The Heartbeat of a Gang Leader -2


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Pain, this small 4 letter word seems like nothing when we use it in our day to day talks, but the person who experienced this word can tell you what this word actually means.

Happiness always comes whenever you experience the pain, but what if you assume that pain is a never ending process? What if, you start supposing that you are not a person who deserves any kind of happiness?

They all struggled a lot to leave that feeling of pain. Its not easy for anyone to forget their painful days, but they did with the support of each other. But there are many things which are there to test them again. what are those?

if you are interested in knowing those, then just press the read button to read what is next in this story.

Started on: 24th Aug 2018
Ended on: 12th Aug 2019

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Yashi Goyal

nice story

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well written story

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nice story

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Vyshnavi Reddy

nice story

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Sadia Afroz ToNu

nice story

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