Escape plan

"Who are you?" The girl asked with a crackly voice.

"Dear, you can call me aunty. First, have your lunch," Kamala aunty answered with a sweet tone forwarding the morsel of rice towards her mouth.

"Aunty, you look so beautiful," The girl said with an extra sugary tone.

Kamala smiled a little and said "Buttering won't result well all the time, dear. Have something first.

She silently ate that morsel and said, "I'm Aadhya, Aadhya Basu."

“I know,” Kamala aunty said while feeding her.

“Aunty I need to go to the washroom, please,” Aadhya asked in a pleading tone.

Kamala aunty thought twice but she gave up after seeing the restlessness on her face. Being a woman, she understood her state and let her free to the washroom attached in that room.

Aadhya entered inside the washroom and started searching for something that can help her to escape and then she found a first aid kit. She quickly opened it and found scissors and a blade.

When she heard the knock at the door, she immediately opened the door and within seconds, she pointed out that tiny weapons she has collected towards Kamala aunty.

“Let me go, otherwise I'll kill you. Open the door now,” Aadhya said trying to threaten her but Kamala aunty smiled and said "Dear, I'm not afraid. The only thing I'm afraid of is my child's wrath. If he comes to know that you are pulling such a stunt, you are so gone, so please dear, be a good girl and come here."

She tried to move front but Aadhya pointed that scissor towards her own wrist veins indicating that she will hurt herself.

“Open the door. You are not afraid, right? but I'll surely kill myself.” Aadhya said making an over-smart move again.

As Aadhya's back was facing the entrance of the room door, and aunty in front of her, Kamala aunty saw Rehan standing behind Aadhya.

He immediately signaled her not to show any sign of his presence and so Kamala aunty started pleading "No dear, please listen to me"

She walked towards her and Aadhya moved back till she collided with his chest. Before she could turn towards him, he grabbed her hand and twisted to her back making her so-called weapons drop from her hands, and tied her hands there, to her back.

And before she could yell or shout for help, he closed her mouth with his palm and then after with a cloth and immediately blindfolded her so that she cannot see him.

He threw her on the bed and she fell on her stomach, hands tied at her back while he was busy tying her legs. After he was done, he signaled Kamala aunty to move out, and then he crawled towards her earlobe and said, "Don't even dare to use your little brain again sweetheart. Just two more days and till then starve. And that is your punishment for pulling such a stupid stunt. Take care, baby. Hope to free you soon."

And then he left.

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