Soul User | How to become an APEX BEING



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What if you knew about the existence of energy and that the energy inside a human body can destroy a whole country if properly used(or should I say improperly), and that you can find loopholes in the body to use that energy, what would you have done ?

This is the story of our MC, Achraf. A guy on the road to becoming an APEX. An independent existence, that can live without needing anything in this universe.

Of course, the story isn't all about him. All the characters have a certain depth to their character and aren't just NPCs. And the story is gonna be a multilayered story with a lot of characters roaming around the world.

It's my first time writing a novel, so if you have any remarks feel free to use the comment section to express those thoughts.

I use multiple POVs to make the story more interesting.
The power system is logical and it has an origin, but you won't know the origin till later in the story.

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