The Flesh and Temptations


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He thought he could live above the flesh. The harder he fought against the desires of the flesh, the more he discovered that his journey to success over it had only just begun—
The seduction and deadly influences that come with the flesh set him on fire to become the man he never envisioned.
Soon, he engaged in extramarital affairs with women that made him into a monster, he never wanted. The more he fought to resist the passion and fleshly sins that held him, hostage, the more he knew he needed external help to rescue him, or he dies early.
But his past sins soon came knocking—
The quest to survive soon began, and it unfolded deadly secrets that even ears have never heard.
Now, he only has one chance of escape.
Will he survive? Or die before dawn?
Something sinister awaits Mandolin Trump, something so hideous; it seems not earthly but spawned in hell.

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hi, it's interesting keep writing

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