The One Night Stand Queen


42.46k words

24 chapters



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So what are we going to call this twist ?

A Twin betrayal?

I guess that's fitting....

Olivia Dane has her future and life all planned out, She's a perfectionist. She plans β€œDe perfect marriage, with a pefect rich groom, it was all planned out.

Her life was set and ready to move into the world of the Married!

But as we all know, no one or nothing can be perfected and her so called groom was anything but perfect.

Caught in bed together with her twin sister, Olivia's whole definition of love and commitment crumbled,
Her world flipped and turned upside down.

Trying to pick up the pieces of her life she travels to Euronia to stay with her mother who resides there ever since the divorce of both her parents. In an attempt to escape this very painful discovery in her life.

Fate intervenes and decides to play matchmaker. She encounters someone unexpected and gets tangled into a world she had no idea exsited ...

This is her story...
A story about healing, love, passion, betrayal and family....



it's a nice read

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