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He lived in a billion dollar mansion with his wife .she lived in a small building with her poor family,he is the owner of the biggest fashion company in the country,she worked in a restaurant. He loves her,she loves him even more but she was just his mistress.

Anna and Mike's world collided when she had served him at the restaurant near his office one day. Anna cory was the oldest child in her family who struggled to survive everyday and anna helping with the little she earned from the restaurant. Mike claire was the perfect billionaire,c.e.o of the biggest fashion brand in new york with the perfect wife and family but he had always felt incomplete all through his life till he met Anna. Their world was totally different and no matter how much obstacle they encountered, they could overcome with love but what happens when their secret relationship comes out to the world?? It changes their lives forever.



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mistress again

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is extremely nice to read. thanks

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love this story

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nice story 👍

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