The next day the sisters were supposed to go back to the city, but then the unfortunate happened.

“The bridge collapsed last night because of the storm.” Marcello reported this at breakfast.

Nana gasped. “This is bad. When this usually happens it takes a whole week to repair it.” She sighed and then mumbled something in Spanish.

The sisters exchanged glances and then knew instantly, that they both did not want to go back today anyway. Samira was glad that they get to stay for a week because she had been terrified this morning when she woke up and remembered that they would be leaving. Her heart had sunk and she thought she would lose her love before actually having it.

Tamera on the other hand, was also looking forward to getting to know Marcello better. They were attracted to each other and she felt some kind of connection between them.

“Samira…” She heard her name and then snapped back to reality. “I asked if you are okay.” Eros said and then she nodded.

“Yes, yes, I’m fine.” She managed a smile for him, but deep down she was crumbling. Dropping her cutlery, she pushed her chair back and stood up. “Excuse me.

Samira walked out of the dining room and rushed out of the farmhouse. She turned left and walked, having no idea where she was going. She wanted to be far away from people when she bursts into tears. But there were workers everywhere.

“Samira.” A voice called her name. She glanced backwards and saw Eros on her heels. “Where are you going?” She turned and ran.

She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, but still he was on to her. She rounded a corner and saw a large room. Moving to the door, she pushed it open and went inside. Eros soon went in after her. The room was a storage place for hay, straw and other animal food. There was nowhere else to run to now.

“Samira, what the heck?” He said, breathless. “Why did you run away?” He asked and approached her. She stood with her back to him without moving. Now he was right behind her.

“Samira, what happened?” He asked and then she faced him with tears trimming down her face. That sight tugged at his heartstrings and then he quickly threw his arms around her. “I’m sorry. Samira I’m sorry.” He said, although having no idea what made her cry.

Her cries became loud as her shoulder slouched towards him and he held her tight. “I… am… such… a fool.” She said between snobs.

“No, you’re not.” He said as his fingers raked through her hair in a soothing motion.

She burst out of his arms and then paced around, while talking.

“Yes I am. I never opened my heart to anyone because I know I will not have time for them. Then, I opened my heart to you and I thought we were going to be happy together and nothing will separate us. Now I realized that I did not think about it when I agreed to be your girlfriend. You are a farmer, you live here, and I am the CEO of ABC. I cannot stay forever in this ranch because my job is not here. It is in the city. My home is there. Everything of mine is over there.

“I can’t ask you to move to the city with me because your life is also here, not there. You have your farm, your family and your life. I cannot take that away from you. It just will not be right. I just realized a moment ago that we cannot work. We will not work. We are two very different people. We live two very different lives and we both love what we do. Am afraid that what we started yesterday might not last long, so let’s just end it right here, right…”

Samira was suddenly cut off when Eros lurched himself at her and fused his lips with hers. She tipped over and they landed on a stack of straw behind her. He covered her fully and kissed her long and deep.

“Don’t you DARE say something like that again.” He warned when he finally released her lips. “Don’t speak of such nonsense.” He added, while raising himself over her.

“It’s not nonsense, Eros. I am only reasoning here.” She challenged, but he shook his head in refusal.


“Yes. Let’s face reality here.” A tear trickled down her face. “I like this. I like what we have here, but we won’t last.


“Eros, please let me finish.” She begged. “I like us together but if you ask me to come live here with you I can’t. I will not do it because my life is not here. And am sure you will not want to leave your ranch and come with me to the city because your life isn’t there.

“Samira, the future is unknown so don’t even worry yourself and think about it. Think about right now. Think about here. Think about us. Don’t think about tomorrow and just live in the now.” Eros said and she shut her eyes as more tears fell out.

“I can’t. I studied business and one always had to estimate the results of every decision they make. And the result of our future is blank.” Her eyes were open now.

“Business does not apply to matters of feelings. And how do you know that we have no future? Are you God?” That shut her up and then he went on.

“It’s only God who knows what the future will look like. What we mortals have to think about is getting through the day and He will work out the tomorrow. Samira, I want you. I want us. Please don’t do this to us and let’s just enjoy the time we have together.

With those words, his lips came down on hers. She allowed herself to flow into the moment and just follow what her heart told her. Eros’s words were sweet to hear, but reality was cruel. If they did not end this right now and waited until it was time for her to go, it would be more painful to say goodbye.

Her brain was screaming to her the facts and reality of it, but her heart was speaking a different language. Samira allowed herself to be swayed by Eros’s words and pushed the thoughts of a break up out of her mind…for now.


“Where have you been?

These were Tamera’s words when Samira entered their room. She closed the door behind her and then moved towards her bed.

“Samira I asked where you have been.

“Out.” She replied, getting irritated.

“I know you went out. We all saw how you run out of the dining room.” Tamera closed the magazine she borrowed from one of the maids and then rose from her bed. “Eros went after you as well.” She added.

“We went to talk, okay?” Samira snapped and then started unbuttoning her shirt.

“Talk or did you make love?” Tamera teased while pulling out a straw from her sister’s hair. “I vote, make love.” She added, grinning.

Samira groaned and quickly rushed into the bathroom. Once the door was locked, she crouched to the floor and cried. Her tears were like a waterfall, never ending. She tried to control it, but it only got worse.

Tamera, who was standing outside the bathroom, listened to her sister’s sobs with a broken heart. She was sad. She was worried for her. And to top things off, she had no idea why she was crying. Was it because of Eros? Did he do or say something to her?

Anger boiled inside her as she turned on her heels and rushed out the door. Tamera folded her hands by her side and prepared to interrogate the crap out of him. If she should come to know that he did something to hurt Samira, only the lord would be the only one to save him from her wrath.

Tamera barged into Eros’s office without knocking. His head came up from the file he was reading as soon as the door banged. She stood in front of his desk with murderous eyes aimed at him. She could not believe that he could be calmly working after making her sister cry. Well, he would get it from her.

“What did you do to my sister?” Was the first thing she screamed at his face?

“I didn’t do anything to her.” He replied and then asked. “Has something happened to her?

“You tell me!” She banged both hands on his desk, angrily. “You went after her so you should explain to me why she’s crying her eyes out in the bathroom.

Eros shot to his feet and then Tamera quickly stopped him. “Don’t even think about going in there. I will not let you see my sister after you hurt her.” She warned.

“I didn’t hurt her.” He said.

“Then why is she crying?” She yelled.

“She wants us to breakup!” He raised his voice and then slammed into his chair. Leaning back on it, he rushed his fingers through his hair in frustration.

Tamera stared in surprise. “Breakup?” She gasped and then added. “She didn’t tell me you two were together. W… why does she want to break up?

Eros sighed, feeling reluctant to talk about it. She saw it and then quickly changed her question. “So what did you say?

“I said, no.

Without wasting any more time, she walked out of the office. Tamera tried not to freak out, not to think about them breaking up. She could not let that happen. She would not!

They are meant to be together! She would go to their room right now and talk some sense into that stubborn sister of hers.

As Tamera rounded the corner, Marcello the foreman met her at the curve. “Oh hello, beautiful.” That sexy Spanish accent of his and the musky scent rolling off him, casted a spell on her.

“Marcello.” Tamera blushed while he took her hand and raised it to his lips.

“I was coming to get you. Your horse is ready. It’s time for your training.

That was all it took, for her to forget everything and then went with him.


It was almost lunchtime when Tamera came back to their room. Samira was sitting in the bed looking at something in her laptop. Moving straight towards her bed, Tamera sat down and then asked.

“Are you okay?

Samira glanced back at her with a smile and then replied. “Yes, I’m fine.

Tamera quickly threw her arms around her sister and crushed her to her chest. “Please don’t cry that much again.” She said. “I was so worried about you.

“I won’t.

When they separated, there was a lone tear hanging at the corner of Samira’s eye. Her loving sister wiped it away with a sad smile before asking. “Seriously why did you suggest that you break up?

It was very difficult for Samira to speak about this, but there was no escaping her sister. “Because we won’t last.

“How do you know you two won’t last?

“Because, we agreed to break up when the time comes.

That reply brought tears to both the sister’s eyes and they broke down crying together.

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