The Chase


"Are you ready to come home?" Larcade asked while packing our things. It's been five years since the last time I put a step on the Philippines.

"Yes" I said sadly.

"Your short hair, it suits you very well" he winked. I just rolled my eyes on him. Last week, I decided to cut my hair for real. I don't know, I just think I need it for a change? So I did. Gone the red haired Sari before, this is the Sari who's just with her natural brown hair and doesn't wear any make up.

As soon as we arrived at the airport, I immediately saw a girl in a gray corporate attire with her clean ponytail. Damn I missed her so much!

"Sari!" She shouted. I run towards her, giving her a hug.

Kate Sprouse found me two years ago. Of course she's a little bit mad because I didn't tell her about my sudden disappearance, but when I explained the reason behind it, she did understand and we became friends again like nothing happened. She also told me that Kier was very persistent on her, asking about me but she said that she doesn't know too. After Kate found me in Los Angeles she immediately said it to Kier but he said that he doesn't care anymore...well, I understand.

"I miss you, Kate!" Larcade exclaimed and hugged her too. Kate's suddenly removed herself from him. "My god, my suit! " She rolled her eyes on Larcade. Just, what the hell are the meaning of that? I just shrugged and went straight to the car. I'm so tired that I suddenly fell asleep. I woke up because of Larcade and Kate's voice they are arguing right now so instead of waking up, I just remain my eyes closed so I can hear them, without them knowing.

"Sari didn't know about our relationship?!" Said Larcade. Oh my Gosh! I felt betrayed! My step brother and my best friend? Omg!

"First of all, we didn't have any relationship, I just said I like you too but that's doesn't mean that we're officially together!" Kate's said.

"I like you, you like me too so that means we're already together!" Said Larcade.

"I want you to court me first, and then asked me if I want to be your girlfriend" Said Kate.

"Court? What's that? But whatever that's fine with me, okay I'll court you first" Larcade.

After that I finally opened my eyes and looked at them with my killer stare. "Since when?" I asked.

They both looked idiot pointing on each other of who will gonna answer me. Damn! What are they, a fucking teenagers?! My gosh.

"Ah since last year" Larcade said. I immediately smacked his shoulder. "Try to make her cry and I swear to God, you don't wanna know what I'm capable of doing" I glared at Larcade and turned to Kate "Make him cry, I don't care" I said. Larcade make face after hearing that.

"You're so sweet, lil sister" he said and rolled his eyes on me. What a brat.

"Kidding aside, I'm happy for the both of you. Just continue following your heart" I said before hugging them.

As soon as the car stopped, my heart started pounding, I don't know why though. When I opened the door the tears that didn't fall years ago suddenly fell right now. The memories with Dad were keeps on appeared in my mind. Hoping that all the memories with him was genuine. Hoping that's it's all just a dream. Hoping that he's just in his work designing a new project. Hoping that he'd be here waiting for me because it's Sunday, it's S day! My silent cry turns to a loud one that's why Kate immediately went to me to hug me. "Hush... Sari I'm still here, no we're still, you...and Larcade. We are your new family" she said.

The whole day, I just cried on my old room. I don't know what really the reason why I'm crying. To finally end and give the closure to my parents, I decided to finally read the letter from my mother before she died.

For my dearest Sarielle,

First, I want to apologize for everything, for leaving you and for being a selfish. Arthur and I, we're high school to college sweetheart. We already planned our future together but destiny tricked us. Months before our wedding, he accidentally impregnate my best friend because he thought that was me and their both drunk and wasted. It hurts so bad and most of all, I felt betrayed. To make their mistake right, they married each other. They continue the wedding who supposed to be ours. Since then, I started partying went to the different clubs just to forget. One night, I got a one night stand with your father that's resulting you. We agreed that no strings attached because we're both broken hearted that time. But after four years of being with him, he started to get obsessed towards me. That's the moment Arthur and I met again. He saved me from your father. I tried to get you but he won't let me he said that if I tried again, he'd kill you, so I backed off and just watching you from afar. I don't know what story he'd tell you because you only three that time. I'm sorry for not being brave enough to get you. I'm sorry. I just want also to clarify that Arthur and I were just friend. In a span of four years, he learned to love my best friend more than he loved me. And Larcade, do you know that we're always talking about you, that's why I was the happiest when I learned that you two becomes friend. I'm sorry for your father, I know that he loves you so much but he let his obsession ruled him. That time, I want to hug and comfort you the moment I heard the news but I was coward jerk. I'm scared of you. Again, I'm sorry. I love you very much. I don't regret leaving you, I don't regret not comin back because that was the only reason for you to lived. Chase your happiness, Sari. You deserve this world even this whole universe. I love you so much Sari. Until we met again.

Love, Sarah

Her letter made understand a lot. Maybe in after life, we have the chance to get closer. Maybe in after life, I will able to call her Mommy.

One of the reason I came was that for Kier. I'm not plastic or anything but I want him back. Like Kate, I will make him understand my reasons why I left. You may call me greedy but I just really want to make up with him. I missed him so much. Maybe we can still fixed it after five years? Maybe there's still a chance, right? There's nothing wrong with trying. I don't want to have any regrets in life. I don't want to depend my happy endings on fate, because last time I let it, they parted us.

[Hello Kate, do you know where is he?] I asked, calling her.

[Yes and I already set you an appointment] she said on the other line.

[You're the best! Thank you!] I call end.

I was wearing a white deep V-neck dress with accessories paired with my also white stiletto. I am going to his office to talk to him. Of course, I expected the worst of the worst so I didn't expect him to be nice to me. As soon as my car stopped in front his office building, I suddenly felt nervous. I went to their reception.

"Good morning, Madame how may I help you?" The receptionist.

"I have an appointment to Engr. Kieron Revollido, was he already here?" I asked nicely.

"Yes Ma'am, just go to the 36th floor, that his office Madame" she said.

"Thank you" I said before walking towards the lift.

I performed a breathing exercise before finally knock on his door. "Come in!" His voice thundered. His voice becomes manlier unlike before. I opened the door only to see a built of a guy with a clean-cut ash gray hair. Fuck! He's very handsome! His green eyes whose intensely staring at me that made my legs tremble. My gosh! I felt so intimidated by him!

"What can I do for you, Ms. Forbes?" He asked casually. My god! Ms. Forbes? Too formal e?

"I'm here to asked, how are you?" I said trying to lift up the mood.

"If it's not about work, you may leave. I have a lot of things that needs to be done" he said coolly.

Damn! It's okay Sari! Fighting!

"Okay I'll be back tomorrow for the talk" I said.

"What talk?" He asked.

"Talk...about us on what happened before. I want--" he cut me. "I don't want to hear any bullshit my from you. Now, leave...after all you're expert on that" he said. He's still mad, so I need to go home.

If before, he was the one who's very persistent annoying me, right now I was the one annoying him. I'll go to their office everyday just to give lunch or whatever then repeat. This is just the beginning Sari. Win him again!

It's been two months but still no progress. He's always made me leaved and always saying that he doesn't want to see me.

I was just on my room, staring at the ceiling thinking that what if, I wouldn't leave? Was he still gonna be an engineer? My thinking got interrupted by the sudden ring of my phone. I check it and that was just a text from Kate.


Girl, just so you know, Kieron's engaged!

My mouth parted and I suddenly felt hopeless. My phone beeped again, may it's from Kate again.

Unknown Number:

You want to talk? Fine. Meet me in university tomorrow.

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