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"How much?" She asked angrily. Completely ignoring the fact that he called her something in spanish.

"One million dollars!" He spoke with an emotionless face.

She understood it now. The maids didn't get too much pay and like this it will take her whole life paying off the debt. That's why he's so smug.

She was in her thoughts when his words got her curiosity.

"There's a way through which you can pay the whole amount at once. Then you'll be free to return to your family." He spoke in a deep voice.

Her bright blue eyes met with his icy grey orbs. For the very first time she saw an emotion in his eyes other then anger. His icy grey orbs roamed at her body from head to toe. She felt chills at his gaze. His eyes turned darker and a smirk plastered on his face.

"Sleep with me."

She took a step back at his words. Her blue orbs widen in shock. "W-What?" She stammered. She felt so exposed under his gaze at that moment, that she wanted to claw at his eyes until he bleeds.

"Have sex with me. Th



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wow what a book

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Elena Musico

Events in the story is changing fast. I love it!

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ugh nah

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Sabeena Shaik

I can't find "his dancer ",please help me?

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awesome story 🥰🥰

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awesome story.. really love it happy endings always awesome now to look for the 2 sequel after this cant wait to read it

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good story

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hi, dear...I'm also reading your stories on Wattpad...your stories are awesome

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