The next morning, Eros woke up very early. The rain had stopped somewhere in the night and today, the sun was shining very brightly behind the hills. He jogged round the cabin then took a shower and changed clothes. He even brewed some coffee, and still the sisters were not yet awake. Taking a seat at the dining table, he was back to get himself more tortured.

Last night, he hardly gained any sleep because of a certain somebody. Her shiny blonde hair, her delicate curves and sexy long legs had all called to him. And right now, they were doing the same thing and he could not resist but stare. She got her back turned to him so he was getting a good view of her perfectly shaped bums. That was probably the nicest one he had ever seen.

Eros closed his eyes, gulped down the cup of coffee, and went to pour himself another. As soon as he returned, she was awake.

“Good morning,” he could not help but greet her with a smile.

“Good morning,” Samira yawned and stretched herself. The shirt ran up her thighs and then he caught a glimpse of her panty. It was pink! “What time is it?” She asked and he looked at the watch clasped around his wrist.

“About ten minutes past eight.” Eros told her and she quickly got on her feet.

“Do you have a spare toothbrush?” Samira asked and he nodded.

“In the bathroom.” He replied and then she disappeared in there.

Samira walked out some time later and joined Eros at the dining table. He poured her a cup of coffee. They sipped their coffee in silence. Gazes clashing occasionally and the tension between them only intensifying. Once they finished their cups, Samira was the first to speak.

“I would like to go get our truck.

“Great, I will take you.” Eros took their cups into the kitchen.

They walked out of the cabin and then Samira saw a red Jeep parked in front. She was a little surprised, because last night, she had not noticed it when they arrived. It had probably been because it was dark and they were more concerned about getting shelter.

Eros took the steering wheel and she sat in the passenger seat. The drive down the hill was rough. However, the cool morning air and the beautiful scenery made it a lot better. They arrived at the pick-up truck within a couple of minutes and then Samira slighted from the jeep.

Everything seemed to be fine with the car and she was more than happy. Somewhere in the middle of the night, she woke up and was worried that perhaps thieves would try to steal their car, so seeing it in one piece was relieving.

“It’s still in great shape.” Eros seemed surprised.

“Yes. Now I will just have to take it to your cabin and after we bath and change clothes, we will continue our journey.” Samira spoke while unlocking the car. She entered the driver’s seat and tried to start the engine. On her first try, it started and then went off, but as she tried to start it again, nothing happened.

“What happened?” She looked devastated as she tried once again.

“Let me check under the hood and see what’s wrong.” Eros did and after a couple of minutes, he asked her to start it again. The engine started and then died. “It’s hopeless.” He declared. “It needs to be fixed by a pro.

“Do you know any mechanic around here?” Samira asked.

“There’s a mechanic in town, but not out here.” Eros replied.

“Then let’s go get him.” She got out of the vehicle and locked it up.

“Dressed like that?” Eros asked and glanced over at her. She was only in a T-shirt, which fell mid-thigh and a pair of muddy shoes. He did not have a problem with it. However, no one else should see those sexy legs.

“Oh, you’re right.” Samira looked down at herself. “I will have to change.

“Why don’t we put your bags in my car and I will drive you back to the cabin. After you and your sister have taken a shower, I will take you to town and then get the mechanic to come fix your truck.” Eros came up with a brilliant idea and she quickly agreed to it.

Together, they moved their bags into his Jeep and then started the drive back to the cabin. As Eros wheeled the car up the hill, he watched Samira from the corner of his eye and concluded that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

“You are here on a business trip?” He wanted to start a conversation with her. Also, he noticed the company name on the truck back there and just had to ask.

“Yes, on behalf of the company.” Samira replied.

“What kind of company demands that two beautiful ladies drive out here all by themselves, in the middle of a rainstorm?” There, he said it. They were beautiful. Samira was more beautiful though.

“A company looking for a new supplier.” She turned to look at Eros. “I work in a beverage company. Actually, I run the company.” She watched as Eros’s expression changed.

“Samira Alvaro of Alvaro Beverage Company (ABC).” She smiled and looked away from those electric blue eyes, but still felt them on her.

“Wait, so you’re the Samira Alvaro?” He gasped.

“The one and only.” She smirked.

“Why are you here, then? You are the CEO. You could have sent some workers.

“If you want things done the right way, do it yourself and I am doing just that. I am finding the company a competent and consistent supplier of grapes.

“What happened with your usual supplier?

Eros had just reminded her of the farmer who disrespected and threatened her company. Anger burned inside her as she recalled it. That bastard of a farmer had the guts to interrupt an important business meeting and demanded more money on each box of grapes he delivered. He even threatened to stop providing them with the grapes if they did not meet his demands.

Samira, as everybody knew, did not tolerate such behaviours. She had fired him instantly and cancelled all contracts they signed with him. She made them return the grapes he had delivered that day and had their monies, refunded.

“Let’s just say, he was not as dedicated to us as before. Plus I heard a farmer in this region grows the most delicious grapes with natural fertilizers.” She explained, averting her gaze to him once again and found his eyes on her. She wondered if he had forgotten that he was driving. His eyes were on her whenever she looked at him and she was starting to fear that he would get them killed if he did not stop looking at her so much.

“Which farmer will be supplying you with grapes now?” Eros asked and finally looked at the road.

“Farmer Alejandro, the owner of El Paraiso. I hear he is Spanish.” She replied and his alluring eyes were back to staring at her.

“El Paraiso?” He smiled.

“Do you know that farm or the farmer for that matter?

“Yes, who doesn’t know El Paraiso in this town? It is the biggest farm in this region with many kinds of vegetation grown there. Apples, oranges, grapes, tomatoes, carrots, you name it.

“Oh, then it looks like I made a good choice.” Samira said and he smiled while looking back at the road. “What made you smile?” She asked and studied his expression.

“I just have a feeling that something good is going to happen today.” Eros replied and glanced at her. “Don’t you feel it?” He asked and she nodded, smiling too.

“Surprisingly, I do.

They remained quiet after that little conversation, for the rest of the drive. Eros packed the car outside his cabin and they alighted. Tamera came out and met them on the porch. “Where have you guys been?” She asked.

“We went to take the truck, but unfortunately it could not start. Eros then offered to take us to town when we are ready and he would get a mechanic to come fix our truck.” Samira explained.

“Oh, sounds good.” Tamera drawled. “Then we better start getting ready now.

While the sisters got ready, Eros was in the kitchen fixing a proper breakfast. He made scrambled eggs, pancakes and more coffee. When they finished dressing in their off-the-shoulder tops and jeans, did their make-up and looked fresh, they all sat around the dining table and ate.

During breakfast, a particular person could not take their eyes off the other and Tamera loved it. The person’s behaviour only showed how much they were interested in the other person and she foresaw a fruitful combination of the two.

When breakfast was over, they did the dishes and then got into Eros’s car. He drove them into town. The sisters had wanted him to leave them in the middle of town so they would take a taxi to El Paraiso. However, he insisted to take them to their destination.

Samira found herself wishing they did not part with Eros. He was a kind man who rescued them from a storm, gave them shelter, food and clothing. Now that she had met Eros, she was starting to believe that generous souls did exist.

They passed a signboard, which informed them that El Paraiso was just around the corner and Tamera, got even more frustrated. All this while when she was planning to get Eros together with Samira, it skipped her mind that they would part ways the next day.

Now that the roof of El paraiso’s farmhouse was appearing in the distance, Tamera knew this would be the last time they would see Eros. She wished the rain had not stopped. She wished they would go back to his cabin and he would be together with Samira.

The farmhouse was in the middle of a vast emerald green field. It was a big house with pillars and arcs, kind of like a mansion and probably housed many of the employees. The place was buzzing with activity and the busy workers did not even notice the car, which entered their compound.

Eros curved the roundabout in the middle of the compound and pulled to a stop in front of two black gates. The sisters alighted and removed their bags out of the jeep.

The doors opened and two young women dressed in similar uniforms walked to them. “Greetings and welcome to El Paraiso.” They spoke, their voices thick with Spanish accents. Their welcome speech seemed well rehearsed and practiced.

“Thank you. We are from the Alvaro Beverage Compound.” Tamera told the women and then one of them nodded.

“Yes, yes, we were informed of your arrival. Please, come with us.” The young women took their bags and Tamera went with them while Samira stayed to bid Eros goodbye.

“Thank you once again for rescuing us.” Samira said as his sharp blue eyes pierced her delicate brown ones. This time, she did not look away as this was probably the last time she would get to see his beautiful eyes.

Eros’s eyebrow raised and he said. “I did not know you needed rescuing, because I clearly remember you confidently refused to leave your truck. I bet you thought I was some rapist or serial killer.” He hit the nail right on the head and she was impressed. Not so many people could predict her thoughts.

“You can’t blame me if I thought so.

“So you did!

“Affirmative.” There was no use denying it now.

Eros chuckled and stepped closer to her, towering over her small figure. “And did I do something to you?

His question carried many other questions within it, which he so desperately wanted to know her replies. He wanted to know if she felt explosions in her body as he did whenever their gazes locked. Did his smile make her heart do a funny dance as his did whenever she smiled?

Of course you did something to me, damn it. Samira thought.

Could he not see that she was trembling under his gaze right now? Her heart was pounding wildly in her chest and it is all because of him. She was so attracted to his beautiful eyes, full lips and gorgeous body. Samira wanted to tell him how he made her feel, but stopped herself. It was not worth it.

“Samira,” Eros called and she snapped back to reality. “Where is on your mind?” His hands were on her shoulders and the contact of his calloused fingers on her bare skin sent tingles down her spine.

“I…” Her voice trembled and she cleared her throat. “I was just thinking if I… uh… will we see you again?” She asked, hoping he would not sense the sadness in her voice.

“Yes.” He wrapped his arms around her and brought her close to him. She was small as compared to him and her body fitted perfectly well with his. He suddenly did not want to let her go.

“We will see each other very soon.” He assured as they pulled away. Samira watched him, unsure of it. She did not see where again they would ever meet, but Eros saw it. He knew they would meet again, sooner than she thought and it would be a surprise to her.

Samira waved at him and then started her walk to the gates. Her heart sank and she felt as if she had just lost someone important.

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