Still You

By reddzz


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"You are not going there, and this conversation is over." He screamed, his hold on my wrist tightening.
I attempted unsuccessfully to free my wrist.

"And why should I not?!" I fought back.

"Please, Rita, for the love of God, pay attention to what I'm saying! It is not safe for you to do so."
I wasn't going to listen to him, he said.

"Why are you so concerned? Who are you to be concerned about? You're no longer my boss.
So, what's the deal?"

"Because, God forbid, I adore you! I adore you.
I am concerned about you. That is exactly who I am. I can't imagine my life without you."

He took a breath and rested his fingers on my cheek.

"I am obsessed with you, with every little detail of you. Rita, I adore you!"
He muttered quietly, his brow brushing against mine.

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