Samira walked inside and appeared in a hall. There were two staircases on either ends of the room leading up to the next floor, a back door exactly opposite from the front and a large antique chandelier hug from the ceiling.

Their bags were standing by the staircase and one of the two young women who came out to meet them, was approaching with an elderly woman also in the same uniform.

“Welcome to El Paraiso, ladies.” The elderly woman greeted in a Spanish accent with a broad smile. “I am Elisa, but you can call me Nana, everybody here does.” She chuckled and the sisters smiled. “This is Jasmine.” She pointed to the young woman beside her and she smiled. “I was told you ladies are from the Alvaro Beverage Company?” She said in question form.

“Yes, we are.” Samira replied and extended her hand to her. “I am Samira Alvaro, the CEO of ABC and this is my sister Tamera, the publicist of ABC.

“Wow, you came in person. It’s an honour to meet you.” Nana shook Samira’s hand and then Tamera’s. “Please come in.” They walked further into the room. “Alejandro is not home, so allow me to show you to your room.

Nana led them up the staircase, to the next floor. Their room was beautiful and spacious, made of polished wood, from the floor to the two four-poster beds on either side of the room, including the chairs.

“We will leave you to unpack now, and I’ll inform you when Alejandro returns.” Nana and the women who carried their bags exited the room.

“Mine,” Tamera pointed to the bed attached to the window, which overlooked the green vegetation of El Paraiso.

Samira turned to the other bed and there was nothing exciting outside her window except that it was directly opposite to someone else’s room. She could even see into that room since the curtains were open.

Sighing, she dragged her bag to the closet on her side of the room and started unpacking. Tamera was doing the same thing. Both of them were deep in thought about if they would ever see Eros again.

“Samira did you take his contact?” Tamera asked.

“No.” They did not need to mention a name because both of them knew whom they were referring.

“Why? Are you not attracted to him? Don’t you want to give him a chance?

“Yes and no.” Samira had finished unpacking. She plunged down on the bed with a long sigh.

“Yes you are attracted to him, and no you do not want to give him a chance. Why?” Tamera had also finished unpacking, and moved to look outside her bedside window.

“Why? Because I won’t get to see him again, can’t you see that?” Samira closed her eyes and tried to get thoughts of Eros out of her head, because he was the only thing on her mind. She could not get rid of thoughts of his arms hugging her, his intoxicating woodsy scent and his devilishly handsome face.

As soon as her eyes closed, an image of him was starting to form in her mind. “No.” She quickly opened her eyes and sat up in her bed.

“What if you see him again? Will you give him a chance?” Tamera asked hopefully.

“Well, that depends.” Samira replied.

“Depends on what?

She was silent.

“Samira, depends on what?” Tamera snapped and still she remained silent.

“I do not know what it depends on, but you guys have to get together right now.” She turned around to look at Samira at the other end of the room with a smile on her face. “Eros is outside!” Tamera screamed.

It took Samira milliseconds to get off her bed and run across the room to look out the window beside Tamera’s bed. There he was. Eros. Seeing him again brought an unexplained feeling to her chest and stomach.

Tamera watched the goofy smile on her sister’s face and the twinkle in her eyes and she knew this was more than just physical attraction. “Go and talk to him.” She urged.

“No.” Samira quickly looked away from the window and headed back to her bed. “It is only a coincidence that we are seeing him again. He might only to here to tell us that our truck has been repaired.

“Exactly! Go and find out if our truck is repaired.

There was a sudden knock on their door and Tamera moved away from the window to get it. The young woman called Jasmine was at the door with a polite smile plastered on her face. “Master Alejandro has arrived.

Tamera turned into the room and spoke. “Farmer Alejandro is in.” Samira got off her bed and walked to the door. They followed Jasmine downstairs and into the kitchen. Nana was there preparing something on the stove. Aromas of different types clashed in the atmosphere, creating a semblance of heaven.

“There you are, ladies.” Nana said and waved Jasmine away. “Please sit down, Alejandro will be here shortly.” She gave them stools and they made themselves comfortable around the kitchen island.

“Would you like something to drink?” Nana asked.

“Water will be fine for me.” Tamera replied and Nana turned to Samira waiting for her order. She simply shook her head and the old woman went to pour the glass of water. As soon as Nana turned away from the fridge, a smile spread across her face.

“Alejandro my boy, it’s good you’re here.” Nana smiled and the sisters rose to the feet and turned around only to be left stunned. “Come, you have some visitors.

Samira stared in disbelief. Was he really Alejandro? “Eros!” She gasped in bewilderment.

Nana saw the knowing look on Alejandro’s face, the surprised looks on the girls’ faces and she hinted something. “Have you already met?

“Yes, Nana. We met last night. They spent the night with me at the cabin.” Eros’s gaze was on a surprised Samira.

“Wait,” Samira spoke, turning towards Nana. “Are you sure this is farmer Alejandro? We met him yesterday and he’s name is Eros, not Alejandro.

Eros chuckled and explained. “My name is…”

“…Eros Johnson.

“Yes. The original owner of this farm, my grandpa, named me Alejandro. I do not use Alejandro officially and it’s only people of this town who know me by it.

“Eros is the same as farmer Alejandro?” Tamera asked feigning anger. Inside, she was jumping with glee. She was ecstatic that her sister’s love story was not yet over.

Her mind started scheming once again. She now had two extra days to get them together. All of a sudden, she started to believe God was giving his approval on their relationship and helping her by showing her a way when there was none.

Eros saw the look on Samira’s face. She was upset with him and he could tell that by the way she glared at him. Had he forgotten what happened when he lied to her before? She told him she hated lies. But he did not lie to her, did he? No. He did not tell her he was farmer Alejandro because he wanted to surprise her. Well she looked surprised… surprised and angry.

Samira turned to her sister and said. “I am going to the room. You handle it.

She turned on her heels and walked out of the kitchen without sparing Eros a glance. That was when he knew that she was beyond furious with him. “Excuse me.” He said.

“Yes dear.” Nana replied.

Eros ran up the stairs and caught up with her in the hallway. “Samira.” He called.

“Farmer Alejandro.” She replied without stopping. He suddenly grabbed her hand, causing her to stop abruptly.

Turning around, her eyes bore into his and he said. “It’s Eros.

“No, you are the farmer I came to do business with.

“Are you upset with me because I did not tell you I was Alejandro?

“Of course I am what do you expect?” Samira snapped. “I already told you I do not like being lied to. Why did you keep it away from us?

“I did not lie to you. I am only Alejandro when am on the farm and doing business and Eros when I am anywhere else. I did not mention anything because I was taking a break from business and it would have been unfair to my alone time if I had said anything.

Samira snatched her hand back and held her hips. She could relate to some parts of what he said. It was like that for her to. Whenever, she also went on a break from business, she did not like to talk about it. But still, that won’t make her forgive him easily.

“You still could have told me. You could have even mentioned it at the entrance, but you did not.


“It’s Miss Alvaro, to farmer Alejandro. You are back to the farm now aren’t you? So we will address each other formally.” With those parting words, Samira spun around and strode down the hallway before he could stop her.


Eros did not see the sisters for the rest of the day. They did not come down for lunch or supper, and their food was sent to their room. All day he thought of nothing but what Samira had said. He did nothing bad to her. He did not lie. But why had she gotten so angry and asked that they address each other formally.

Hell no! He thought.

He was not going to be formal with her after everything that had happened between them. He was attracted to her and there was no doubt that she found him attractive too. They had chemistry and lots of sexual tension between them.

Heck last night, her sexy looks had not allowed him to sleep. His t-shirt, although it had been large for her size, looked much better on her than it ever did on him. Her legs had dazzled in them. He had fantasied about her all night long and he was sure the Lord had been disappointed in him for his despicable act.

Samira Alvaro was something else. She was beautiful, sexy, hot-tempered and he was drawn to all that. This morning, she looked so beautiful that it was hard for him to think straight.

Eros sighed and slouched in his chair, extending his legs under the desk. He folded his arms behind his head and stayed in that position. His eyes stared into the dark office as he pictured the hug they shared that morning. Samira had been soft and small and smelled like baby oil.

“Alejandro.” The door suddenly burst open and light from the corridor entered the dark office room. Marcello, the foreman of El Paraiso stood in the doorway.

“Yes?” Eros asked, not moving from his position.

“Everything is ready for tomorrow.” Marcello spoke in a Spanish accent.

“Okay, thank you very much Marcello.” The foreman walked away.

Eros stayed there for a long time before finally leaving the office. The house was quiet and deserted as he walked to his room. He was feeling so warm that he quickly entered the bathroom and took a cold shower. However, unfortunately, it did not help cool his body.

The night was warm, but he was hot from thinking about Samira. Maybe if he stopped thinking about her, he would feel better. But he couldn’t, she was stuck to his mind like glue. He pulled on a pair of shorts and decided not to wear anything else. Before he went to bed, he turned on the ceiling fan in his room and went to open the windows for ventilation.

Eros’s breath stopped for a moment when saw Samira sleeping in the room across from his. Her window was open, the curtains rolled up and she was lying so gracefully on the bed. She was wearing a white silk nightie, which clang to her body and accentuated her curves. Her bedside lamp was on and the white light made her glow. He might not know what an angel looked like, but he bet Samira looked like one.

Smiling, Eros placed his hands on the windowsill and watched her. He would congratulate Nana tomorrow for a job well done. She chose the right room for them and Samira chose the right bed. She was just a window away from him and right now, he was tempted to jump in there and just sit on her bed and watch her sleep. And he would have done that if Tamera were not sleeping at the other end of the room.

Sighing, he thought. It was going to be another long night.

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