As soon as Rehan came out, he started shouting at his aunt, "Can't you be careful, aunty? I told you she is very cunning. Who asked you to free her? That mindless creature could have done anything. Stupid girl! Are you hurt? Let me see.

His anger vanished and converted to concern while checking her hands and shoulders and she smiled seeing her child.

"I'm fine, son. She didn't do anything," she answered.

"But she could have done anything," he said.

"No, she isn't. She is smart." Kamal aunty defended.

"Yeah, over smart and I can bet my kidney that she doesn't have brains at all. That's what led her and me here." He concluded while Kamala aunty chuckled.

"And yeah. Don't even open that room till I say. That stupid rat can surely take advantage of you," He said in a firm tone and left to his room and she sighed.

It's been two days since Aadhya's escape plan failed and pushed her into starvation.

Rehan went to the court full of hope that he can get his friend Samar out of jail.

At court,

“Where is the prime witness?” Judge asked.

“Your honor, she might be on the way,” Prosecutor replied looking at the door, time to time.

“Mr. Prosecutor, so that means we have to wait till your so-called witness arrives? I'm so sure that the court won't have so much time to drag the case, at least not after having proper evidence.” Defense lawyer, Rehan said in response.

“We will wait for another 5 minutes,” Judge said noting the key points of the case.

The prosecutor signaled his assistant and he immediately started calling her and that was none other than Aadhya.

Rehan smirked seeing them and smiled seeing Samar who was standing in the culprit zone like a lifeless soul.

“Prosecutor, can we proceed?” Judge asked after a while.

He hung his head and said, "I'm sorry your honor. I don't have proof and I'm sure my witness got stuck somewhere. I request you to provide some time to get back the proofs."

Rehan interrupted saying “Your honor, I don't think that prosecutor can arrange evidence in this lifetime. That's why he kept on dragging the case which is making my client to rot in that jail.

“But your honor, Aadhya herself came to the courtroom to give her witness and if she is unavailable now, we need to check for her and wait till she gets the evidence...” Prosecutor reasoned.

“But that doesn't mean my client should be under custody till then without proper evidence,” Rehan argued at least to get his friend out of jail for few days.

The judge got fed up with the argument and announced his judgment which made everyone shocked and Rehan was beyond shock hearing it.

"I didn't kill MEERA. Rehan, please do something," Samar kept on pleading with a low tone while the officers took him to the jail again. And Rehan stood helpless.

After 2 hours...At Rehan's house...

Rehan came back home after an unlucky day with lots of questions wandering in his mind.

Kamala aunty came with a glass of water and sat beside him.

"What happened, son?" She asked seeing him stressed.

"The case is ADJOURNED SINE DIE," Rehan said slowly when Kamala asked him.

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