The storm tore at their hair and clothes as they moved. Mr Johnson’s cabin started to appear up ahead and he informed them. “We’re almost there, ladies.

That put hopes into their hearts and they pushed on. Sometime later, they reached the cabin and stepped onto the porch. “Let’s leave our muddy shoes here.” Mr Johnson pushed the screen door and then warm air blew over their faces.

“It’s a good thing I made the fire.” He said, relieved. The sisters could not agree more.

Eros Johnson entered his cabin and went to the fireplace to warm up his hands. The cabin was one large room divided by frosted glasses, into a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom and there were a few cushioned chairs packed by the fireplace as a sitting area.

“The lights went out a while ago and…” Mr Johnson became tongue-tied when he spun around and saw the figure standing in his doorway.

A few curly hairs were falling off a loose ponytail, over her temples. Her crop top clung to her like a second skin and he could see her bra underneath. Her skinny jeans were a little too tight and accentuated her curves. He watched her from head to toe and when he finally reached her eyes, he found them watching him.

“Samira, get in here. It’s warm.” Tamera broke the silence in the room and Mr Johnson looked away from Samira, clearing his throat.

“I will make dinner.” He said, exiting to the kitchen.

Samira’s gaze followed him as he went. She saw him when he was ogling at her. Did he find her as attractive as she found him? His looks now were more evident in the light than when they were out in the dark. Mr Johnson was taller than she thought and more muscular then she imagined. He has full lips, curly black hair and his electric blue eyes were as beautiful as his firm cheekbones. Damn, he was stunning!

“Samira.” Tamera called to her from the fireside and she took her eyes off him. Samira walked to her sister and crouched beside her. The warmth of the fire against her cold skin was a completely new feeling. “Look at you.” Tamera whispered while nudging Samira’s ribs and giving her a knowing smile.

“What?” Samira looked puzzled.

“Don’t act dumb with me because we saw the way Mr Johnson looked at you. And just right now, you were checking him out as well. You are attracted to each other.” Tamera whispered for only the two of them to hear. Samira smiled with a shake of her head and looked over her shoulder at Mr Johnson in the kitchen. “The guy is hot and I am hot. You cannot blame us for being attracted to each other.” Tamera rolled her eyes and dropped her butt on the wooden floor.

“Anyway, nothing is going to happen between us.” Samira ended and sat down as well.

They did not say anything about it again. However, both sisters were deep in thought.

Samira was not looking for a relationship, not now when there was a lot of work to do at the company. In fact, their journey to Adibo was for business and it would only be for two days. She and Mr Johnson did not stand a chance of building a relationship in two days, so she was not even going to think about it. He belonged to this town and she belonged to the city.

Unlike Samira who was being pessimistic about Mr Johnson and her, Tamera was optimistic about them. She loved her sister, even though they argued a lot, but which siblings did not fight? Anyway, she really thinks Samira needs a man in her life. She had always put work first and never really had time for relationships.

Sometimes, Tamera believed Samira’s nasty temper was because there was no man in her life. Tamera had made up her mind. She was going to make sure they got involved with each other. Someone needed to tame her sister’s wild side, and who better to do it than the hot stranger? Mr Johnson was a good catch and Samira, an even better one.


Mr Johnson finished boiling the noodles in no time and served them in three bowls. They sat around the small dining table and ate. “Thank you once again Mr Johnson, for taking us in for the night.” Tamera said.

“It’s my pleasure,” he replied. “Please, call me Eros.

“Alright Eros, call me Tamera and my sister, Samira.” Tamera replied with a chuckle and he nodded. “So, Eros, are there really cannibals out here?” She was curious to know.

“Actually, no.” Eros raised his gaze to look at Samira across the table from him. She was fully concentrated on the plate of noodles in front of her and looked anywhere, but at him. She tucked a lock of dry hair behind her ear. “I only said that so she would leave the car.

Samira finally looked at him. “You lied to me back there?” She asked, a frown creasing her forehead.

“It was the only way to get you out of the car.” Eros explained as her eyes narrowed at him and her frown deepened.

Samira pushed the chair back and got up. “Excuse me, I have lost my appetite.” She moved to sit in front of the fireplace with her back turned to them.

Tamera sighed and frowned inwardly. She could literally rip Samira’s head off right now and would not give a damn that she was her blood. It was because of her hot temper that Tamera had taken it upon herself to make sure she got involved with Eros so he would tame her. And now, she wants to ruin her plans by being annoying.

“She is not upset. She’s probably tired.” Tamera told Eros and started to pack their now empty bowls.

“No, I will do it. You can go sit with your sister.” He said and she nodded while handing the bowls over to him.

Tamera went to sit beside Samira in front of the fireplace. “That was totally unnecessary.” She whispered to her.

Samira ignored her sister, as she was feeling very cold. Now she regretted putting on the crop top and skinny jeans. But they had just been the right outfit to wear that morning because the place was sunny and warm. Right now, they seemed like a bad choice of clothing.

“Ladies, I got you some dry clothes.” Eros’s voice came from behind them and Tamera quickly got to her feet and accepted the bundle of clothing from him. It was a good thing he brought them, because she and her sister were starting to feel uncomfortable in their damp tank tops and jeans’.

Tamera entered the bathroom and examined the bundle of clothes. She found two extra-large t- shirts and shorts. These clothes were undoubtedly, his. A smile formed on Tamera’s lips as she thought of something devious.

While Tamera was underway with her plan, Samira remained seated by the fireplace. All she could think of were Eros’s eyes on her. He was looking at her and she felt it. His gaze was burning the back of her head and strangely, that felt good. It felt good that someone found her attractive even though she looked a mess.

Her make-up was more than twelve hours and the rain, washed away most of the powder. Her mascara was dried and she felt the broken little pieces hanging off her thick eyelashes.

Samira was not surprised at all, that he was attractive to her. She has had many handsome admirers asking her out and the fact that a man like Eros was attracted to her was not such a surprise, because she knew she was irresistible.

Eros could not get his eyes off her. He tried to concentrate on doing the dishes, but her body was just calling to him. Samira was the first woman who has him wrapped around her little finger without any efforts. Her eyes were enough to melt his insides and make him feel like a teenager again.

Eros what is happening to you?

He knew exactly what was happening to him. Eros was smitten.

The plate he was rinsing suddenly fell from his hand and shattered on the wooden floor. Cursing under his breath, he bent down and gathered the broken pieces into the bin. When he got on his feet again and looked over at the fireplace, she was gone.

Samira entered the bathroom and found Tamera already dressed in Eros’s t-shirt and shorts. The shirt was big and hung low to her thigh. The shorts fit her around the waist because of the elastic band, but it was buggy.

“Here. Get dressed.” Tamera tossed her a shirt and as soon as it landed in her hands, a good smell hit her nostrils.

Samira did not know which scent it was, but she loved it. She wanted to bury her nose into his shirt and smell more of it, but Tamera was with her and if she did that, it would mean she not only loved his looks, but also his smell. Fighting the urge, she undressed and then pulled the shirt over her head. It fell mid-thigh. She reached for the shorts on the counter. To her surprise, it fell apart.

“What happened?” Samira gasped and held up two separate pieces of fabric.

Tamera shrugged and pretended not to know anything. “That’s how I found it.” She said. “I think Eros did not know it was like this.

Samira sighed. “So I only get a shirt?” She groaned and placed the thorn shorts on the shelf. Now she wondered what Eros would think of her when he saw that she was only in a shirt. Would he think that she purposely refused to wear the shorts to tease him?

“Come on, let’s go.” Tamera said and walked out, Samira slowly followed behind her.

Eros was sitting at the dining table when they stepped out of the bathroom. He saw Tamera first in his t-shirt and shorts, and then when he saw Samira…his heart literally stopped. He suddenly placed the glass of water he had in his hand on the table and stared. Samira had one of the most amazing legs he had ever seen. They were long, slender, and smooth and the light was reflecting off them like gems.

Damn! This just got more torturous.

“Eros, where do we sleep?” Tamera asked and stepped further away from Samira, so he got a better view of her.

“One of you can sleep on the bed, and the other can arrange the chairs in front of the fireplace and sleep on it.” He explained and looked down at his glass of water.

“Where will you sleep?” Tamera wanted to know.

“Don’t worry about me. I will sleep in this chair.” He replied and looked up, and then his eyes went back to ogling Samira.

“Thank you very much.” Tamera expressed her gratitude and turned to face Samira. “I will take the bed.” She quickly hurried away before Samira said otherwise.

With Tamera taking the bed, Samira had no choice than to align the cushioned chairs and lay on it. Once the chairs fitted together, she laid down. Finding a comfortable position was a struggle until… She was lying on her back, with her hands on her stomach and legs crossed at the ankles. It was a good thing Tamera chose the bed. She thought. The fire was providing all the warmth she needed.

Her legs were glistening, her posture was sexy and her hair was attracting the light to it. In all, Samira looked like an angel… a sexy goddamn angel who was killing him with her looks.

Eros was feeling extremely warm and no matter how much water he drank, it could not cool him down. Eros felt like it was rather raining inside him and not outside, because his insides had all turned to jelly and were melting away. He was ashamed of himself for ogling at and thinking erotically about a woman he only just met, however he was not too ashamed to look away.

Samira was finding it hard to sleep, so she opened her eyes. “You can’t fall asleep?” Eros’s voice filled the room and she turned on her side to look at him. He was sitting in one of the chairs around the dining table, drinking water. There was a jug of water also on the table.

“Yes,” she replied and suddenly felt thirsty. “Can I have some water?” Samira got off her ‘bed’, and went to the dining table, while Eros went into the kitchen to get another glass.

When he returned, he set it in front of her and poured some water into it. “Thank you,” she took a sip as he returned to his seat.

“Were you upset about the cannibals?” Eros asked and she nodded.

“I hate being lied to.” She told him while placing the glass on the table.

“I understand.

That was when she noticed that he had also changed clothes. He was no longer in a brown leather jacket, black trousers and brown boots. Now he was in a t-shirt similar to hers with slacks. Samira’s eyes met with his and then simultaneously, thunder clapped and her heart skipped a beat.

“So, what are you doing here?” He asked and she looked away from his alluring electric blue eyes.

Samira had never been the type of person not to look into someone’s eyes when talking to him or her. It was the only way to know if a person were telling the truth or not. It is surprising however, how she could not maintain eye contact with Eros.

“We are here on business.” She replied and figured it was time to know something about him to. “What are you doing here?

“I always come up here every weekend to relax.” Eros replied and poured himself another glass of water. She noticed that he had already drunk three glasses of water since she came to sit with him.

He must be very thirsty. She thought and sipped on her own water.

“That’s it.” Samira yawned. “I’ve got to go to sleep now. We have a long journey ahead of us tomorrow.” She pushed the chair backwards and got up.

Eros watched her return to her ‘bed’. “Good night, angel.” Was what he wanted to say.

“Good night,” he actually said. She waved at him and then closed her eyes. As he watched her slowly drift off to sleep, he wished for this moment to last.

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