Chapter 3: Responsibilities

Vitalo Patrakis’s P.O.V.

EIGHT MONTHS Later, I picked up the phone up from the table just beside the doorway. “Hello?

“Vit. It has been a while.”A familiar voice says through the phone.

“Well brother it's been months”Melvin says, I smile out happy to hear a familiar voice Melvin has been my bestfriend since childhood and it's pleasant to hear him talk once again. I leaned against the doorway and watched the waves ebb and flow in smooth night.

“Yes it is.”I reply as I close my eyes and pinched my nose.

“Time really does pass by so fast, I apologize I did not mean to stay out of touch for so long. The company's expansion project is taking a lot of my time”I reply..

“I understand completely, Dad has got me involved with the family business too and you know am more of a free bird. Being stuck in the office for hours is just too boring for me. He doesn't want to understand that I love my freedom”He says with a playful hint in his voice.

“You haven't really changed one bit, How are you?”I ask as I couldn't help but laugh at his words.

“I am well.” By the joy in his voice I knew he meant it.

Following my exit from Athens, I haven't seen Melvin in a long while, and I heard he took over his father's company, he's quite the playboy too but now that he has taken over the helm of the company. He's tried to change his way, although many had doubted his ability to lead the company, but he has managed to surprise us all.

Juggling his playboy life and his new CEO role, with great tasks to manage, Melvin has truly stepped up to the plate. All of that energy and attention that had previously been all over the place is now finally focused into one avenue. The company is now flourishing, and Melvin himself is doing well.

“And you?” He asked. “I heard you are in Australia now”

“Well Costa Rica now.”I replied ...

He then chuckled. “You move fast.

I grimaced. Truth is am actually very stressed right now, and with me handling the company's expansion I have to be fast. And it was the only way for me to keep my demons at bay.

“Listen, Vit. I actually wanted to ask you a few questions. Have you…”He murmurs as he trailed off with hesitation in his voice.

“What? Have I what?”I ask, suprised with the sudden seriousness in his voice.

I heard him draw in a deep breath that crackled the phone line. “You know, never mind. How is the weather in Costa Rica?”He says suddenly digressing.

“Hey man, you don't get to do that. No changing the subject. What were you planning on asking me?”I asked even now curious.

“Do you remember the wedding we attended the other day, I remember the bride's name was Mariana something?”He says...

“I don't know man, have attended a lot of weddings for business and pleasure, so why the sudden strange question”I snapped.

“It was a fair enough question. Don’t bite my head off for asking it. I remember that day during the reception you followed the bride sister, now tell me. Did you hook up with her”He asks.

Confusion then it hit me “’That's a brash question you're asking me right now, and how would I remember her Anyway. It's been months”I murmur dryly.

“You're right, I know this is a sensitive subject but I do remember her face clearly which is why I think you should know this.”He suddenly say..

“Wait, you still haven't told me why you're asking about her?”I ask irritatedly as I try to control my emotions from spiraling.

“Because,”He says, “I saw a photo of her online.

“What?”I asked shocked as I straightened up, my heart thudding. “Did she sell my story or something”I ask in anger.

“Geez bro, that's savage. She did nothing like that and it's quiet the opposite, you know everything isn't always about you right?”He suddenly says with a note of anger and disgust.

“Right, sorry. You can't blame me, I really can't afford a scandal right now”I say as I walked into the bedroom.

“Well she didn't sell your story to the paparazzi, I'm guessing by your reaction you really did hook up with her. Anyway she was on one of those websites that share good news. I was browsing through it, not looking for anything in particular, just killing time before—”He says causally and purposely drawing out his words making me wait in anticipation.

“Melv don't push me and just spill”I say angrily as I squeezed my eyes tight tiredly.

“You know what, it's no fun trying to tease, I'll just send the article to you, if you like.”He says yawning playfully.

“Why is she in a news article anyway?” I asked even more lost.

“Apparently, she has been organizing fundraisers for families especially single mothers who need help.”He says.

“Really?”I say shocked...

“She’s based in NYC and She's also owns a publishing house and foundation that helps kids suffering from cancer. I had no idea she was that active in society”He murmurs..

"Was that all you wanted to say”I ask nonchalantly, but a part of me is relived she's doing okay. I felt guilty the day she came to see me at the HQ, I definitely wasn't expecting her to come find me but she did and I know virgins are always so clingy so I sent her off with some harsh words.

“You know what just forward me the article.”I say dryly.

“You have Wi-Fi there don't you?”He teases.

“Please Melvin stay on track and don't get distracted please. Just send the article.”I say cursing out loud at his sudden childish behavior.

“I will, but there’s something you should know first.”He says..

“Just send it, you Asshat”I say.

“I’m sending it now,” Alec said.

“Thank you.”I drawl out

“Vit...”He began again but I just hung up instead.

It took a moment, but a text came in from Melvin. I clicked the link, which took me to one of the news sites.

“Rich Author Raises Money for Families in Need,” read the article’s heading. My mouth suddenly went dry, I right myself on the bed. This wasn’t the kind of thing I could look at while lying down.

I scanned the article, taking in fragments here and there. Evangeline Snow the reporter said, is a Contemporary romance writer whose novels are New York Bestselling books has started her charity work by raising money for friends facing foreclosure. That had been the year before, and since then she’d organized fundraisers for several other families and has foundations which helps orphaned kids.

I continued to read the article until my hands stopped scrolling on my tab when it stopped at the picture attached with the news article.

“ιερά καπνίσματα!”I sputter out in Greek

I nearly dropped the phone as I then scroll past the picture and read the last part of the article over and over again. I hadn’t imagined it, it all felt like somekind of bomb.

The article says Eva is expecting twins, A child! Not just one But Two! A heavy weight begins to form in my stomach. The baby couldn't possibly be mine now could it?

I'm sure she moved on!

She probably has found another man and was starting a family, that must be the case”I thought as my mind goes in disarray.

It was a punch to the gut, but at the same time I knew it was good. Clearly she didn't behave like the other virgins I've slept with. She's moved on now so...

Still I couldn’t help the jealousy simmering in my chest and it shocked the hell out of me. I scrolled to the end of the article, where there was a picture. Eva stood next to a family, big smiles on all their faces and balloons surrounding them And, boy, was she pregnant. She wore a loose dress, but it did nothing to contain her baby bump. She looks like she's about to pop.

Hold on.

Exactly how pregnant was she?”It then hit me.

I fumbled to call Melvin back.

“How pregnant does she look in that photo?”I then asked him, I don't know if it's all in my head but It doesn't seem right and I know Melvin already has a smartass remark for this. I already knew the answer, but I needed someone else to say it, I need to know I wasn’t crazy and imagining things.

“Well Vitalo She looks more pregnant than I thought anyone could be,”He says laughing out loud.

“And I think we both know just how pregnant she is, that baby bump is your answer”He says laughing out loud ...

I sigh out tiredly as I closed my eyes, letting his words sink in.

The babies could be mine. And perhaps they were not. Perhaps she had met someone else right after she left Athens when she came to see me. But Suddenly, a memory hit him with the force of a hurricane. The day she came to the office she wanted to tell me something important but I blew her off.

I had given her a very sour attitude and my nonchanlant response to all she said that day may have given her the impression that I wished to never see her again.

Greek curses bubbled up mythroat and spilled from my lips. What a fool !’d been!

She had been trying to tell me she was pregnant, hadn't she?

Vit?”Melvin asked. “Are you there?

I swallowed hard. “Yes,” he rasped.

“Is it… do you think…”

“That the babies could be mine?”My temples throbbed. Our aunts were twins. It certainly rubs in our family.

“Well?” Melvin pushed.

“Possibly.”I say sighing. I looked at the article’s picture again. A terrible ache suddenly fills my chest.

“What are you going to do?”He asks..

“I’m going to ask her myself.”I say determined.

“Let me know what she says okay? Just updated, I definitely can't miss this”He says in an excited tone.

“HA Ha Ha Of course I will.”I say as I pressed my knuckles to my closed eyes. “Bye, brother. Thank you for this.”I say abstructly before ending the call.

Eva Snow's P.O.V.

EIGHT MONTHS Later, it's been eight months since I last saw Vitalo, eight months since I found out I was pregnant and eight months since I've been picking up the shattered piece of my life.

After the incident of Vitalo not remembering a damn about me, well it's kinda put me in my place and it has changed the way I see things, it definitely affected me emotionally and physically and I know that night he clearly stated that we were "Having just Sex" and not "Making Love" but I guess it all didn't sink in my virgin brain. At that time I only cared about him finding out about his child but I had no idea that he couldn't even stand my presence.

No matter how I try to wave out the memories of him it keeps eluding and invading my mind, as times go by I try to bury myself in my work but as the festive season is almost here once again. Our memories becomes even more vivid in my mind and it's actually wrong of me to keep fantasizing about if or just maybe things would have gone differently that day at his office if only he knew or cared about me.

But if I do catch myself thinking about things like that and take a reality check then it just becomes clear that my extravagant thoughts are just too imaginative, expensive and hilarious because how could someone who only see me as one of his bimbos accept that I'm carrying his child infact he might have even labeled me a golddigger, so I guess the few things I should be thankful for is that he didn't get his security personnels to throw me out because now that would have been really really embarrassing!

Well the first few months of my pregnancy, I refused to tell anyone and I just buried my head in the sand but now I'm working on myself. I don't want to give anyone leeway to insult me and the decisions I take. Me deciding to keep the baby turned out to be one of the most amazing thing have ever done in my entire life and so I try to help those in need and the single mothers who has no support from anyone, we women must support each other in all our endeavors and their situation is no different from mine the only exception is that I have my writing and publishing company that puts food on my table.

I heaved the grocery bags in my hands my fingers were icy-cold and I fumbled with the keys a little as I pulled them from my handbag. I slid the big old brass key into the door and then it dropped to the ground.

“Shoot, I really should stop thinking about unecessary things”I murmured, crouching down to collect it. Only when I stood did i become cognizant of the fact that I was no longer alone.

A pair of very shiny shoes and dark grey trousers led to a narrow waist and a crisp white shirt beneath a thick grey jacket. Before my eyes could even reach his shoulders, I knew who it was and braced myself for visual impact.

I bite my lips nervously as I looked higher, my eyes immediately latched to Vitalo’s and all the wind seemed to fly out from my lungs, rushing out of me and leaving me struggling for air.

“What are you doing here?”I then asked, thinking back to the way he’d showed me out of his office, his obvious lack of concern something I'd never forget.

“Well what else would I be here for?”He says his voice devoid of any emotions as his eyes drifted down to my baby bump..

Lord help me!

I could feel myself sinking into the deep end...

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