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Once, on a very young night, Alpha Ezra happened to meet his mate whose name was Jasmine and on the same day, they happened to share a night of love and passion.

What would happen when Jasmine woke up the next morning and found that her mate, the one who was meant to love her unconditionally, had left her without a trace, kind of rejected her after having a night with her. She was left broken. That was not all though, a few weeks later she happened to find out that she is pregnant with her mate's child but because she couldn't tell the truth to anyone, she fled to a life of rogue with her and her unborn child.

Now sixteen years later Jasmine's daughter, Katherine has been born and is on a search for the man she would call her father.

What would happen next? A life, full of struggles unknown to many facts that have the capability of turning her life upside down. Read at your own risk.

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