole different story. But I'm glad you didn't give up writing and I encourage you to keep doing so.

2020/10/14 Reply

Yomna Mohamed

Wow this story is sooo fantastic. I love everything about the characters and the writing👏🏻💜 ... I read it before on wattpad and am dying to continue it, so pleeeease update soon 😅🙏🏼

2020/3/30 Reply

Ashley Meitzler

Very enjoyable

2020/2/10 Reply


This was the best thing I've ever read on Wattpad and now it's the best thing here.

2020/1/24 Reply

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