The Exodus [Blood Heirs]



ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2020 by M. Aksnes

Scenes, characters, dialogues and events in this story are all invented.

This story contains mature themes, profanity, graphic violence and sexual content not intended for young readers.

Unauthorized reproduction of any part of this story or plagiarism of any kind is prohibited by the law.  


This is the first draft of Book III of The Echelons, my first paranormal/crime/romance story.

Like the sequel, this is also written in 1st person narrative.  If you've come this far and have read The Echelons and The Equinox, thanks a million ❤.  Your continued support and interest in my stories is what keeps me going. 

Some chapters in this book contain Italian dialogues [but not pivotal to the plot].  Translations have been included in the same chapters and written inside brackets [ ].

Buckle up, dear friends! Stay tuned for Book III!





It started with a quick kiss—a little chaste buss I left on his lips.  

Our first ever real kiss.

It felt light and easy.  Almost...natural.  I wanted to comfort him in some way, before I had to leave him alone.  So I kissed him again.  As I held onto his tense shoulders, he just grabbed my arms and pulled me to him to show me how to really kiss someone.

Our first time didn't end there.  His breath smelled of alcohol but I just didn't give a crap.   I wanted to prolong the feeling of his mouth on mine.  Just for tonight...I wanted to know how he really kissed a woman.

He brushed his soft lips onto my neck, then on my shoulder, his firm arms embracing me.  It felt right.  I knew we were just friends but it definitely felt more than a friendly hug.  Before I could make sense of what was about to happen, he kissed my lips again. 

This time it wasn't stiff or tentative.  It turned breathtakingly torrid in seconds.  Some hesitation occupied my mind but...why did this feel so good? I just didn't know what to do but relish in the comforting embrace of his strong arms keeping my body pressed onto his warmth.  I gasped and held in a giggle of surprise when he lifted me off the floor.  I opened my eyes again when he brought me to the bedroom.

The lights were off.  But I didn't care.  

He knew his way around the room and knew how to get rid of my misgivings, soothing me with his hot kisses and arousing touches. 

I put my arms around his neck and back while his hand palmed the back of my thigh, keeping it pressed onto his hip.  I pulled away when his tongue touched mine.  Although it was almost pitch-dark, I stared into his eyes as he stroked the side of my face.  

The arousal I felt was fueled by the eagerness in his kisses and caresses.  It took my breath away and pushed me to abandon all rational thought.  I shouldn't sleep with him.  He wasn't looking for anything serious and he knew I didn't do casual sex. 

But the urge to be this close to him just reached its breaking point.  It wasn't like he was trying to stop me, either.  He kissed me like it was all he wanted to do all night.  If he was only teasing me and trying to see if I would let him have his way, I couldn't tell.  He shut the door behind him and just carried me to bed.

I couldn't help but gasp when he resumed his long, fervent kisses while the heat of his body comforted me.  It gripped me, and his caresses on my bare skin left me unbearably aroused at the same time.  I'd felt this way with Miles before, but my heart and mind weren't this torn between doing the right thing and indulging the desire I'd been keeping to myself.

My common sense reasoned that it was Enzo's fault—he chose to spend time with me even when he was still romantically involved with Libby.  But I couldn't care less about the blame game now that he was already taking my clothes off, and winning me over with his sweet and comforting kisses that stoked the restless desire inside me. 

If this was his attempt to seduce me into submission—fine.  I wouldn't say no.  I wouldn't stop him.  Despite the pinch of hesitation holding me back, I wouldn't push him away.  I wanted to be with him...even just for tonight.