Savea woke the next morning and dressed in the servant’s drab Dixon had brought her the night before. She then left her chambers to go to Dixon’s for her morning meal and a game of chess. As she closed her door, she saw Kerrigan coming out of hers. “Good morrow Kerrigan,” Savea said with a bright smile. She did not know why, but this morning, she was in great spirits.

“Good morrow Savea. Did you sleep w-w-well last night?” Kerrigan asked.

“Like a baby.

“W-w-would you like t-t-to join me for a w-w-walk?

“I would, but I have a standing agreement with Dixon to share the morning meal and play a game of chess.” Savea grinned.

“W-w-well th-th-then do not let me keep you. I am happy t-t-to see you t-t-two making an effort t-t-to know one another.

“Maybe Nori will go for a walk with you if you ask him.” Savea prompted.

Kerrigan blushed. “I w-w-will be sure t-t-to do th-th-that should I see him.

“Good. I wish to hear all about it.” She said, walking to Dixon’s door and knocking. Kerrigan snickered, and she wandered off.

She waited a moment then Savea knocked on Dixon’s door again. “Enter.” She heard him call out. Savea opened the door and walked in. She stopped short when she caught him pulling on his birches. He had his back to her, but she got an unobstructed view of his butt before he pulled the fabric up over it. Savea found herself staring. She had caught him still in bed.

“I am so sorry I thought you said to enter,” Savea said when he turned to face her.

Dixon chuckled at the blush on her face. “I did.” He said, walking in her direction. Savea noticed he had not bothered to put on a tunic.

“Are you not going to dress?” Savea asked.

“Why? Are you uncomfortable with my body?” He asked, teasingly. “Tis, my room, Dove, consider yourself lucky that I even put on pants.” Savea looked over at the table to see it empty. Dixon looked over at the table. “Are you looking for something?

“The morning meal.” She confessed.

“It has not come yet.

“I can come back if you would like.” She said, reaching for the door behind her. Dixon put out his hand over her shoulder, keeping the door closed.

“You stay; we can play while we wait.

Savea glanced at the chess table. All the pieces were still in the box. “Alright, would you like me to set up the board?” She said, walking toward the chess table.

She stopped short when Dixon grabbed her bicep and spun her around to face him. “We are not playing chess this morning.

Savea was confused. “But you won the match yesterday. You said we would play a game each morning.

“I never said what game.” He said with a sly grin as he walked her to the bed. “We are going to play a different game this morning.

“What game?” She asked, unsure.

Again, he chuckled, and Savea watched as walked to the trunk at the foot of the bed. Taking a bronze key from his trousers’ pocket, Dixon bent over and unlocked the trunk. He lifted the lid and Savea stretched her neck, trying to see past the lid, but she could not see a thing. Dixon tucked the key back in his pocket. Reaching inside, he took out multiple long strips of fabric. He closed the lid and then wrapped it around his forearm as he walked back to her.

“Take off your dress.” He ordered softly.

“Excuse me?” She was shocked by his boldness.

“I said, take… off… your… dress.” He repeated clearly.


“Because I told you to.


“Trust me; you do not want to tell me no.” He said leaning in and brushing his lips over hers. “I promise you will not regret it.

A shudder rippled through her and Savea felt that same excitement from the night before. Dixon took one step back to allow her space. With trembling hands, Savea pulled the lace of her dress free and slid it off her shoulders. The dress fell to the floor around her feet, and Savea stood before Dixon naked, her flesh flushed with anticipation. His gaze drifted to her sex, and he smiled, pleased she had done as he asked. “Very nice.” He unwrapped one of the lengths of fabric from around his forearm. He lifted it to cover her eyes, but Savea took a step back, unsure. “Trust me.

Savea remained still as he wrapped the silk around her eyes and tied it in place, blinding her.

Dixon took her hand and urged her on to the mattress of his bed. “Lay down.” He ordered, and she obeyed. She felt him move her arms and legs, tying the silk strips around her wrists and ankles, securing her to his bed so she could not move. Her pause was racing, and she did not know what to expect. She felt the bed shift as he knelt between her legs.

He leaned over her and kissed her neck. His hand cupped her breast, and she felt his tongue toying with her nipple. She sighed with delight as he kissed his way down her body, she tensed, pulling on the silk bounds when his hot mouth found her sex. Dixon ran his tongue along her folds and sucked hard on the swelling bud of her sex. It felt amazing his mouth on her most intimate of places. He ate at her like a starving man seeking sustenance. Savea tugged at the silk. Her back arched as she rocked against his mouth, making him moan with enthusiasm.

Dixon stretched one arm up across her belly and fondled her breasts as his tongue brought her to the heights of pleasure. With his other hand, Dixon pushed his fingers inside her as he licked and sucked at the swollen bud. “Oh, Dixon,” she moaned, “it is too much… it is too good.

“I am not stopping until I make you cum,” he purred against her sex, “just like this.” He was true to his word. His mouth ate at Savea until her body shook with the force of her climax, and she cried out. “Oh yeah, just like that.” He said, refusing to let up on her. He brought her to climax twice more before his lips left her body. Dixon’s body slid up hers, and he kissed her lips. “I want to fuck you so bad.” He whispered in her ear as he rocked against her she could feel the evidence of his arousal straining against his trousers, rubbing it against her sex. The fabric a torment. She wanted to feel his sex against hers.

“Yes.” She moaned. “Yes.

“No.” He said, sucking on one nipple and then the next. “Not now, after the vows. I will take you after our vows.

“No, now… please…. now.” She begged.

His mouth hovered over hers, but he did not kiss him. “But waiting is half the fun.” A knock at the door made Savea jump. “Besides, breakfast is here.” She felt the bed shift as Dixon climbed off the bed and then she felt the silk bonds loosen and heard him walk away. Savea pulled her arms free and removed the blindfold. She sat up and pulled the blanket up around herself to hide her body from the eyes of the servant girl he was letting in.

The young woman looked at Savea like she knew exactly what was going on. She tried to hide her smile as she placed the tray of food on the table; then she walked back to Dixon, who stood by the open door. “May I do anything else for you, Your Majesty? Anything at all?” She smiled. Savea did not like the look the woman was giving Dixon.

“Not this morning, Eisa.” He said, holding the door open and watching the servant girl leave.

As soon the door was closed, Savea tossed back the furs and jumped out of bed. She quickly dressed and made her way to the door.

“Where are you going? The food is on the table.” Dixon asked.

“I am leaving.” She hissed.


Savea turned at the door and looked at him. “How about humiliation.

“What are you going on about.

“That girl she is one of your concubines, is she not?

Dixon laughed at her anger. “Eisa? Yes, she is one of my girls.

His casual confession only further annoyed her. “Just how many girls do you have?

“Including you,” he said with a cocky grin, “twelve.

She was appalled. “Just how many women does one man need?

“I am very active.

“You disgust me.

“Really because that was not what you were saying moments ago.” He grabbed her by the hair and pulled firmly but not hard, forcing her head back as he leaned in and brushed his lips over her. “If I recall, you were begging me to fuck you senseless.

“Take your damn hands off me.” Savea snarled.

“You belong to me. I will put my damn hands anywhere I like.

Savea looked him dead in the eye. “Try it, and you shall wake up missing parts of your anatomy.

Dixon made a thoughtful sound as the corner of his mouth twitched in an evil grin. Savea mirrored his grin, and then Dixon released her and stepped back, giving her space. “We will see about that.” Savea then turned, opened the door, and stormed out.


Kerrigan walked through the palace, looking for Nori. When she did not find him in the palace, she went for a walk in the village. She spotted the tavern and went inside. She did not ever go into taverns. Too many people made her nervous. The truth was Kerrigan did not often venture outside the palace. So when she walked in, the tavern fell silent. She could already feel her nerves getting to her. This had been a bad idea. She turned to leave and slammed right into a large body coming in.

Kerrigan jumped, and two strong hands reached out and grabbed her arms to stop her from falling over. She looked up to see Nori smiling down at her. “What are you doing here, Your Majesty?

“I w-w-was…” She did not want to confess that she had come here looking for him. “I needed a drink.

“One you could not get at the palace?

“I th-th-thought I might be social.

“Social?” He had an expression of disbelief. “Did you come here to meet someone?

“No. I promised someone I w-w-would get out more.

“I see, would you like to drink with me? I came for breakfast, but I would not say no to a few pints of ale.” Nori smiled.

Kerrigan smiled. “Yes, th-th-that w-w-would be nice.

“Then let us get a table. The drinks are on me.

“Th-th-thank you.

Nori showed her to the nearest empty table. Kerrigan sat down, and Nori sat down across from her. The waitress came over and asked what they would like. Nori asked for a plate of food and two pints of ale. “Do you eat here often?

“Every morning.

“Every morning?” She chuckled.

He gave her a sheepish grin. “Well, I have no wife, and I cannot cook. Would you like something to eat as well?

“No, I ate before I came out.

“Then, you may pick at my plate if you like.

Kerrigan smiled at him. “Th-th-that is kind but not necessary.

Kerrigan tensed when she heard the men at the next table, continue their conversation, pretending to stutter and laugh. Kerrigan lowered her gaze to her hands on the table. She felt the sting of their mockery.

“Hey,” Nori called to the men at the next table. “Do you have a problem?

“No, p-p-problem.” The whole table laughed.

Kerrigan rose to her feet. “I th-th-think I should go.” She said, making to leave. She was humiliated, and all she wanted to do was go to her bed and cry.

Nori reached out and captured her hand in his as he came to his feet. “You are going nowhere.” He released her hands, and he walked over to the other table and drew his sword. “You utter even one more unkind word, and I will kill you right here.” Then Nori smiled. “Allow me to take that back. If you utter one more unkind word; I shall tell the King that you are mocking his beloved sister.” The amusement was instantly gone for their faces at the mention of Dixon. “And we both know he will not kill you, not right away. The King has a liking for torturing his enemies. He will hang you from your feet naked and he will skin you alive with the dullest blade he can find. Then when you are nothing more than bones and blood, he will get mean. So must I go tell the King that you are having fun at his sister’s expense?

“No.” The men rose and turned to Kerrigan. “Sorry, Your Majesty.” He said, and then the whole table rose and walked out.

Nori turned to face Kerrigan, and she was glowing. He had defended her when he did not have too. “Th-th-thank you, Nori, th-th-that w-w-was so kind.

“You do not deserve the mocking you receive.

“People always mock th-th-the simple-minded.

“You are one of the cleverest women I know.

“You th-th-think me clever?

“And beautiful if I may be so bold.

Her face lit up. “You th-th-think me beautiful?

Nori smiled. “I know I am just a lowly warrior with no right to speak to you this way, but the best part of my day is when I see you.

Kerrigan threw herself in Nori’s arms and kissed him full on the mouth. His hands on her hips, he kissed her back. It only lasted a minute and then she stepped back to see the shocked but pleased look on his face.

Nori did not look like he knew how to respond to her kiss. They stared at one another for a long moment. “My hut is not far from here if you would like to see it.

“What is there to see in a hut?

He shrugged his powerful shoulder. “The table… the clothing chest… the bed.

“Th-th-the bed?” She smiled.

“I want to show you the bed.

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