Samira did not come down for lunch or supper, which worried Eros. He was scared that she would change her mind again and suggest that they break up.

Taking a deep breath, he turned in bed and glanced out the window. Today, her window was closed and he could see nothing of her…even her smell was not coming through. Damn, what had Samira done to him? It was late in the night and he could not fall asleep.

He had been miserable the whole day after they came back from the stables. He could not stop thinking about what she said. She made some very important points and he hated to admit it, but it was the truth. She did not want them to get serious and then have a painful breakup, but what she did not know was that he was capable of doing anything to be with her.

Sitting up in bed, he rushed his fingers through his hair and then heaved a sigh. All of a sudden, he felt thirsty. Pushing the covers away, he scrambled out of bed and left the room.

As Eros descended from the staircase, he heard movements in the kitchen. The fridge opened, closed, and then glasses clicked. Wondering who might be eating this late at night, he entered the kitchen only to see the one person he had been longing for all day.

“Samira.” He gasped.

Samira who was unaware that someday had walked in, got startled at the mention of her name. The jug of Nana’s special drink that was in her hand, slipped and fell to the floor, shattering into pieces. The delicious juice splattered around and she cursed.

“I’m sorry.” She heard Eros say again and then moved.

She was about to turn around as she had been caught, but then he stopped her. “No, don’t move. You might cut yourself.” Then she remained put.

Eros who was wearing slippers stepped around the broken glasses to Samira who was bare-footed. She probably did not wear any slippers so no one would hear her. Now standing close to her, he was glad he came down.

Samira was wearing pyjamas today and looked good in it. Her hair was held back and she looked at him with those beautiful eyes of hers, which never failed to make his heart skip a beat. He scooped her into his arms and then placed her on the kitchen island.

“Nana is going to have a fit tomorrow morning. Someone broke her favourite jug and spilled her special drink.” Eros said while looking at the mess she made.

“I am sorry. I will tell her what I did tomorrow and apologize.” Samira quickly said and then he gazed at her face.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell her.” He said while moving his face close to her ear. “This will be our little secret.

Raising himself, he met her gaze. It was unknown, who made the first move. Before they knew it, their lips locked. He stepped closer between her legs and drew her towards him. Her hands moved around his neck and then he held her waist.

The kiss was ferocious as they devoured each other’s mouths. Eros was more than happy he was finally having a taste of her again after the long day he had. He was not expecting this kind of kiss from her, but then again, he was happy for it. He quickly run out of breath and then released her lips. Her stomach growled at him and he said.

“Let’s get food into you.

Samira remained seated on the kitchen island while Eros pulled picked out the leftovers of tonight’s dinner. He microwaved it, pulled a chair close to the island, where she sat and then fed it to her. He wanted to pamper her so she would know how serious he was about her.

After the main meal, he started feeding her velvet cake. She was able to take only a few slices, and then could not take anymore.

“Okay, that’s all I can take.” She told him, while rubbing her stomach and then he smiled.

“Come on, just one more.” He urged and she shook her head. “Please. I cut this special slice just for you.” He made a cute face and she chuckled.

“Are you using emotional blackmail to get me to eat more cake?” She asked while arching her brows.

“Call it whatever you want. Come on, just this one.” He pleaded and she shook her head. “I’m not used to begging so you better take it before I use an alternative method on you woman.

“Oooh am scared.” She drawled and then he quickly dragged her off the kitchen island and onto his laps.

Samira gasped as she landed on his firm and muscular thighs. Her hands were against his massive chest and his hands held her waist tightly. Now, with eyes as wide as saucers, she stared at the handsome man who was smirking dangerously at her. For the first time, she was a little scared of what he would do. Yet again, it thrilled her to find exactly what he could do.

“Do not test my patience, Samira.” Eros whispered in her ear and then kissed her neck.

Gasping, she shut her eyes to enjoy the feel of his burning hot tongue against her neck. It was warm and tingly as he dragged it lower to her collarbone. Arousal surged through her and she gripped his shoulders for balance while his curious tongue continued to roam her neck.

Eros raised his head to speak to her. “Now will you have some cake? Or should I continue your punishment?

With eyes closed and breath uneven, she mumbled. “Please continue.

His lips took hers in a swift motion. He could taste the velvet cake on her tongue and damn, it was delicious. Her taste was addictive. She was addictive. And loving her was the ultimate addiction. He had never been so very sure about his feelings for a woman before, but with Samira, he knew it.

He was in love with her. Others might say it is too soon to say ‘I am in love’, but it was not for him. He had fallen so hard for her that he did not even know when or how it happened.

Moving his lips from her mouth, he dragged it to the crook of her neck exactly at the pleasure spot there. She could not stop moaning from the intense pleasure spiralling through her. He was just as aroused as she was and she could feel him between her legs. His hands moved to the buttons at the front of her nightshirt and undid them. His hands, calloused on her smooth skin caused her delicious friction. Electricity, hot and powerful shot through her when he latched his mouth against her nipple.

“Eros!” She moaned and he groaned.

The sounds of her moans were music to his ears and fuel to his desire. Closing his eyes, Eros listened and tried to memorize it. All he wanted to hear was her voice calling out his name, but then another sound suddenly mixed with her moans.

He raised his head from sucking her nipple to listen to that sound closely. It was the creaking sound of a door opening. Eros shifted and then Samira became alert.

“What was that?” She asked as he placed a finger to her lips to silence her.

“Shh, stay here while I go check.” He placed her back on the kitchen island, rose from the chair and then left the kitchen.

Samira started buttoning up her shirt. Once it was done, she rushed her fingers through her hair to fix it. Eros had untied her ponytail somewhere in the middle of the kiss and now she could not find the band.

Heavy shoes tapped against the floorboards and she gulped. The footsteps were getting closer to the kitchen and she was scared. Who was it? Was it a thief coming in to steal? Panicking, she jumped off the kitchen island and then winced when a glass pricked her skin.

Oh my God, Eros! She thought, at the same time a bright light attacked her eyes and then she screamed.

The once dark room was, now illuminated with the intruder’s bright flashlight. Samira squinted and tried to make out the figure, but the only thing she saw was a silhouette. It was a man and he was huge. His physique terrified her and she prayed he was not a burglar or even worse, a rapist.

Eros suddenly appeared next to the stranger and then Samira heaved a sigh. He spoke in Spanish to the man and then he replied in the same language. After they exchanged a few more words, the man left.

Eros stepped towards her and then she finally felt something warm under her foot… blood. “I asked you not to move, Samira.” He said while picking her up and returning her to her previous position.

“That man…”

“That was the watchman.” He replied and then switched on the lights in the room. The kitchen became bright and their eyes took time to adjust to it.

“He was doing his job when he heard movements inside the house. So he came to check it out.” Eros explained while opening a cabinet. He took out first-aid kits and then tended to her injury.

After dressing the wound, he carried her up the staircase to the threshold of her room. “It’s late, get some sleep.” He said and then kissed her one last time.


The next couple of days that passed, everyone at the ranch was talking about the boss’s relationship with the boss lady from the city. The news spread like wild fire into the town after the night the watchman found them alone in the kitchen.

It was rumoured that the boss lady from the city was only using the boss to get a good deal for her company. But others argued that he was using her instead. A few other people did not believe they had a real relationship, because why would they start something that will not last.

Everyone heard the story and there were many versions to it. Some of the town folks came to El Paraiso in pretence of buying fruits or vegetables, just to catch a glimpse of the boss lady from the city. The men thought she was gorgeous and had a great body, whilst the women argued her looks were because of many plastic surgeries.

Samira heard every rumour spread about her from Tamera, who visited town every day with Marcelo, for sightseeing.

“You won’t believe what some stinking bitch-face said about you today at the supermarket.” Tamera barged into the room, fuming, with hair tousled.

Samira, who was typing a report on her laptop, looked up at her sister and asked. “What happened to you?

“I got in a fight with a bitch.” She replied and then threw her bag on the floor. “She called you a whore. Can you believe that?

Tamera was now pacing the room, groaning in anger. “I told you not to listen to what they say about me. I don’t care about it, so it shouldn’t bother you either.” Samira said and then her raging sister came to a halt.

Turning slowly towards her sister, Tamera said through gritted teeth. “I shouldn’t bother? Samira, are you listening to yourself? If people pick on my twin sister, it is my job to put them in their place. I don’t care if you’re not bothered about it, but it bothers me because you’re not what they say you are!

Samira got off the bed to pull her sister into her arms. “Aww, I’m blessed to have a sister like you who is willing to defend me from anything, but you’re just wasting your time here. This town is not our home and we won’t stay here for long, so why should you get involved with things? Just let it be.

Tamera sighed as her shoulders slouched. “Why did you have to mention it?” She said, getting sad.

“I don’t like it either, but that’s the reality.” Samira held her sister tighter. “Our days here are numbered. We’ve got two days left.

“Ouch, Samira!” Tamera gasped and pushed her sister away as her hand grazed her wound. “That bitch scratched me.” She explained and then showed her the red skin.

“I’m sorry.

“Oh don’t worry. I’m going to take a shower.” Tamera said and then entered the bathroom.

Samira was about to go back to the bed when there was a knock on the door. Turning on her heels, she went to get it. A smile formed on her lips when she saw Eros. He quickly pulled her into his arms and gave her a sweet kiss before asking.

“Are you ready?

“Yes.” She replied and then asked. “But where are you taking me?

“It’s a surprise.” He replied.

Eros led her to his jeep. In the car, she saw a basket and blankets, and then got an idea of where he might be taking her. Picnic, she thought. They left El Pariso, entered the town and then went further. Samira wanted to ask where he picked for the picnic but decided she preferred to be surprised. He drove them for a long while until finally he stopped.

They were in the hills, with trees, flowers and nature all around them. The place was very beautiful and he picked a nice tree for them to sit under. After spreading the blanket, they sat down.

“Don’t you just love the view?” Eros asked and she agreed with him.

“It’s beautiful.” Samira stretched herself out on the blanket. “I wish I could stay here forever.” She added whilst he laid down beside her.

“I always come here when I want to be alone, but not today.” He reached out for her and drew her into his arms. “You are the first person who I have come here with.

“Wow, then I feel honoured.” She gazed into his eyes as he smiled.

“You are very special to me, you know.

“No, I don’t know. You’ve never mentioned it.

He chuckled and then kissed her nose. “Then I will say it now. Samira, you are very special to me.” He brought his face close to her and then kissed her.

“Eros,” she called after the breath-taking kiss. “You are the only person in the whole ranch without a Spanish accent. How did that happen?” She had always wanted to know, but never remembered to ask until today.

He chuckled a little and decided to explain. “I didn’t spend most of my life here. I only used to come here on holidays as a kid, but stopped when I went to college. I haven’t been here for many years until I moved here two years ago after…” he stopped himself.

Samira saw his expression change and wondered if something happened to him. “After what?” She asked.

“Never mind.” Eros said. “It’s not so important, in fact I want to forget about it.” He gazed into space, thinking about that issue and only snapped out of it, when Samira called his name.

“Eros.” His eyes moved to her face. “Do you want to talk about it? You look pensive.

“No, it’s passed and gone. Besides, remembering it makes it hurt even more.

Samira suddenly became curious after his words. She wanted to know what happened to him. Why he was hurt? Was it because of a woman? Did she break his heart or something? She really wanted to ask, but also did not want to seem nosey.

As if reading her mind, he said. “It was not a woman, but my best friend who betrayed me. Once upon a time I was a big shot lawyer, working with one of the biggest firms in the country. One day, I won a case and got a job offer outside the country. I told them yes, because it was a very big opportunity for me.” Eros had no idea why he was telling but he could not stop himself either.

“That night, my best friend and I went out to celebrate. I got stinking drunk and he took me home. The next morning, I woke up to the sound of police men barging into my house. I was arrested and accused of embezzlement and corruption. My license was revoked and I spent two years in prison. My best friend got my job and then I moved here for a fresh start.

Samira was speechless. What he revealed to her was even worse than what she had imagined. What he went through was very serious and it was very evident that he has not moved on from it.

“Why didn’t you clear your name? That bastard has to pay for framing you.” She said, getting angry.

“I want to put everything behind me and move on.” He told her.

“No, Eros you can’t put this behind you. You paid for a crime you did not commit. You have to clear your name and that bastard has to pay for what he did to you.” Her chest was rising and falling rapidly, as anger burned in her eyes.

“Samira, come here.” Eros caught her between his arms and stroked her hair. “Just breathe.” He whispered and continued stroking her until she calmed. Silence fell between them afterwards, as they laid wrapped in each other’s arms, listening to the birds chirping in the trees, breathing in clean and fresh air. Soon they drifted off to sleep.

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