Dixon sat at the table, staring at the two plates before him. He was tapping his fingers against the wood tabletop and watching the door waiting for Savea. He thought he had made it clear that she was to take her meals with him. He had forgiven her not showing up for lunch because she had been angry when she left him that morning, but he had thought by now that she would have gotten over it. Just how long could a woman hold a grudge for? He did not care. He was King, and he had given her a direct order to join him for meals. That fact that she had disobeyed him got his blood boiling.

Furious Dixon rose from his seat and stormed out into the hall. He walked up to Savea’s door and tried to open it, but it was locked. He returned to his room and found the key. He went back to Savea’s door and tried the key, but the door would not open. She must have barricaded it from inside somehow. Dixon pounded on the door. “Woman, open this door right now.

“No!” Savea shouted back from the other side of the door.

“I am King; you will obey me!” He banged on the door once more

“No!” She shouted back.

Dixon’s annoyance grew. “I am King! You are not allowed to say no to me!” He screamed at her.

“Is that so?” Her voice came back. “Let me try. No. It would seem I can.

Dixon lost his temper and started beating on the door. Throwing his shoulder into it to break it down. “I swear by the Gods when I get my hands on you…” Dixon paused and took a step back as he watched his sister coming his way. She had the biggest smile he had ever seen on her face, and she was practically floating. Dixon had never seen Kerrigan this way. She looked happy, and he was confused.

“Kerrigan?” He said, looking her over.

“Oh, Dixon, hello.” She was glowing.

“Where have you been?

She shrugged as she floated to her chamber door. “Out.


“Just out.” She said, opening the door.

“Is there something different about you?

“I do not know w-w-what you mean.” She looked at the door he had been trying to break down. “Problems?

“Savea is being difficult.

“W-w-were you being nice?

“Of course.” Kerrigan giggled. “What?

“W-w-when you say, of course in th-th-that t-t-tone, you mean no.

Dixon moved closer to his sister. “There is something different about you.

She giggled. “Goodnight, Dixon.” She said, disappearing into her chambers and closing the door. He knew his sister, and something had happened. She was behaving differently. Dixon looked at Savea’s door and then Kerrigan’s. One woman at a time.

Dixon returned to Savea’s door and banged again. “I am warning you, Savea; open this door.


“I am going to count to three, and then I am going to break this door down.

“I am surprised you can count that high.

His anger grew, and Dixon banged on the door again. How dare she insult him. “One… two…”

“…three.” She shouted back.

“Are you mocking me?

“I thought you were going to break the door down?” She laughed. “You keep trying; I shall wait.

“When I get through this door, I swear I will…”

“You will do nothing. You will never get through this door. Go to bed, Dixon; you bore me.

“I…” he stopped unable to form words. He was so enraged he could not even think. It frustrated him that he could not get through the door. He had no idea what she had barricaded the door with, but it was heavy enough to keep him out. This blasted woman was infuriating. Fine, he would leave her alone for now, at some point, she had to come out of that room, and when she did, he was going to punish her.

Dixon turned to see Hoth and the men he sent with him coming his way, carrying a few chests filled with Savea’s belongings. Perfect, she would have to open the door now. “It is about bloody time you have returned,” Dixon growled in a whisper.

Hoth leaned in and lowered his voice. “Why are we whispering?

“So she does not hear us. She has barricaded the door and refuses to let me in.” Hoth smiled and then instantly wiped the smile from his face. “What?

“I have never known a woman to tell you no.

“You are going to knock and tell her you have her effects. Then when she opens the door to let you in, I will be waiting.

“I do not want to get involved. It would be bad for me to lie to the future Queen.

Dixon stood up taller and fixed Hoth with a hard glare. “Whose wrath do you fear more, hers or mine?

“Yours,” Hoth said without thinking. He gestured to the men to put the trunks down against the wall. Hoth knocked on the door.

“Go away!

“It is Hoth, Your Majesty. I have your belongings.

“Leave them outside.

Hoth looked at Dixon questioningly. Dixon nodded to the door, silently telling him to get her to open it. “I am afraid not; it will be a tripping hazard. The King would punish me. Please, Your Majesty, let us bring them inside.” There was a long silence while they waited for her reply. “Your Majesty?

“Fine. Give me a few minutes.

Dixon smiled at Hoth. “May I leave now?” Hoth whispered to Dixon.

“No, stay and let her see you, so she opens the door.” He whispered back. They waited and listened to the sound of something very large being moved. Dixon had no idea what she was moving. He heard the latch lift and Dixon pressed his back against the stone wall so she could not see him.

Savea opened the door and looked at Hoth. “Are you alone?” She asked.

Dixon stepped out to be seen. “Your luck is not that good.

Savea tried to slam the door in his face, but Dixon forced his way inside. Hoth looked at Savea. “Sorry, Your Majesty.” Dixon then slammed the door in Hoth’s face trapping Savea inside with him.

Dixon looked over to see all the furniture had been moved to in front of the door. Each piece light enough for her to move and heavy enough altogether to keep him out. “Get out.” She hissed.

“This is my palace, and I can go anywhere I want.” He said, advancing on her as she backed up. “I told you to meet me for each meal. You did not show twice.

“I am not going to eat with you. Call one of your girls.

“You cannot defy me.

“I am not a slave; I can do whatever I want.

“You will do as I tell you.” He yelled as she backed up against the wall.

“I will do as I want.

“You will obey me!

Savea laughed out loud. “You are a fool; I obey no man.” She said, reaching for the fire poker. She swung to strike him. Dixon’s hand caught it, and he slammed her wrist against the wall over her head, preventing her from hitting him with the iron in her hand. She swung her other hand to slap him across the face. She made contact, and she hit him hard enough that his skin stung. Dixon grabbed her other hand and slammed it above her head too. He leaned in, pressing his full body against her pinning her down. It amazed him how someone so small could put up such a fight.

He looked into her raging eyes and saw such a fire, and he could not stand it another minute. Dixon’s mouth crushed against hers, his tongue forcing its way past her lips. She struggled for just a moment and then she was kissing him back. Savea dropped the fire poker. Dixon’s hands went to her waist, and her arms fell around his shoulders as they lost themselves in a heated kiss.

Dixon swept Savea off her feet and carried her to the bed. He threw her on the mattress, and she quickly scrambled onto her knees on the edge of the bed. She tugged at the thick leather belt that held his sword. As she removed it, throwing it on the floor, Dixon tugged his tunic off and threw it over his shoulder. Her hands pulled the laces of his trousers free, and he pulled the laces of her dress loose. Dixon pushed her dress off her shoulders and let it fall around her waist. She forced his pants down, and Dixon stepped out of them, kicking off his boots.

Savea looked him over, and the smile on her face as she looked at him filled Dixon with pleasure. She looked up at him with those lusty eyes. “You are such an asshole.” She snarled at him.

“I know.” He growled.

Her eyes fell back to his erection. “But you are magnificent.” Hearing her say that excited him more than anything ever had. Dixon reached down and took her long hair in his hand so he could control her. “Open your mouth, Dove, show me how much you want it.” Savea did as he told her and Dixon eased himself into her mouth. It felt so good. “Good girl, now suck. She did, and Dixon’s head fell back as he moaned. It was shocking how good she was at this. Dixon’s grip on her hair tightened as he began to pump his hips. He looked down, watching her, and when she looked up at him with those eyes, he almost lost it. Dixon pulled away before he exploded. He was not done with her.

Dixon pushed Savea back against the bed. He removed the rest of her dress, getting it out of his way. Dixon climbed on top of Savea, and she licked her lips as she watched him crawl up her body, kissing and lightly nipping at her skin until his mouth found hers once more. Dixon’s hands slid down her sides, over her hips, and down the outsides of her thighs. Taking her behind the knees, he moved both her legs until they wrapped around him.

She sucked in a sharp breath when she felt the swollen head of his manhood pressing into her. Dixon pushed slow; she was so damn tight. He was uncertain she could take him. He watched her face for signs of discomfort. When she winched, he stopped and waited for her to adjust. He had never cared whether his partner was comfortable until this moment, but for some reason, he did not want to hurt her. He decided this was it, all she could handle. His hand on her hip Dixon began to move slowly and shallow at first.

Savea clung to Dixon and moaned. When she began to rock with him, he knew she was ready for more. Dixon picked up the pace with long deeper strokes. Dixon loved the way she sounded when she moaned in his ear, and the faster he moved, the louder she got. His hand moved up her body from her hips, up over her breast, and wrapped around her throat. He had never wanted to fuck nor kill someone as much as he did Savea.

Dixon stared into her eyes as he took her, and she watched him back with the same intensity. He saw no fear, only desire. Suddenly, her eyes closed, and he could tell by the tension in her body she was close. “Open your eyes. I want to see your eyes.” Savea’s eyes opened and locked with his; then she cried out as she climaxed. Her muscles contracting around him and pushed him over the edge. Dixon came harder than he could ever remember. His head dropped against hers, and his body shook as his very soul poured out of him.

They remained motionless for a long time. Both were just basking in the glorious aftermath. Not wanting to collapse atop her, Dixon pulled away and dropped down onto the bed next to her. Savea turned her head to look at him. He was so tired he was not sure he could move, but he turned his head to look at her. “I still hate you.” She hissed.

“I can live with that.

“Can you get it up again?” She smiled.

The smile on his face grew. “Give me five minutes.


Savea’s mouth curved in a grin when she felt Dixon’s lips on the back of her neck, drawing her out of her peaceful sleep. She bit her bottom lip when his hand reached over her fondling her breast. His hand slid down her body and over her belly, pulling her back against his solid form. She could feel his morning arousal pressed against her bottom. She sighed when his hand moved between her legs and stroked her.

Dixon took her knee and lifted her right leg, draping it back over his own. He slowly entered her from behind. His hand on her belly, he held her in place while he proceeded to take her with urgency. Savea twisted at the waist so she could kiss his lips. He felt so good; he filled her most amazingly. Dixon’s hand moved up and cupped her breast as his head lowered and his mouth closed around her nipple, licking and tugging softly with his teeth.

As the pleasure mounted, Savea rocked back and moaned. “I love the way you sound.” He purred in her ear; his hand moved between her legs as he toyed with the bud of her sex as he took her hard and quick. She was so close, and she knew he was too by the way he moaned in her ear. As the wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over her, she felt herself tighten around Dixon. He buried his face in her hair and let out a guttural groan as his body vibrated with his release.

After taking a moment to catch their breath, Dixon rolled away onto his back. Save did the same, and she looked at him. In truth, she was surprised he was still here. She had thought he would leave while she was sleeping, but here he was lying next to her as the morning sun came through the window, flooding the room in soft sunlight.

Savea rolled onto her side, facing him. She leaned over Dixon and kissed him deeply until his hand gripped the back of her head as he returned her kiss. Her lips lifted from his. “Good morrow.

“Yes, it is.” He chuckled.

Savea giggled. “So much for waiting until after our vows.” She mocked his loss of control.

“Well, if anyone asks, we waited.” He purred against her lips. She knew he was right.

Respectable women were to wait until after they were married, but since Dixon was the man she was to wed, she saw no harm in giving herself to him. However, should her father and grandfather learn that Dixon was taking liberties before taking his vows, they would not be so understanding? Savea did not believe Dixon feared their wrath; he just wished to preserve the peace he was trying so hard to cultivate.

Dixon rolled over, pinning Savea to the bed pulling her legs up around him. “I could stay here and fuck you all day.” He moaned, kissing her neck. She liked that idea. “Unfortunately, I have matters of state to deal with right now.” He said, kissing his way down her body. “When I get back, we will play some more.” He kissed the sensitive skin just above her lower region. Then he smiled up at her and climbed out of bed. Savea chuckled. He had been teasing her, and she had loved every second of it. Savea lay content in her bed as she watched Dixon dress. He would have to return to his chambers to clean himself up for the day ahead.

It was a shame to watch him cover-up that magnificent body. Once he was dressed, he came back and knelt one knee on the bed. He leaned over her; his mouth claimed hers in an intense kiss as his hand stroked her sex. His lips lifted from hers. “Be a good girl and do not lock me out again.” He stood up and headed for her door. “I will send in some servants to move the furniture back into place and to bring in the trunks from the hall.” He said as he opened the door and walked out.

She should get ready for her day.

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