Eros got on the horse, sitting behind Samira. One of his hands went around her waist while the other held the reigns. Samira lent against him and held on to his arm for dear life as the horse started movement.

She bit down on her lower lip to stop herself from screaming. Her trick worked when the horse was still trotting, however, the moment it started running, she screamed on top of her lungs and pushed further into Eros, who laughed uncontrollably.

They arrived at the field in no time, all thanks to Storm who was really very fast. Eros helped her get off and they went round the field, looking at the grapes. Samira liked what she saw. The grapes were big, juicy and nothing like the grapes of the other farmer. Eros made her taste it for herself and it was very delicious. With grapes like these, it would surely boost productivity and consumer rates.

After inspecting everything and was assured by Eros that this would be a good business deal for both parties, she agreed to it. By the time they got back to the farmhouse, the sun was high up in the sky and the place was very warm. Most of the male workers were shirtless and the female workers wore only crop tops.

“Shade at last!” Samira sighed when Eros pulled Storm to a stop under the shade of a peach tree. He chuckled and helped her get off.

“I will take Storm to the stables now.” He told her and then walked away.

The place was so warm that even the air, which blew was hot. Samira was not used to such harsh conditions. Hence she really craved to cool off somewhere, anywhere. If only they had a pool. Samira left the shade and then rushed into the house. Nana was in the kitchen when she entered.

“Good afternoon, Nana. By any chance is there a pool in this house?” She asked.

“Yes, of course. But the water might be over a hundred degrees by now. The sun is brutal today.” Nana replied while moving around the kitchen and picking ingredients.

“Oh, that’s a pity.” Samira sighed and then collapsed in a chair. Placing her hands on the kitchen island, she supported her cheek with her palm.

“There is a river not too far from here, though.” That brought a smile to Samira’s face and she looked interested. “It’s surrounded by trees, so the water is always cool.

“Mmm, that sounds refreshing.” She could already picture herself chilling in that river.

“If you take the back door, you will get there in no time.” Nana directed.

“Thank you.

Samira burst out of the back door in happiness. She walked as fast as she could to get out of the scorching sun. Damn it, she wished she had taken her sun block with her. Anyway, she had no idea the sun here would be so harsh.

In no time, she reached her destination. The river was hiding behind some cocoa and palm trees. It was a good thing, because she intends to strip and stay in it for a while. She only hoped no one else showed up.

Samira quickly discarded her clothes, leaving on her underwear and jumped into the water. It was very clean and the temperature was just right. Her body cooled instantly and she swam around a bit.

This place was beautiful. There were birds chirping in the trees, flowers and grasses growing along the bank and nature was everywhere. She wished they had a place like this back at home. This was much better than a swimming pool.

“Do you like it?

Samira almost had a heart attack when the voice spoke. Turning around, she found Eros sitting at the bank.

“You almost gave me a heart attack.” She stated a fact.

“Thank God, I didn’t.” He said, smiling.

“Well yes, I like it.” She replied to his earlier question and then went back to swimming around. She swam a distance away from where Eros was, before turning around again. She was surprised when he disappeared from there, with only his clothes lying where he once sat.

Her heart pounded in her throat, as she knew he was in the water. He wound try to pounce on her, no doubt. With eyes wide opened, she looked for a sign of him. Turning round and round, she tried to spot him.

“Eros?” She called.

There was silence. She got a feeling in the pit of her stomach that he was going to sneak up on her any moment.

A few moments passed and her heart skipped a few more beats. She swallowed hard. Why was he not resurfacing? The worst thought crossed her mind. Did he drown?

Eros suddenly appeared behind her, yelling ‘boo.’ She screamed on top of her lungs. “Samira, it’s me.” He said.

“Don’t you scare me like that again?” She panted and drew in sharp breaths, chest raising and falling rapidly.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” He apologized as she glared at him with big beautiful brown eyes.

“I hate surprises!” She added after catching her breath.

“Okay. No more surprises.” He promised.

They fell silent after that. Samira went back to swimming while Eros watched her. He thought she looked sexy in her white brassier and matching panties. She dipped in the water and resurfaced. Her hands pushed back wet hair and then slid down her neck to her breasts.

Instantly, blood pumped to his loins and he thought of how his hands would look on her body. She smiled and then threw water on him. He quickly returned the favour, and thus began a water fight.

Samira splashed water until she was exhausted and then she tried to escape Eros’s big splashes, by swimming away.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He chuckled and swam after her.

“No, no!” She squealed in excitement as he gained on her.

“I’m coming to get you.” He drawled.

She swam until she could not anymore and stopped. Her chest rose and fell as she breathed heavily. Fixing her eyes on Eros, she waited for him to reach her.

“Why did you stop swimming?” He asked when he surfaced in front of her.

“I got tired.” She replied, honestly.

Locking gazes with him, she admired his gorgeous blues eyes. They sparkled just as they did in her dream this morning. Her eyes trailed to his chest and impressive abs. It was as if everything she saw in her dream was actually real. Every sexy muscle her dream Eros had, the real Eros standing in front of her did as well. Or unless, it hadn’t been a dream.

“Samira, I hope you don’t mind me asking but are you single?

She was silent for a moment before answering. “Yes.

Eros’s heart did a happy dance and a smile broke on his face.

“Are you?” Samira returned the question and he gladly replied. “Yes.

“That’s a surprise!” She added quickly

“Why is it?

“I don’t know. Maybe I figured a man like you will be in a relationship.” She replied.

“A man like me? I’m sorry, would you mind elaborating on that?

“I am only wondering why the women of Adibo hasn’t come for you yet. I mean, you are a very handsome young man with a great body and maybe a good educational background as well. Like can’t they see it? Or women in this town don’t have the eyes to spot valuable things?

“Do you know what?” Eros asked while swimming closer to her. “I think those men in the city also don’t have the eyes to spot valuable things.

“Why so?” She asked without breaking eye contact with him.

“Because, I know so.” He replied. “I know because they didn’t catch this wonderful woman, but you know what? It’s a good thing they didn’t, so I can have you all for myself.

Their lips met in an instant. Moving closer together, they wrapped their arms around each other. Samira’s breasts pressed against his torso and his chest hair tickled her flesh. Their lips moved in sync, tasting, exploring and savouring the moment.

Slowly, their lips fell apart and then fused together once again, with an intensity much stronger than before. This second kiss was unlike the first. It was passionate, sweet and filled with lust.

Eros’s hands moved around her body, exploring every inch of her. His blood boiled and pumped rapidly through his veins. He was aroused and so was she. Her nipples tingled, her skin burned anywhere he touched and the feminine part between her legs throbbed. She wanted to pull away and stop this but she had never felt anything like this before. The emotions were insane and her heart raced like a wild beast.

His lips tore away from her mouth and cut a path along her throat with his tongue. His hot mouth there only fuelled her desire and she wanted now more than ever, for a man to take her. Not just any man, but Eros Johnson.

Eros lifted her into his arms and she wrapped her legs around his waist. His genitals were situated right between hers. This only enhanced the throbbing between her legs and warmed her up even more. If it were not for the cool water rushing between them, she would have caught fire by now.

His fingers moved along her back to unclasp her bra. Once her breasts were free of their captors his lips found one of her nipples. While his mouth devoured one nipple, his hands massaged the other.

Samira’s head fell backwards from the hurricane of emotions that hit her. Biting down on her lip, she stopped herself from screaming out. Her stomach tightened and the throbs between her legs got faster. Her breath hitched and her eyes rolled back.

“Eros.” She moaned. That very instant, that knot which was in her stomach uncoiled. Just like a volcano, she erupted, getting her release.

A few moments later, he was dipping her into the water. When they resurfaced, he kissed her lips, long and hard.

“This was your first time wasn’t it?” He asked after releasing her lips and she gasped, suddenly feeling embarrassed.

Was it that obvious?

She thought as her eyes strayed from his. She did not think he would know that she had never experienced this before. Was it a problem that this was her first time? Why? Would he not want her again now that he knows she was ignorant of such sexual activities? She should have known better than to think that it would not matter.

“Why? Does it matter?” She asked while turning away from him.

“Samira,” Eros took her hand. “It doesn’t matter. Actually am glad that I gave you your first orgasm.

Samira’s cheeks burned as she went back to face him. She was about to add something to that when she saw something white swimming away. “My bra!” She screamed and went after it.

Eros quickly dived after it too and as he was a fast swimmer, she allowed him go on. He chased after it and it kept floating further and further away from them. “No!” She said when it turned a corner and then disappeared.

Eros came back unsuccessful, as the bra was faster than he was. “Before you say anything, do you have any spare bras with you or should I buy you some?

Samira chuckled. “No thank you mister. I do my own shopping.” She told him and then headed towards the riverbank.

“Are we leaving already?” Eros asked, floating on the water.

“Uh huh.” She replied, while raising herself out.

Samira grabbed her shirt and slipped her hands inside it. She buttoned it up and then took her jeans. Eros came up behind her and whispered into her ear.

“You are so very hot and sexy right now.

She turned around to face him with a smirk. “I know.

“Then you should also know that, I am tempted to rip your clothes off and make love to you.” He said, eyes darkening with lust. His lips descended on hers swiftly, kissing her slowly and sweetly. When he released them, he whispered again.

“Yes, we should head back.” He looked up at the dark clouds forming in the sky and then added. “It looks like it’ll rain any moment from now.

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