Only for Sari


He angled his face for more access on my lips as he kissed me thoroughly and passionately. We're here in his apartment, I was on his lap while his hand stays on my waist carefully guiding me. His kisses become aggressive while me, trying to kissed him back with the same intensity. He then left my lips and started to kiss my jaw down to my neck. I don't know but his kisses making feel so hot and wanting him more! My hands seems had their own life that slowly locking them on his nape to gave him more access on my neck. I was enjoying his kisses so much that I didn't noticed that he already removed my bra, my gosh! He then position his head on my boobs and slowly licking them like a baby while his other slowly squeezing my other boob and pinching my nipple.

"Ah" a loud moan escape from my mouth. He continue to do it alternately. I already felt wet down there and men despite of the aircon on his room I felt really hot. I pushed his head more to me because I really like the pleasure he's giving me. "Damn baby, you're moan is like a music to my ears...and I want more" he said huskily before he claimed my lips again. We continue to kissed wildly. I got electrified when I felt his hand on my soft spot. "Ah...K-kier...Oh...f-f-uck" I moaned when he started palming me. I didn't even recognize my own voice. Damn! "You're so wet, I wanna taste you. Can I, baby?" He whispered.

"Damn you! Why do you need to ask if you already know the answer! Just do it! You idio--" he kissed me again. He stood up and carried me. He held my butt so my legs automatically lock on his waist. He put me on his bed without breaking our kisses. He let go on my lips and started to kiss my jaw down to my neck again. On the other hand, I felt his bulge poking my abdomen, fuck he's already hard! I felt hotter than earlier, maybe because on our position, he, on top of me. He started to unbuttoned my blouse and slowly removing it. My chest were fully showing right now. He looked at me and smiled. "Beautiful" he then started to kiss and lick my exposed chest down to my abdomen. I slightly arched my back because of the frustrating feeling of mine. Damn! His lips was so good! He also unbuttoned my denim short and just like a split of time he already removed it even my panty! I felt exposed so I immediately cover my flesh with my hands... I'm shy. He laughed and looked at me. "I already saw it and it's beautiful...just like you" he winked and removed my hands on my pussy.

He then started to kiss my sensitive part. I immediately bit my lower lip and moved, gosh I want more. "Oh...ah...K-kier...ah...f-f-faste-r" when he started fucking me using his tongue. He also use his finger, playing my clitoris. Fuck! I felt like I'm gonna pee."I-I..ah fuck..I-I'm...going..t-to..p-pee...ah!" I said like moaning when he moved his tounge faster. "Just let it out baby" he said. What?! Of course no! "No..." I moaned. "Come for me" he said and moved even faster! Fuck! My legs slowly locking his head...gosh! I can't contained it anymore so I let it out..."I love you" he said after licking all the liquids that come out.

"Where do you want to go, princess?" Daddy asked. Today is Sunday, so this is our day. The mass was just finished. "Hmmm...I just want to go to the mall Dad and just relax" I smiled. Daddy didn't know about me and Kier, because Kier insisted that he wants to meet my Dad when he already an engineer, so I just agreed.

We go to the mall just to shop, play basketball and etc. "Dad let's go to the photo booth!" I said and pulled him. He obliged. We made a lot of poses, one was both in serious, wacky, formal and I even kissed his cheeks which leaving a violet lipstick mark and with that, I laughed. He just stared at me while laughing too.

"I just realized that it's your laughed that made my iron heart melt" he said and kissed my temple. "Oh... Daddy the drama king" I laughed.

"Good morning, Sari...and Kier!" Mr. Suave greeted us. "You looked like a witch!" He laughed. I'm wearing a spaghetti strap black crop top paired with a knee length black skirt and boots. My red hair was in a clean ponytail and as usual I'm wearing a dark make up.

"Yeah, she looks like a witch well, my witch with a fairy heart" he said and kissed my cheek. I just rolled my eyes on him and greeted Mr. Suave too before entering our university.

"Hey Kier, just want to inform you that we have a meeting later" said the girl who is in red formal dress. She just looked at me head to toe and left.

I turned to Kier with my narrow eyes and pinch his waist a bit. "Who's that girl? What meeting?" I pouted. He suddenly kiss me and held my waist. "She's just the president of our fans club" pinching my cheek. "She's pretty" I murmured.

"Yeah" he said. My eyes widened and glared at him. "But your the prettiest" he chuckled.

"The rules for the distribution of profits or losses is that, the profits or losses shall be distributed in conformity with the agreement. If only the share of each partner in the profits has been agreed upon, the share of each in the losses shall be in the same proportion" said the prof in front.

"Bad mood?" Kate whispered. I turned to her. "Did you know the president of The Chase fans club?" I asked her. "Yeah, that Raica" she answered. "She's pretty" I pouted. She laughed "Don't worry, you're prettier" she wink. I just rolled my eyes on her and shrugged.

Kier, Kate and I were walking towards on music room. Kier was very persistent to introduce me to them, so for him to stop annoying me, I just agreed but with Kate.

"This is Jex, for guitars, Andrew for drums and Harold for the bass" he introduced. The three men approached us and offered a handshake which we immediately obliged.

He turned to them "This is--" they cut him.

"Sarielle Forbes" they said in chorus and laughed. "Yeah" he lazily said "And this is Kate Sprouse, her best friend" we just smiled at them.

Times flies really fast when you're enjoying the moment. It's been a year since Kier and I becomes official, in that year, our relationship was like a roller coaster, sometimes we are indeed happy but sometimes we encounter a short comings too though, Kier handles our relationship really well. He made me feel that I'm the most beautiful person in his life. We also got to know each other deeply. In a span of one year, I learned that he's parents we're both gone, he supported his studies by himself. He got a full scholarship from university and his allowance was came from the gigs they attended on different clubs. That is why I'm so proud of him!

"Blank is equal to the preceding present value multiplied by implied interest rate" he asked. We're here in his apartment, reviewing. He's now on his fourth year while me, I'm in third year. He's reviewing me with a twist. One correct answer, one kiss. I smirked because I know the answer. I went to his lap and locked my arms on his fingers, with that I already felt his hard member on me. I stared at him seductively, closing the gap of our face, I smiled. "Answer first" he whispered. I didn't obliged him and kissed him deeply, he immediately kissed me back and his arms already on my waist, guiding me. "Interest" I said in between our kisses.

"I want to introduce you to Dad" I said after our hot make out.

"We're already talked about that baby" he answered. I pouted and clung to him.

"But you're graduating, so..." I said.

"When I'm become an engineer baby" he said and kissed my forehead. I just rolled my and pretend that I'm upset. "Come on, baby" he laughed. He made me sit on his lap while continuously kissing my temple and hair. "I wanna show you something" he said. I stood up and face him.


He removed his shirt and my eyes got widened when I saw an ink on his collar bones, with cursive font stating 'only for Sari'. I raised my hand to touched it and looked at him. "Why?" I asked.

"The moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew then that you are the one" he said. My heart started to skip it's beat and my eyes slowly heating.

I hugged as soon as he finish what he said. " I love you, Kier. Me too the first time we saw each other my heart suddenly skip it's beat" I said. His shoulder shake because of his laughter, what's funny?!

"Impossible" he said.

"Dad, I have something to ask" I started a conversation with Dad while on our dinner.

"What?" He smiled.

"So, there's this friend of mine hmmm...she has a boyfriend and then she wants to tell her Dad that he has one but her boyfriend insisted that he only wants to introduced if he became an engineer" I said trying to act coolly. "So what's your opinion about that?" I asked.

"It took you a year to open up this topic huh? An engineer, like me?" He winked. My eyes widened and mouth parted. He knew?!

"You knew?!" I shouted.

"Wanna bet? Hmmm... Kieron Revollido, an engineering student right?" He laughed.

What the fuck?! So if Kier's gonna be an engineer, it's just an formality! My gosh.

"You're not mad?" I asked.

"Why would I? If that guy's keeping that beautiful smile of yours?" He smiled.

I smiled and stood up to hug him. "Thanks Dad, I'm sorry keeping it from you, I know honoring his request" I said.

"That's fine, just continue to follow your heart" he smiled. And then his phone suddenly rang so excused himself.

Minutes later he's back but his face was pale and looked miserable...

"Sari, y-your Mom"

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