"It's a good day to smile, you know" my father said while we're having a breakfast. I just rolled my eyes.

"I'm prettier when I am not smiling" I pouted. "No, you're prettier when you're smiling and even prettiest when you're laughing, exactly looks like your--" I stood up before finishing his sentence. "I'll get going Dad, bye!love you" I kissed his cheek before exiting on our front door.

My Dad, Sergio Forbes is the only gem I treasured. He is everything to me. He was the sweetest and kindest of all. He always supported me in everything. I remember when the first time I had my period, he panicked when I said that there's a blood stain on my pants and he immediately carried me and went to the hospital, and next thing I knew, the doctors were laughing at my dad whose face was very embarrassed. He also my best friend, Sundays is our S days, after going to church, we road trip to go on different places in this country. Though, no one's really perfect in this world, because every 4th of May, my father always drunk and crying because that was the day my Mom left, and also their wedding anniversary. I can't stand seeing him vulnerable and miserable at the same time, if only I can transfer his pain to me, I immediately do it in a heartbeat. I really don't understand why my Mom left him, I mean, girl, he was so fucking handsome and his personality was so damn ideal! but then it hit me when I realized that, there are really people who don't know how to be contented.

"Good morning, Sari!" our very energetic university guard, Mr. Suave.

"Good morning!" and give him five hundred pesos for my "rent".

As I walked by the corridor, I noticed that three girls were mocking a girl whose wearing a thick eyeglasses with long sleeves and very long skirt. Just, where the hell was she came from? But no, that's not my concern. "Hey! what do you think you're doing?" I asked while raising my brow. One of the three girls go to my side "Right, what do you think you're doing and why the hell are you here, nerd?" she asked giving emphasis in her last words. The poor girl even started shaking her knees and fear was all over her face. I turned to her, "You three were the one I am talking!" I said trying to chill my voice. The confusion was very evident in their faces. "Hmm...b-because her clothing i-is g-gross and we don't like it" the other one said.

My face become emotionless, it's always like that anyway. A typical bitch rested face.

"What a lame excuse, just because of the way she dresses already bothering the three of you? My god! Did she even bother to even think on your tight and short tops with very daring skirts? No, right? Remember, you three" I individually pointed them. "Y'all have no say to others on how they want to wear, if you feel bother then, ignored, we all have different taste in fashion and we should respect each of that. As long as she's comfortable wearing it, then it's fine because it's not your fucking business to begin with, understand?" I said. And just like that, the three nodded like a behave kittens. When they left, the girl looked at me and smiled "Thank you" she said softly. I just shrugged and go straight to the restroom.

While starring at the mirror, I realized that no matter how I tried to change the way I look, it's always been undeniable that I actually the photocopy of her. I hate to admit that there's no trace of Dad's feature on my face. From my brown almond shape eyes, well shaped thick brows and eyelashes, it's all from her. My heart shape face, pointed nose and pouty lips were also from her! and even my freaking dimples. So, decided to dye my long curly hair to fiery red and I always wear a dark make up to look fierce because I hate having a soft features.

"So as I was saying, liabilities are present obligations of an entity to transfer an economic resource as a result of past events. Meaning, it is a duty or responsibility that an entity has no practical ability to avoid. The entity liable must be identified but it is not necessary that the payee to whom the obligation is owed be identified" our professor. The entire hours that he's discussing really boring me. So instead of suffer more, I secretly sneak out on that room.

I am now walking on my way to my 'haven' in this university, a lot of students was giggling while they are watching 'The Chase', the university band, performing in front of them. Really? while we, almost bleeding our noses for never ending discussion, they just here, fucking enjoying watching them like they are all attending a freaking concert? That's not fair bro. But then I don't care, I just want to go there for me to have my sleep. After of walking and walking, I finally arrived to my 'haven'. I opened the door of the storage room, it is one of the vacant room on this university and become a storage room. Ever since I was on my first year, whenever I want to escape my classes I go here to just chill and sleep. No ones bother me here because our university guard gives me permission and authority here. I removed my back pack and use it as my pillow and lay down.

The moment I open my eyes, I saw a pair of brown--no a green? eyes with long and thick eyelashes and also thick eyebrows. A pair of what? the fuck! I immediately stood up and a loud bumping sound was the last thing I heard before I see black.

As soon as I open my eyes, I turn my head in right and I saw a man's built sitting on my side.

"So the sleeping beauty in red hair already awake huh?" he smirked.

I stood up and put my hands on my waist. "Get out" I fiercely said while intently looking at him. As the time goes by, the color of his eyes slowly confusing me, its brown but if you look at it closely it turns green. What the hell? when do I start to bothers by color of someone's eyes?

He just smirked again. "So it's true, you really are indeed fiesty huh?" he said with his very manly voice.

I went to him and held his collar, I even tiptoed a bit because he was so tall, Damn! "Choose, out or you'll meet my fist?" I said, a little bit frustrated of this fucking handsome man. Really, Sari you have the audacity to praise that man?! He just smiled and winked. The hell? I let go of his collar and ready my right hand to meet his face but before landing it on his face, he caught my hands and step closer that's why I step back. As he stepping closer, I also keep on stepping backward until I felt a cold walls on my back damn! "You're already cornered, may I ask that does anyone already tell you of how beautiful your are even without that fucking make up?" he said while slowly closing the distance on our faces then suddenly my heart skip its beat. I panicked so I step on his feet and escape. Fuck fuck fuck! That was close! And what the hell just happened earlier? Until now, my heart keeps on beating fast! "If you don't want to out then, I-I will" I shouted at him already loosing my control.

"You can't" he smirked.

"Fuck you three thousand!" I shouted again while taking my backpack. He just laughed, damn it's sound so sexy. What the hell Sari!

I held the door knob to open it, Holy cow! I tried to open it again...and again but it won't work because it's fucking locked!

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