The C For Choices

Ughh! I woke up...

Under the beautiful sunset, holding hands among many people in the park we were walking on the fallen leaves. The orange tinge in the sky was complimenting the warmth between us.

“Hey! I’ve something to say to you.” He stopped as he said.

Taking his hand into the pocket of his shirt, he took out an elegant pearl ring. A cool breeze was blowing and I could see everything shimmering as he was smiling. His eyes were so dreamy that it made me fall more for him.

“I….”, he was about to say those words!

“Get up! you couch potato”, a woman filled with rage in eyes and voice.

“What happened?” I woke up in a huge shock.

“You totally resemble a sloth. Do you even know what the date is today? There is only a month for your exams. There your other two cousins are preparing for the exams so wisely and look at you. You haven’t made any daily planners even. How do you think you’ll …”?

Oh Mumma! let me take a breath at least.” I annoyedly interrupted her.

“Wow! It was such an amazing dream. But who was that guy, though? I wish I’d know him. Like, how could I see such an epitome of beauty in my dreams. Usually, I always dream of operating secret missions, guns and all the thrilling stuff. May be this is a sign from God that I’ll meet someone soon. Oh gosh! I’m overthinking again.” Lying in the couch I continue to mumble these in the head.

After sometime, I manage to get up keeping my laziness away. Then I see the books of social studies lying on my study table as if they were abandoned child. I started to study at around 7 in the morning and again fell asleep just after 2 hours. Whenever I open the books all I could feel was the showers of innumerous of thoughts. I studied for more three hours and finally it was a snacks break (or more of social media break). I took the phone and rushed to Mumma and asked her to unlock it because as a mother of two distracted girls she had to manage them in times like examinations.

Bringgg! Briiiinggg!” tons of notifications popped on the screen.

“Hey! Are you done studing?

“Do you have the biology notes?

“Bruh, if you’re done studying let’s watch a Korean drama.


“Do these 10 exercises daily to keep your mind fresh” 

“Which stream have you decided to choose” and a lot more.

Lying in the bed, I was checking the Instagram stories. These stories make me feel so out of the world. The people are literally just getting dressed at their homes itself and uploading such great pictures. Yes, I’ve already told myself a zillionth time that people have different personalities. But I always end up comparing myself with the girls who are just so perfect and has boys fawning over them and sliding into their DMs. On the other hand, it is me who has just a handful of good pictures and countless of peculiar pictures. My known ones tell me to style up a little bit and gain a good body posture. But whatever they say isn’t wrong. I certainly agree with them. But I wear a variety of styles. It isn’t like I just wear tomboyish clothes.

Cosmetics – the “must” in a girl’s daily life was neither my cup of tea nor my elder sister, Advika. She is perfect, to be precise. A bright face with a wide smile, chubby pink cheeks, and a beautiful voice; determined in studies and a congenial person. Talking about extra glam up, she didn’t need it and thus it passed on to me. And our dad always phrased that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” so we were not much into makeups. Our daily face necessity is just a Baby’s cream.

I was never recognized as a girl among my friends. They thought I possess the qualities of a boy (except for the physical features). Even my teachers sometimes says that. I’m more of a healthy girl but not the only one. There are about two to three of us girls who are fat but the thing separating me from them is that I had a coaching for karate as well as basketball. I never thought I’d ever go for martial arts but when I was in the fourth standard, I got very fascinated towards it and approached my parents, day and night for that. But soon that excited busted into my sadness of life. It was hard. I could literally do everything but the only thing that sucked my happiness was the center leg stretch. It was my ultimate fear. Then few years passed, I pursued the Brown belt and I was like that’s it. I ended my martial arts journey there. Basketball, on the other hand, no matter what I never feel like giving up on it even after I was so seriously injured during a match. From the sixth standard I started playing as a player in the school team.

I’ve always been pretty good at my academics. Though I was engaged in many other things I’ve managed my position in the academics. I’m involved in many things – songs, dance, speech, anchoring, sports. But there is none where I’m perfect in. But something which is my plus point is I write. I’m much more in writing rather than in verbal.  

But the one thing I was or will be never good at is boys.