Tamera looked up at the dark sky and then at the door. Nervously, she rose from the bed and paced the room. She was worried about her sister. Nana told her Samira went to the riverside to cool off. But that was three hours ago! She has been gone for a long time.

“Where are you?” She wondered, impatiently.

Almost instantly, the door opened and then Samira entered. Tamera rushed to her. “Oh my god, where have you been?” She questioned.

“I was cooling off at the riverside.” Samira replied and then moved towards her bed.

Tamera followed while talking. “Yes, I know that. But why did you take so long? At least you should have taken your phone with you. I was so worried sick that something ha…” She stopped mid-sentence when she noticed something.

“Where is your bra?

Samira froze for a moment. Looking down at her chest, she spoke. “My bra? That’s weird. Where did it go?” She met Tamera’s gaze again and added. “I definitely wore a bra this morning. Oops, then it might have flown off to somewhere.

Tamera listened to her sister speak nonsense and then realization hit her. “What did you do?” It was in a serious tone at first, and then she smiled. “Samira don’t tell me you gave yourself to Eros.

“I didn’t.” She replied and then Tamera looked confused.

“So where is your bra?” She was back to the first question.

“The river carried it away, okay?” Samira turned to move to the bathroom, but Tamera blocked her path.

“Something happened between you and Eros didn’t it?” There was excitement in Tamera’s voice as she asked. “You made love at the riverside, that’s why the water took away your bra.

“Nothing happened.” Samira insisted.

“No, something happened. You went out today as a virgin and came back a woman huh?” Tamera grinned and poked her sister in the ribs. Samira’s cheeks went scarlet and hence confirmed her sister’s suspicion.

Samira quickly rushed into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. With her back against the door, she pushed her blushing face into her palms and grinned. She undressed and got into the bathtub. While bathing, she recalled every little thing Eros did to her in the river.

Tamera was waiting on her bed when she exited the bathroom. Her grinning face told Samira she would not stop asking until she told her what happened.

“Right here.” Tamera tapped on the bed and then made room for her to sit down.

“Fine.” She gave in and then Tamera squealed. “But am not giving any details.” Her sister’s smile shrank, but did not vanish. Samira clasped her hands together and started her tale.


It was raining uncontrollably when the sisters went downstairs for supper. Eros was already there. He wore a sweatshirt over sweatpants and his wet hair falling on his face, made him look hot.

“Hi.” He said as the sisters sat down and flashed a secret smile towards Samira. She blushed and then tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.

Tamera noticed what they did and pretended not to. Looking away, she decided to give them some time to flirt with each other. She sighed with contentment that her sister was finally listening to her heart. She was happy for her. Now, work will not be all she thinks about.

After dinner, the sisters were moving to their room when Eros called.

“Samira, can I talk to you for a second?

“Yes, sure.” She replied and then asked Tamera to go ahead without her.

Eros walked up to her and then entwined her fingers with his. As soon as Tamera rounded the corner, he wrapped an arm around Samira and then brought her into his arms. In a swift motion, he claimed her lips. His mouth moved over hers until she parted her lips and allowed his tongue inside her mouth.

The kissed was getting heated when he pulled away. Samira pouted at his withdrawal. Their gazes locked and they admired each other longingly. He reached out and caressed her face, then pulled her into a hug.

Eros wanted to hold her against him to be sure that she was real. Because in the past, all his happiness has been taken away from him. He was scared this might only be a dream. Samira’s soft body pressed against his gave him the assurance that this was real. His heart pounded in his chest as her arms went around him. This was real. He told himself.

“Samira I don’t know why I’m like this with you.” He whispered into her hair.

“I don’t know why am like this with you either.” She said, truthfully. “This is the first time I let a man into my life.

Eros pulled back to look into her eyes. “Really?


“So you’ve never dated anyone before?” He asked and started walking. She followed suit.

“Not seriously. I dated only one boy in high school and it was because he was popular. But for college, I was too busy with my books to think about having a boyfriend.” She explained.

“You sure are one smart woman.” He pinched her chin and she chuckled, and then went further.

“After I graduated from college, I didn’t have time for relationships as I took up full responsibilities at the company. Men wanted to date me, but I only went out with them for their business deals.

Eros suddenly, but gently pushed her against a door and asked. “Wait, so are you going out with me because of the deal?

“Excuse me mister.” Samira pushed at his chest. “But I don’t remember you asking me to be your girlfriend.” She smirked and then he stepped towards her.

He placed both palms on either side of her and caged her between his arms. Then he asked. “So if I ask, will you say yes?

Samira confidently folded her arms and told him. “Well, that all depends on the business deal we’re going to sign.

“Are you serious?” He gasped.

Samira chuckled. “Of course not, am just kidding.

“So Samira Alvaro, will you be my girl…, wait.” Eros paused and then looked out into space. “Is it girlfriend or my woman?” he asked her.

“It’s girlfriend.” She grabbed his sweatshirt and pulled his mouth down on hers.

Their lips met in a sweet kiss and he quickly opened the door behind her.

They stumbled into his room and then he carried her to the bed. Their mouths kissed fervently and hands explored curiously.

Samira lifted up his sweatshirt, pulled it over his shoulders and tossed it to the floor. Then her fingers touched him. The carpet of hair on his chest was soft and ticklish against her fingertips. Her hands moved lower, feeling his god-like features and drawing an imaginary picture of it.

Eros groaned in pleasure as she touched him and he wanted to give her the same pleasure she was giving him. Moving his hands to her jumpsuit, he pulled the zip at the front and revealed to his lustful eyes, two perky and perfectly shaped breasts. He lowered his mouth on one and then held the other. He nuzzled and played with her nipples, then switched.

Her nails dug into his back as her release came near. She screamed his name as she came down from her high. He did not end there this time. He slipped her jumpsuit lower, exposing her stomach and then explored it with his tongue. Her nails dug dipper into his back, but he did not feel it at all because drank on feeling.

Samira’s head fell backwards, against the headboard as desire surged through her.

“Eros, oh Eros.” She moaned and prayed for him not to stop.

His blood boiled and pumped to his lower region making him hard. He wanted to satisfy his carnal craving, but he did not want to mess this up. This woman in his arms was very special to him. She meant so much to him even though he had only just met her. He wanted this to work. He wanted them to work.

Slowly, he raised himself and looked into her face. Tears hang at the corners of her eyes, her lips swelled from their kisses and her face flushed.

“I didn’t… I am sorry. I shouldn’t have.” He apologized. “I brought you here to see the business proposal and I ended up…” He looked down at her naked body beneath him and then his blood started to heat up once again.

“No, no. No need to apologize.” Samira pulled up the jumpsuit to cover herself. “I understand.” She smiled.

“Thank you.

Eros helped her fix herself before showing her the business proposal. It was everything she ever wanted in a great deal. He insisted she reviewed it properly before signing. However, she signed without reviewing it, because she foresaw that they would work together for a long time to come.

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