"The case is ADJOURNED SINE DIE," Rehan said slowly when Kamala asked him.

"Means?" She asked as she could not understand the law terms.

"Sometimes, a case is adjourned sine die, which means it has been adjourned without another date being set. In this case, the parties will have to schedule another date themselves if they wish the case to continue." He explained leaning his head back, eyes closed.

"But what about Aadhya?" she asked.

"I don’t know, aunty. I thought we can get a hearing today and then we can let her free, but this is unexpected. I really don’t know what to do," He said helplessly.

"So that means we should keep her till they fix another date for hearing! She was starving for 2 days," she said.

"I don't care, aunty. All I care is about SAMAR. He has to rot some more time in that bloody jail!" He shouted being frustrated. Samar’s words kept on ringing in his ears. He couldn’t get his helpless, pleading face out of his sight.

Rehan rushed to see Samar who was sitting silently in the jail. He took permission and went inside and silently hugged him tight with lots of painful tears from both their eyes.

“Rehan, I didn’t kill Meera. You know, right? I can’t do that. I can never do that.” Samar cried in his arms with two emotions. One is with losing the love of his life and the other with guilt that he couldn’t protect her as promised.

“I know, Buddy. You can never do that and I will prove this to everyone. Trust me,” Rehan consoled him and patted his back.

He wiped Samar’s tears and to lighten the mood he simply asked, “How you used to tolerate all those girls? I can’t handle one.

Samar made a confused expression and asked, “What do you mean?

Rehan whispered, “Actually that witness Aadhya, she is with me.

“What?” Samar shrieked.

“Shh! Listen, there is no other way Samar,” Rehan said.

“There is…There is a way, Rehan. This is against your profession, Rehan,” Samar said.

“But I’m helpless in front of that half-brain girl, dam it!” Rehan reacted.

“Rehan, please listen to me. Explain to her what happened. She will understand. If she doesn’t, then be it your way. But please it’s needed to tell her what really happened. She has to know,” Samar said.

“But why, Samar? What’s the need?” Rehan quizzed.

“Because even after I get released, I don’t want her to look at me like I’m her BEST FRIEND’S culprit…” Samar explained.

Rehan got convinced and nodded his head in approval. He spent a few more minutes and left after assuring him.

He directly went to the prosecutor to get a date fixed for the next hearing.

“Mr.Rehan, I can’t get a date until I find my witness. And that’s final,” Prosecutor declared.

Having no other go, and keeping Samar’s words in mind, he headed towards his house to explain the half-brained girl in his terms.

Rehan was preparing his mind to explain to her and not to lose his patience if she doesn’t understand. Kamala aunty came and sat beside him and patted his back.

“I need to talk to her,” He stated blankly.

“Calmly, Please.” She told and he nodded with a slight smile.

“So…if you are going to talk to her, at least take her some food. That little one was starving for two days.” She said and started plating.

He silently took the plate and opened the room’s door.

Being so weak, she didn’t even react to the door click though she is conscious. She shivered when Rehan tried to make her sit properly, recognizing his touch.

He opened the cloth on her mouth and she gasped taking a deep breath. He felt bad seeing a girl like that, suffering, because of his own benefit. But still, there was no other go for him.

He gave her water and started feeding her silently without opening the cloth from her eyes. Because he knew that if she recognizes him, she will start freaking out.

Even she ate without asking further questions or arguments as she is too weak for that.

After he is done, he took a deep breath and started, “Aadhya, I’m really sorry for all this. I know this is not the way, but I know you are so stubborn and I can’t let you ruin my friend’s life.

She got confused hearing his tone, the way he is saying as if he knows her, and the last part about his friend.

“Who are you?” She asked in a straight-forward tone.

“First, listen to me completely,” Rehan said slowly.

“Just open me! Who are you? And who is your friend?” She shouted.

“Aadhya please, don’t shout. That’s the reason why I tied you like this. Let me complete.” he said in a calm tone.

“Who are you?” She asked again.

He slowly opened the cloth on her eyes and she adjusted her eyes to see him, just to be shocked.

“REHAN!” She uttered in shock.

“You remember me?” He asked but she was in her own thoughts.

He clicked his fingers in front of her and she came back to reality.

“Oh My God! Such a big fool I’m…Now I understand. You did all this to save that bloody rascal,” She said in anger.

“Mind your language, Miss Aadhya. He is my friend,” he shouted.

“And the one whom that idiot has killed was my friend, too, Mr.Rehan,” She shouted in an equal tone.

“Samar didn’t kill Meera!” He stated loudly.

“Lie can never become true if you shout, Rehan,” She said in a matter of fact tone.

“That is the truth, Aadhya. Samar didn’t kill Meera. He can never do that,” Rehan said in a helpless tone.

“I don’t believe this. I’m the primary witness,” She said.

“That’s why. That’s why I told Samar that there is no need to explain to you. And I knew there won’t be any use, because have you ever listened to anyone’s talk till they complete? No! Brainless girl!” He tapped her head being irritated.

She opened her mouth widely when he did that and was about to shout again but stopped when he warned showing his index finger.

“Shut up,” He said and she gritted her teeth.

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