Samira was in the middle of a sweet dream, when a wonderful scent filled her nostrils, drawing her out of sleep. It was the same woodsy smell on Eros’s shirt that night. And the same one she got from him when he hugged her. Where was it coming from?

Rolling on her side, she opened her eyes and found herself staring into the room, a window away from hers. Tucking her arms under her head, she drew in the intoxicating smell. A man suddenly appeared from the bathroom, with a towel wrapped around his waist as water dripped from his wet black hair and rolled down his back.

The man’s skin was tanned brown and smooth. She knew it was impolite to ogle at him, but it was very hard for her to look away either. She had never seen such muscle and flesh. On TV, yes. But not in real life. He moved to his dresser and started smearing himself with a lotion he took from the drawer.

The movement of his hands on his body was so erotic, her skin started to tingle from watching him. Who is he? She asked herself. Up until now, she had not seen his face and it was killing her. She wanted to know whose body was so appealing that it caught her attention and refused to let it go.

She got her answer when he suddenly spun around. Those electric blue eyes, that nose and the breath-taking smile, belonged to that one person she found very attractive. Her mouth hung slightly open when her eyes fell to his torso. It looked like the work of a very talented artisan, well detailed and beautiful.

Before she could get over the shock of Eros and his beautiful body, he had already crossed the room and was now standing at his window, locking gaze with her. “Hi.” He smiled.

“H… hi,” her voice trembled and she cleared her throat. That smile and body were warming up her cheeks and making her stomach flip.

“How was your night? Was the bed comfortable? Was there enough air? If you have any issues just let me know.

“Y…yes. Everything w…was fine. T…thank you.” Samira was a nervous wreck. Her heart was pounding in her chest, her whole body was trembling and she could not tear her gaze away from his captivating eyes.

She found it difficult to understand how the self-control she usually had on herself was lost all of a sudden. Her brain was telling her to look away, that it was impolite to stare too long at a man -a half-naked man at that- but her body was not responding to that command.


“Eros.” She did not know she had left her bed and moved to stand by her window, until when he reached his hand out his window and touched her face.

“You look very beautiful in your sleep and even more beautiful when you are awake.

He flushed her, a smile and then everything went black after that. Before she knew it, Tamera was calling her name.

“Samira, what are you looking at?” Samira spun around and found her sister clad in a bathrobe. Her hair was wet and the look on her face was questioning. “I asked what you were looking at.

“Uh...” Samira mumbled and glanced back at the window next to hers. It was closed and the curtains drawn.

All of a sudden, she wondered if everything that happened was a dream. Had Eros not been in the next room across from hers, half-naked? Had she not seen his gorgeous body? Had he not reached out and touched her face with a warm hand?

“Samira…” Tamera called, getting exasperated.

“Huh?” She was lost.

“I said, go take your shower. We will be going to the grape farm today to check it and made our decision, remember?” Tamera watched her confused sister and wondered what had gotten into her.

Did she have a nightmare? Was that the reason why she was acting strange? And why was she staring at the window?

“Yes, yes. The grape farm, I remember.” Samira was finally gaining back her sanity. Getting off the floor, she entered the bathroom while concluding that everything had been a dream.

It was almost 7am, when Samira finished dressing. Since this place was insanely hot, she opted for a white shirt over brown jeans and brown ankle boots. The first three buttons of the shirt were undone for ventilation.

As soon as she tied her hair in a ponytail, she opened the door and stepped out. Almost instantly, she collided with Eros and missed her step. He was quick to wrap an arm around her waist and sturdy her.

“Oops!” He smiled and their eyes examined each other.

Samira liked the way he was dressed today. He wore a red plaid shirt and undid the first three buttons, giving a small view of his toned chest. His slacks fitted him to perfection and the boots were simply amazing. He looked like a model from a cowboy magazine.

Eros also loved the way she looked. He would be lying if he said he did not like that, she left the first three buttons of her shirt open. He loved it and also, loved that her hair was in a ponytail. It showed her creamy neck which he did not know she had. He caught sight of her pulse, throbbing fast in her neck and wondered if she was nervous.

“I caught me a daisy.” He drawled.

“I agree on that one.” Tamera emerged from behind Eros, grinning.

“Me too.” He added and Samira wiggled out of his hold. He might be looking drop-dead gorgeous, but she was still upset with him.

“I don’t think…”

“No one asked you to think, Samira.” Tamera interjected her. “Now come, it’s time for breakfast. I am starving.” She walked on, leaving Samira and Eros still staring at each other. The air around them charged with electricity.

“Excuse me.” Samira said and moved first. Eros was not too far behind her.

Breakfast was tea with bread and Nana’s special juice. When they finished the meal, Eros took them outside. “So ladies, what mode of transportation would you prefer?” His gaze was on Samira as he asked. “Horseback or truck?

Tamera was quick to reply. “Horseback!

And Samira was quick to decline. “No, we go in a truck. It’s much safer.

“Ah, Samira come on. You are so boring! Horseback riding will be fun.

“No, it will be dangerous.

“I don’t care. You can drive your truck, but I am riding a horse.

“Then you will be riding with me.” A Spanish accent interrupted them and then Tamera turned around to find a handsome man behind her.

This man was taller than Eros, more tanned and muscular. He got a beard and sharp grey eyes, which suited his wild features. All the buttons on his shirt were undone, so well chiselled abs were on full display. His jeans fit snugly and shaped his legs and his feet were in a pair of leather boots.

Tamera found herself staring in awe at the Greek god in front of her. She thought she had seen all the men in the world, but boy was she wrong. This man was out of this earth.

“Is it me, or did it just get hot out here?” Tamera smiled.

“No, it’s not only you. I feel it too.” The man replied and stepped closer to her, making her cheeks warm up. “Marcello, at your service.

“Tamera.” She blushed even more when he flushed her, a dazzling smile.

Samira watched in disbelief as her sister openly flirted with the man called Marcello. She could not believe their guts.

“How about that?” Eros whispered in Samira’s ear, startling her. She spun around and found him unbelievably close. “I think Tamera has found love.” He added with a look in his eyes, which she could not decipher. He held her gaze and continued.

“I promise to hold you tight, just say yes.

Samira was hypnotized. She could not look or turn away from him. He held her captive of his alluring eyes, which whispered mischief. Her lips parted and the word came out. “Yes.

“Great.” He smiled at her and lifted his head up, signalling to Marcello. “Let’s go.” Eros took her hand and led her to a white horse.

“Oh my God, she’s beautiful.” Samira gasped while studying the form of the powerful horse standing before her. “Or is it a he?” She asked just to be sure.

“It’s a she.” He stated. “Go on and touch her.” Eros said while untying the reins of the horse from the stick. He patted the horse on the sides. “Come on, touch her. She wouldn’t bite.

Samira hesitated for a moment. She took cautious steps forward and held out her hand. Slowly, her fingers brushed its mane and she quickly withdrew it as if it was hot coal, when the horse was turning its head towards her hand.

“Come on. Try again. She seems to like you.” Eros gave her a reassuring nod and smile and then she tried again. The horse’s mane felt soft under her fingers and she smiled. “Her name is Storm.” He told her.

“Wow. Storm, what a nice name you have there.” Samira said and continued to pet it.

“It’s time to go.” Eros said and she suddenly took a nervous step backwards. “You will enjoy the ride I promise.” That was not enough assurance on her safety, but considering the fact that it might be fun got her asking.

“You will hold me really tight?

“Very tight.” He assured her while taking her hand and tugging the reluctant Samira closer to the horse. His hands went around her waist and he easily raised her onto the horse’s back. Samira gripped Storm’s mane.

“Loosen up. You don’t want to scare Storm or else she’s going to take you running into the fields.” Eros warned.

“Just get on and hold me already!” She snapped and he laughed heartily.

“As you wish, my lady.

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